Tidbits from TNT Members Thursday Morning

[Great] Good morning, why would one believe its a scam. Iraq is a real country in the world. They are already out from sanctions and their currency will become international. It is impossible for them not to go international.

In terms of economics, they want to open up their country to trade internationally on a bigger scale. It is just a matter of time, and maybe we think there is a delay when there is none and they are working towards revaluing their currency.

We just don’t have all the facts and details. We will reap if we faint not. They have done a lot and like Tony said they are working to get this done. I believe they are working night and day to get it done.

[pet3md] Great …very true…if more people on these sites would get that simple scenario…it would be great. This is all very simple

[Great] Pet3med, I really believe it to be true. If we just think about certain business matters that we conduct, we all go through the waiting and waiting, especially if you are dealing with governmental entities. I am involved in a business where we do contracts for the govt on a small scale and it takes months for them to pay.
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[Beamer] I was told that this was pushed off till Thursday night…(yesterday)..so still Hoping today.

jodibrat] 9:42 AM There are several folks who have great resources. One of the things I have prided myself in was to try and bring things as not an intel person but just a member of which I am just a member. One thing I do know is that I no longer get frustrated because I have dug out the facts. The RV is here folks bottom line. It is complete even though you nor I are at the bank YET. There are no delays, holdups or anything that is in the way and if there was it has been dealt with. Remember my anagoly of the train. All have now left the train. First class is done, Business Class is ALMOST done, then we will order and be done and leave the building forever.Lxxxxxx

[pet3md] SRQ Ithink the First class and Business class people he is speaking about only got IOU’s from the banks….their assets are technically frozen and waiting on the actual RV date with the rest of us

mommyofdinar:   We are all awaiting a blessing & I have faith & believe that it will be in our bank accounts b4 Sept 1st.Things may not come when we want but PRAY it into existence.Things happen for a reason and we may not understand them.Each of us needs this for one reason or another……and thats one thing we can all agree on!!    Stay focused!!ITS ON THE WAY!!

Camelhump: I literally just received word from my friend who oversees a group of bank branches in Virginia that his branches are ready to exchange the IQD for the revalued rate at a moment’s notice.  But even he doesn’t know what’s holding it up at this point. 

He can’t do it until he’s given the green light.  What shocked me is that he said the rates won’t be negotiable, at least not at his bank.  He explained that the bank will be offering a very competitive rate right out of the gate and that they actually won’t be making much on the spread. 

The bank just wants to get the deposits on their books so that they can loan them out at obscene rates on mortgages and credit cards.  Also, he said there will be no dedicated exchange centers, at least not in Virginia. 

He did suggest that I shop around for wealth managers and actually discouraged me from using the bank for such a service because their fees tend to be introductory teaser fees that expire after the first year.  Good luck everyone.

 I can’t emphasize enough that he has no idea when he’ll be given the green light to start exchanging at the new rate.   But don’t let that discourage you….after all it could be worse….you could be a camel without a hump….

FishBW] check this– article on IDR and RV….

SpecialAgentGibbs: Look to all the changes that have recently occured. Basil3, banking transparencies, the way financial business is conducted, even the Pope laying down new rules…. All of these things are designed to make this a better world for the “little” people. We may not agree with the waiting BUT, without these things being done, our “blessing” would be minimalized & short lived. Please think about how you would feel if this turned out a financial “flop”, and 6 months later we were all right back to square one. Be grateful for what is being done for US.

Talabani: «8-month absence!

Talabani: «8-month absence!

