Words of Encouagement from DebTarHeelGirl Thursday AM

I have a GOOD word for you today – this is MORE of what we need – I think you may agree… This is from my heart as I am right here with each of you.

We are all tired of this dinar endeavor – we have a right to be – its a roller coaster ride for sure with the broken words of NOW, TODAY, TOMORROW FOR SURE etc.

But I pray that each of you try to balance out your emotions with the intel given or heard or read, OR, for what ever trial you may be facing right now, with the FAITH in the Word of God and His promises that have been spoken over this wealth transfer.

It is written for us to use to keep our sanity and its really the ONLY word we can trust = KNOW IN YOUR KNOWER GOD will answer when HIS timing for us is perfected… trust till then – do NOT look at the circumstances – if you are and its effecting you negatively, back off for while and rest in Him.
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Do something productive at home and for others this holiday weekend… I am – you may not hear from me at all unless there is something exciting to share or a great word of encouragement the Lord prompts me to send to you….such as the below…

Beloved, a time of refreshing is upon you…refreshing to go another mile…refreshing to faint not…refreshing to endure to the end that you reap in due season.

I, the Great Promise Keeper, have drawn very near, nigh unto your heart. A promise given by Me is a promise kept; therefore, rejoice for each are inscribed in the palm of My hand. I Am the God of restoration.

My first priority is to fully restore you and then release restoration into every affair of your life. The two are intertwined and dependent on each other.

Remember, this restoration plan and how pursuing the first releases the second. Many still seek the blessings and provisions of My hand before considering the importance of their personal transformation.

Know that I Am ready to bring relief to you. I wait to be gracious; as soon as you humble yourself under My hand, and pray, and seek My face. I will immediately meet you with My favor 

Even as the people of Joel’s day prayed that God would spare them, and see how I spoke good words and comfortable words to answer them; so in the same way I speak to you today. My promises are real answers to the prayer of faith. With Me, saying and doing are not two things but are the same.

Align yourself with My restoration as I transform you into My image and then proclaim restoration over every area of your life. Receive, claim and expect restoration, for it is My plan for you. This is the direction I Am moving you in.

Make this declaration with me today:

I seize the day and grab hold of all promised to me. I do not give it over to the negative thoughts in my mind and emotions. The Word promised is my inheritance…my fruit…my destiny.

I acknowledge the faithfulness of the Lord; thereby, I experience the fullness of strength, endurance and steadfastness it takes to not grow weary.

I stand in the strength of the Lord and receive the refreshing of the Lord…receive the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. When the Lord speaks to me, a promise given is a promise kept and there is no dispute on my behalf. 

I will not be one who accuses my own self and thereby vacate the faith given to me of His promise given to me. The Great Promise Keeper has drawn near to me and I to Him. I am refreshed, renewed and full of expectant hope. I remain standing. Amen

So stand tall and keep the faith KNOWING that GOD is just about ready to have this RV-