08/21/2013 21:05:39 The future of Iraq /

chroma Back On 20 January, the transfer of President Jalal Talabani, on the face of the maximum speed to the hospital German famous to save him from "clinical death", and thus be on Tuesday,

complementary to eight months of the absence of "fuzzy" Because of the scarcity of information and conflicting, with be the key to answer any Iraqi politician class luxury phrase "President Zine," is that the health of the country in the absence of the President of the Republic and the ministers of security, "Mo Accessories."

after eight months of absence of the President harmonic Kurdish, with powers quasi-honorary, did not run something important about "the health of the absent", only the information broadcast by the channel only authorized to pass what makes public opinion politically and popularly convinced to "silence",

in the words of Najm al-Din Karim, a member of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Najm al-Din Karim, a doctor facilities for "president" two days ago, that "Talabani very good condition, "but" wounded last week inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract. "

remarks cream sends hope may not be reliable, that the" state of Talabani’s very good, allowing him to exchange conversations with those around him.

"noted the new carry permit cream, are "The president moved from his place of residence in Germany to the hospital again, after preference doctors so despite the possibility of treatment abroad."

confirms the source of a senior Kurdish in an interview with a brief through what came in a statement Necmettin cream.

says the source, who served as minister in a government Kurdish the former, and closely linked to the National Union of Kurdistan, said, "Najm al-Din Karim Sadiq as saying about the president’s health, he does not lie, even if Mam Jalal dead, to occur cream for the deterioration in his health, not for improvement."

notes the source, who preferred not to refer to his name, "I mean if he died Talabani example Cinsoa occupy Israel?" he said, adding "This is as inevitable, is a man of great age and ailing health, and his death is a foregone conclusion."

and discharged confirmed Aref, Tayfur Vice-President of the House of Representatives, in a telephone interview with the newspaper " New World "electronic" President Talabani Zen ", pointing out that" in the coming period will return to Sulaimaniyah for the exercise of his duties, and serve the country. "

flight to Germany flew Talabani in a coma to Germany, to enter the sanctum disappearance, and increase the Department of mystery around him. On 20 January last, and because of the lack of trust declarations Iraqi official, initiated Guido Westerwelle, the German foreign minister, to announce the arrival of the president, "I can confirm the presence of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in Germany for medical treatment," adding, "I wish him a speedy recovery and complete."

And suffers Talabani Since years of health problems, and was taken to King Hussein Medical City in Jordan in 2007, for two weeks, then held for the heart surgery in the United States in August 2008, before being transferred again in 2009 to Jordan for treatment of exhaustion and fatigue.

To go in 2011 and 2012 to the United States and Europe several times for treatment. Barzan Sheikh Othman, Director of Information Office of the President, justified the transfer of Talabani to Germany for treatment for "more accurate and deeper" after it became clear that his health "going for the better," on January 19 the past.

After about 3 months, was nominated the first official information about the health of "absent" and declared Najm al-Din Karim, a governor of the disputed city of Kirkuk also 30, last March, said, "Talabani is able to talk and get to know his relatives."

He pointed out in a press statement to that "put President health improves, he responds to treatment, and to speak and read and eat and pursue qualified physically."

For the first time being disclosed an unknown date for the return of the President, saying cream "The medical team German optimistic about the improvement of his health, and his return to Iraq, subject to the opinion of doctors in Berlin.

"In a paradox is unprecedented, despite the absence of Talabani and subjected to" stroke "entered into a coma, cabled Walid Jumblatt, head of the" Progressive Socialist Party "in Lebanon, on February 19 last year to Talabani condemned a series of bombings bloody hit the capital Baghdad!.

Find the head of the political crisis deepening in the country, and the absence of a solution between the parties, made ​​the absence of Talabani problematic added to the ills of the political process, which prompted the claim year in Iraq to invite the President of the House of Representatives Federal elect a new president of the country after it was considered that the position of Talabani became "empty" , because of his and his illness, but the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary rejected the call as unconstitutional.

published presidency of the prosecution on 13 May last year, on the Supreme Judicial Council, issued a statement calling on the President of the House of Representatives to take "legal action" due to "a long time, the absence of His Excellency President of the Republic from office. "

She drew in a statement that the tail signing Ghazanfar Hamoud Al-Jassim, the chief prosecutor, that "the request came pursuant to the provisions of paragraph (c) of Article 72 of the Constitution, which provides that (in the case of the vacancy of the President of the Republic for any reason new President is elected to complete the remaining period of the mandate of the President). "

Iraqi constitution, which was adopted in 2005, identified the mandate of President بولايتين only, did not give reasons is a position whereby vacant, or a period of time to correct the vacancy.

According to the presidency of the prosecution that it filed its request based on to "the provisions of Article (1) of the Law on Public Prosecution No. (159) for the year 1979 average," which sets the task of prosecutors to "protect the state system and its security and its institutions and to ensure that democracy and the supreme interests of the people and keep the state funds."

Legal Committee of Parliament, for its part, refused to asked prosecutor promised him "unconstitutional" to the point that "there is no constitutional text or substance in the law of a public prosecutor gives the chief prosecutor authority to make such a request,"

and that "Article 72 of the Constitution talks about the vacancy of the president of the republic, not the absence , and now Vice President of the Republic (Khodair al) performs the functions of the presidency. "

Innocence of the death of the «Mam» Kurdistan Democratic Party, an ally of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and his opponent at the same time, discharged yesterday (Sunday) from the launch of the news of "the death of Talabani," in the words of Nechirvan Barzani, Prime Minister of the region, during a meeting with security chiefs in the region .

denied Sami Ercoche, secretary of the Prime Minister of the region, what تداولته sites for assurances Nechirvan, during the meeting, the security, the death of President Talabani, and that "the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) did not announce the news awaited circumstance favorable to it," considering it "news is incorrect."


Urgent and reliable sources … Family-Maliki escape to Britain …!!

Urgent and reliable sources … Family-Maliki escape to Britain …!!
Date: Thursday 08/22/2013 08:54 am

Revealed reliable sources from inside the Green Zone, the family-Maliki fled to Britain under the supervision of his brother Hussein Hadi Ahmed Hussein al-Maliki, known as (Abu Rehab), a nephew of al-Maliki and private secretary and supervisor of the members of the protections uncle Nouri al-Maliki and is married to Isra girl major Prime Minister

The sources confirmed to Jakoj ….. that the family of al-Maliki, consisting of his wife (or Isra) and her daughters, Isra and Hawraa married to his brother in law and protect Yasser Ckal and built micro left Iraq to Britain during the hours preceding the previous Lama son (Ahmed) emphasized the sources he disappeared days ago,

and now does not appear in the office of his father, though officially appointed as an Associate Director of the Private Office of the owners ….. Abou Rehab is accused of corruption and kickbacks and great deals is blackmailing businessmen and receipt (Alcolmhnat) any commissions them against facilitating the process of signing his uncle al-Maliki on some issues and things that concerning the work contracts of some businessmen,

the day no (Abou Rehab) the owners of wealth and property in the city of Karbala since bought a number of properties near the shrines of Imams Hussein and Abbas peace be upon them billions of dinars after that in 2003 baker in Syria either Yasser Ckal is from employers precedents already and that he was sentenced on charges of Howrah is married the daughter of al-Maliki Central


A great source of Maliki’s Dawa party is planning a major crime

A great source of Maliki’s Dawa party is planning a major crime.
Date: Thursday 08/22/2013 04:09 pm

A leading figure in the Dawa Party and a close associate of al-Maliki in a secret message to one of the adult references in Najaf, entered into by and annoyance than planned by al-Maliki,
Leader did not hide his grief and his desire to withdraw from the party and the retirement of political action on the pretext of illness.

Leader pointed to the need to enter the references in the pressure on Iran to dissuade Maliki from office because it will cause an overwhelming disasters of the Shiites did not Ivicoa Mraratha since the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, until now.

Son reference spoke to his own what brought him a leader for allowing his father that al-Maliki met in a private room and confidentiality with three leadership elements of the followers of Sheikh Qais al-Khazali They (o. C) and (p. L) and (m. T) and agreed with them on the following;

The group formed three groups carried out at a time simultaneously set assassinations of both Sheikh Qais al-Khazali and Mr. Hazem Aloaara LG, MPs governor Zamili and Jawad Alshahyla, which leads to a collision League of the Righteous with the Mahdi Army in the war raging operates the country’s war of Shiite get rid of Monday and pleasing parties Other support will Maliki and Tnha the opportunity to stay the longest period in power.


Mass change declares that illegal Barzani, president

Mass change declares that illegal Barzani, president

Political 8/22/2013Thursday, 16 / October / 1434

President of the Kurdistan region of Iraq

Confirmed the mass change opposition in the Kurdistan region to the legal limit specified the jurisdiction of the President of the Kurdistan region of Iraq ended on the 21 of August, as promised to extend the mandate of Massoud Barzani illegal.

said member bloc nice Mustafa said in a statement published Thursday that the head of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani The heads of the illegal after the date of the (21) of the month of August due to the expiration of the term of his mandate amounting to four years.

added that this matter has nothing to do someone Barzani, but has to do with the law of the presidency of the province for the year (2005) as amended and which defined the mandate of the president of the region بولايتين only and the duration of each state four years, noting that the president of the region current has exhausted his two terms as the said law did not allow no nomination for a third term and extension.

explained Mustafa that the parliament has not been elected president of the region even extend to him and possess the validity of the extension and therefore lost the thing does not give him pointing out that it is the people who elected Barzani and parliament acted outside his powers.


Millionday & People Invested News Discussion

Millionday News 8/21/13

    [millionday] this first is great news  and pretty interesting too smile

    [millionday] State economic researcher said Adel: that Iraq now has 32 commercial Attaché distributed among the various countries of the world.

She said in a statement (morning) that this Attaches divided by 9 of them in the continent of Europe and 17 in Asia, 3 in Africa and one each from Australia, the United States and Latin America.

Just indicated that there are efforts and plans to open the Missions 6 new commercial offices to keep pace with development of the foreign trade of Iraq.

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  She said the Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Ministry is interested in supplying Attaches and according to the need of each the efficient Palmlakat Attaché to raise the level of performance of these Missions and thus will be reflected on the wheel support Iraq’s economic progress.

    [millionday] She explained that the business department is to develop trade and economic relations and cooperation with the countries of the world and the Arab and regional organizations, international and especially those that are associated with Iraq agreements or memoranda of understanding or joint committees held annually to review the agreements for the interests of the two countries.

She drew a researcher economic that the circuit work inviting because the interface Iraq in countries where there is Missions commercial because it contributes significantly to the definition of foreign investors in the country’s investment opportunities are available in the country,

    [schmidtberger] “Missions 6 new commercial offices to keep pace with development of the foreign trade of Iraq.” WHOOP WHOOP

    [millionday] noting that the investment is inherently achieve economic growth through the provision of many opportunities in the arena of work is therefore leads to the absorption of widespread unemployment among young people, adding that it also contributes to provide an opportunity for graduates to benefit from their respective fields of scientific in order to serve the country and achieve the desired development.

called Missions also to achieve commercial cooperation of government among other countries, not to Iraq remains familiar on the entry of goods and certain goods of the same countries that links with business relationships, because it is necessary to increase the number of origins business and to meet the aspirations of citizens and achieve his desires consumer.

    [millionday] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.achieve the desired development.

    [schmidtberger] way to hit the first pitch out of the park!!!!!!

    [millionday] note — this is the preparation of world trade from all sources  smile

    [millionday] They noted that it would also meet the aspirations of the countries wishing to enter the Iraqi market for the first time and through the exit Iraq from Chapter VII and the lack of need for an international mediator

 The introduction of the goods and the receipt of money is an attraction for foreign companies and gives an incentive to practice trade and economic activities with different country.

He just suggested that contributes to give momentum Missions abroad in business to achieve other benefits to citizens through facilitating the procedures of the contracts to provide nutrients included in the ration card items.

    [millionday] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..The introduction of the goods and the receipt of money is an attraction for foreign companies    and us   smile  so this is a great thing to say the least  talk about preparation — whooop whoop   brb with more

    [millionday] ok everyone this is very good so here we go with this and it is a whopper

    [millionday] Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge, get the approval of the Council and the vote on the law of economic reform, which will ensure that after approval by the House of Representatives, the formation of the Supreme Council for economic reform in Iraq,

stressing that the law sponsor at the same time to settle intersections occurring in the economic policies of the Iraqi .

 Board approval comes at a time when sees specialists in economic affairs, the absence of a clear strategy and can be regulated economic reality in the country, as it provides increased financial revenues on the one hand, and raising the rates of sustainable growth rates of the other hand.

    millionday] The Council of Ministers approved during its last regular meeting, on economic reform law, which is considered number of that “an important step towards the achievement of developmental mutations in the country.”

He said Anbuge during his speech for the (morning): that the strenuous efforts made by the Iraqi team specialist, international organizations and international, to outline key to this law,

which will enable the economic reality in Iraq from growing remarkably in the coming years, and will also to revive many aspects productivity broken, Kalqtain of the industrial and agricultural sectors.

    [millionday] whoooop whoooop

    [millionday] According to Nbuge, the reform plan includes two, is the first in a shift economic policy towards the open market, and the translation of the will of the Constitution,

which stipulates the need for a policy, an approach economist in Iraq, noting that the second part of the reform plan recommends the formation of a higher council for economic reform,

which will take it upon himself to draw the country’s development policies and productivity, especially after the dispersion clearly witnessed in the country’s economic policies,

and cause decline in growth rates, and lower rates of production, and to retain the oil as the only source to finance the country’s financial budgets.  wow wow

    millionday] He pointed adviser to the council to be formed after the adoption of the law by the parliament, will be linked directly to the premiership, and Cedar by elements of efficient her position in the middle of economic,

 noting that the Council will, as well as revive the economic reality, the formation of a number of departments and institutions the task in the country, particularly the Department of Lands,

 and the other of the tax reform, and banking, insurance, and finance, as well as other department will be on the passage of legislation and laws to revive the economic reality of the country in general.

    [Papatom] wow

    [R&R] wow is right!

    [cookie2] Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce — this is a whopper !!

    [millionday] let me have the floor for a sec

    [hstrymknwmn] millionday is this talking about the Federation Council?

    millionday] this is the next step from the approval from the ministers and maliki to activate the economic reform law  lets finish reading this  big smile

    [millionday] He expressed Economists satisfaction after the cabinet vote on the reform law, which promised him a step towards reviving all the joints of the country’s development, productivity,

 stressing that previous periods experienced dilemmas clear economic, and intersections big between the two policies of fiscal and monetary,

due to the lack of a law regulating the work of the two institutions, the form in which the impact too much on the economic progress of the country.

    [millionday] last part >>>>>>>>>>>>.  He sees economic Bassem Jamil Antoine, that the process of approving the law will lead to the absorption of many of the economic problems that led to the decline in growth rates, indicating that such a law able to eliminate unemployment,

 and work to reduce poverty rates, especially after activating the work of the productive sectors stalled for work Currently, Kalmncat industrial and commercial, as well as revive the agricultural situation, which will require more manpower.

    [millionday] so this is saying about the law on the table tomorrow and that this is going to move and move fast the entire economic reform of the country

    [millionday] they are saying that they are pleased with the minister approval and the putting it in as law of course is part of all that is going on   this is all happening at once

    [millionday] as we saw in the first report they are infiltrating into the globe wow this is great great and great    huge  –  as we see the first is the currency

    [millionday] this seems to be not as a calendar but just going to be put through with all of these steps they are in the middle of  brb with more

    [R&R] millionday didn’t you say they have the ability to do a vote on the Economic Reform law and then gazette it immediately? In other words, they wouldn’t need to send to the President for signatures since it has been approved by the Council of Ministers already?

    [millionday] they may send it to the president with the size of this change — the thing is they are setting all this up to be done all at once as we thought — they are moving around and setting up contracts and activating agreements as if its already done – we are obviously watching this move forward brb with more

    [millionday] here we go  —  Confirmed that the increase in the salaries of government employees that will be applied starting from the beginning of next year, do not need new legislation or the approval of the House of Representatives.

Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords said in a statement received “morning,” a copy of it: “

The Cabinet decision approving the payroll proposed by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers is part of a reform plan for the system of salaries and allowances in order to achieve justice and equality and balance between state employees by raising the salaries of lower and middle grades in the salary scale

based on the rising cost of living on the one hand and to reduce the gap occurring in salaries due to the presence of systems and special allocations for some ministries and agencies on the other hand. “

    millionday] so this does not require any parliament action — this is the raise of salaries

    [Godsalli/Jim] Beginning of next year ???

    [faith1] next year??

    [tbob] this year?

    [JamVox] 4 months away

    [JamVox] 120 days

    [Godsalli/Jim] 4months????

    [faith1] next means this !!!!!!!

    [tbob] faith1 YES!

    [JamVox] next means next, current is this

    [dinarmamma] Only a dinarian would know next means this lol lol

    [millionday] no — this means when they get their raise

    [Papatom] millionday….do you think it will go well with the general population…that the govt employees get a raise….if there is no benefit fo the general population?

    [millionday] lol

    [JamVox] sort of like – soon!

    [millionday] i know now you all arent reading this — smile

    [belabun] millionday right there

    [millionday] i think that is why it will not be until the beginning of the year so they can have all of this set in place first

    [rollonjohn] millionday I am

    [schmidtberger] millionday me, too…still trying to decipher it…

    [millionday] i know you all are — just joking with ya  smile

    CaliDreamers] millionday so are we looking at the beginning of the year

    [millionday] CaliDreamers no — the raises for the gov employees is not until then but

    [CaliDreamers] ?????

    [millionday] the reason i brought it is to show you that all economic issues have to go to parliament

    [CaliDreamers] oh ok, sitting here choking!!!

    [cornbread] is the news good today millionday

    [faith1] So what does it mean,,, this , next ?? Rise Up and declare war on the devourer , Declare OVERFLOW !!

    [millionday] oh yes very good hun   so this is the thing

    [cornbread] good thats my girl

    [millionday] the economic reform law has a first step and it is the currency and the activation of all contracts ect  and the budget change we will see

    millionday] the next is the entire change of the country — right now — and this means right now they are  doing all the steps to infiltrate into the world trade — they have signed conventions with many many countries

    schmidtberger] millionday …how many steps can they still have left?

    [millionday] they have many things on the agenda hcl — economic reform — and many other laws

    [dinarmamma] Like they are telling us what the house looks like before its built and the foundation if the house is the currency rate change?

    [millionday] tomorrow is very important

    [sunnyca] millionday Then the economic reform is set for tomorrow, or just the law?

    [millionday] what the house looks like that is coming — it is prefab !!!  the law

    Florida Country Girl] so if law is passed tomorrow, what can we see to be the next Step

    [millionday] that is the move forward with the agreements they have all formed in the last year or so and these are countries that they will maintain this relationship of trade with as per the convention — they are also part of the wto so that is a huge move in that direction

    [millionday] Florida Country Girl the activation of the law will be because it will be in law

    [Florida Country Girl] million day so if law pass tomorrow, what can we see to be the next up?

    [faith1] won’t the activation of the Law,,, Move all else forward >?????!!!!!

    [millionday] Florida Country Girl the currency rate change would be done and the trade and move to market economy

    [millionday] its ok — we have all started late and that was some good news so i would say that is about it for the news and what we are seeing

    [millionday] i dont blame you for being excited we are all excited too – ok so i will be in tomorrow so we can talk about what laws go through – the best news out there we have already seen and oh boy does this look good

    [millionday] so know that we are watching this unroll and also they are signing and activating many many contracts ect  – when i see news about it — i will be in and talk about it and bring it in — also know that the strategics are being activated as well with each country

    [millionday] know that we are close and they are working hard

Late Wed.PM/Early Thurs.AM Dinar Chatter



1. Have I completed my priority things to do list the day of RV (1-10)

2. Do I have a list of everyone I will call and email the day of the IQD RV

3. Am I current with the IRS? Have I filed taxes for the last 5 years?

4. Do I have Liens or Judgements?

5. Do I have any creditors looking for me?

 6. Do I have a Family and Personal Security Plan In Place?

7. Do I have a bank account in place?

8. Do I have a name for my LLC

9. Am I part to a Lawsuit?

10. How will I have dealers ship my IQD on Reserve Securely?
Read More Link on Right

11. Where will I exchange a note locally?

12. Do I have relationship with banker so my wire will not be Frozen or Stopped?

13. Do I have an accountant?

14. Do I have an attorney?

15. How many people know I am coming into wealth?

16. Where will I set my TAG/Non Interest Account Up?

17. Will I purchase a vehicle or lease a vehicle with my LLC or IBC? Will my companylease the vehicle to me?

18. Will I purchase a home in my name or with my LLC or IBC ? What name will be on the purchase contract?

19. Do I have A Financial Planner/Advisor?

20. Have I identified multiple banks to make deposits to?

21. Is my will in place and structured properly?

22. How will I transition funds to LLC ?

23. Do I have a checking account that?s active in my name? do I need a checkingaccount?

24. Do I have hospital bills?

25. Do I owe child support or college loans?

26. Will I use a Multi Currency Account or a Multiple Currency Account?

27. Am I still listed on public records? How many have my IP Address, mailing address? Telephone Number? Email? Note: Find out at www.Spokeo.com (type your info in and it will amaze you)

28. If we EXCHANGE in new NOTES how do I Separate FRN’s From TRN’s in my accounts?

29. What is MY NEXT ACTION STEP TO PREPARE? Am I Ready With A Written Action Plan?

30. There are over 30 different TRUSTS? Which Trust Do I Need? THESE ARE THINGS YOU & YOUR FAMILY NEED TO THINK ABOUT NOW !!




FROM stage2omega TO You







Late Wednesday Night:


Ving:   Messsage from Yoda to the UST…”There is no try, only do.”

[sabickford] Just Spoke with Sterling Currency. I asked when the RV happens if I could sell a little of one of my reserves and pay off all my reserves. They said that wasn’t a problem I then asked if I would be able to follow up the next week and arrange to have a Brinks truck pick up my reserves and take them to the bank. They replied they would help arrange the Brinks truck. GO RV NOW!

[wolffox] It really looks clear the US is stalling as long as they can. Think the IMF is going to have to do it for us all

[GOODTIMES_2] wolffox Its about time they steped in, It wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy over due!

[doforself] Washington Pay Master Have Just Authorized Funds For RV according to Bat Man. Money in place for us to get paid from UST to Banks

We have heard a lot today about mis alignments, countries upset, computer glitches and the list goes on and on. I can tell you the truth that is after talking with the people I talk with on a daily basis, I was not able to confirm that there were glitches or issues. All I can tell you is this. The system is working as of right now, there are no holds, no bumps, and no glitches. We look forward to the next several days which should guarantee our new life has begun. The rates are extremely high for both IQD and VND. I caution you to get your appointments and secure your reserves as soon as possible. GO RV! Lxxxxxx

Maliki Heads to India for Investment

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is to visit India on Thursday to push for investment in reconstruction, reports AFP.
The four-day trip to New Delhi and Mumbai,*with a delegation of ministers and business leaders, follows the visit of India Oil Minister M Veerappa Moily to Baghdad last month.
But the prospects of luring foreign investment to Iraq have been complicated as the country has been hit by its worst violence since 2008, with the interior ministry describing Iraq as a “battleground”.
Maliki is due to meet with his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh, as well as India’s President Pranab Mukherjee and other top officials and leaders, according to Suresh Reddy, India’s envoy to Baghdad.
Reddy added:
Naturally economic considerations would be a big part of bilateral discussions … Since energy is of critical importance to Iraq, and India being dependent on imported energy … So energy would constitute a very important component of the discussions … But it’s not just trade alone.
Reddy said Indian exports to Iraq totalled around $1.3 billion in 2012, up from $740 million in 2011, while Baghdad’s exports to India (mostly oil) totalled more than $20 billion last year, compared to around $9 billion in 2011.
(Source: AFP)

Source: Iraq-BusinessNews.com.

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Qatar Airways Launches 5th Iraqi Destination

Qatar Airways launched flights*on Wednesday to its fifth destination in the Republic of Iraq, Sulaymaniyah, increasing the airline’s frequency across Iraq from 16 to 20 flights each week.
The new services, which will operate four-times-a-week non-stop from the airline’s Doha hub, brings the carrier’s global network to 129 destinations worldwide.
The Doha – Sulaymaniyah route is being operated by a state-of-the-art Airbus A320 featuring 144 seats in a two-class configuration of 12 seats in Business Class and 132 seats in Economy.
Selected aircraft feature seatback TV screens, providing passengers with the next generation interactive on board entertainment system, featuring a choice of more than 800 audio and video on-demand options, together with an SMS text messaging service from each seat.
The launch marks the rapid expansion by Qatar Airways in Iraq since the middle of 2012 when it began flights to Erbil, followed by the capital Baghdad, Najaf and Basra. Sulaymaniyah also marks the carrier’s fifth new Middle Eastern destination launched this year after Basra, Najaf, Gassim in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Salalah in Oman.
The arrival of Qatar Airways’ flight QR438 was welcomed with a water salute at Sulaymaniyah International Airport and a warm reception presided by local officials. Fathi Al Shehab, Qatar Airways Senior Vice President GCC, Levant, Iran and Indian Subcontinent, led an official delegation on the flight from Doha and was welcomed at the airport by Director General Sulaymaniyah International Airport Eng.Tahir Qadir.

Source: Iraq-BusinessNews.com.

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Travelport Opens Erbil Office

Travelport, a leading distribution services and e-commerce provider for the global travel industry, has continued its Middle East expansion with the opening of a new office in Erbil.
The new commercial hub underlines the importance of Iraq as an important investment region for Travelport and now serves the travel agent community in Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk regions.
“The opening of the new office in Erbil reinforces Travelport’s commitment to Iraq and our passion for supporting travel agents in this important region and throughout the Middle East network,” said Rabih Saab (pictured), President and MD, Middle East and Africa, Travelport. “This new commercial operation further solidifies our presence in the region and brings a superior level of support to our travel agents in Erbil and in the neighbouring regions.”
In Iraq, Travelport is officially represented by Rawat Al Hajer Co. To mark the new Erbil office opening and to showcase Travelport’s offer in Iraq, Rawat Al Hajer Co., along with Travelport team in the region, organized a product roadshow in Erbil this month.
During the event, Travelport presented the full suite of its value-add solutions and products with emphasis on Travelport Smartpoint App – the powerful point of sale solution, Travelport Merchandising Platform – the revolutionary new airline distribution platform, as well as industry-leading mobile and hospitality solutions. Customers, airline and travel industry partners mixed with media representatives at the event, which culminated with a celebratory dinner.
“Erbil is a relatively new market for Travelport still, so this was a great opportunity to tell our partners and customers more about our products and our value proposition”, said Aws Al Hashimi, Head of Rawat Al Hajer Co. “Our efforts were warmly received and we look forward to continuing our success in this region.”
(Source: Travelport)

Source: Iraq-BusinessNews.com.

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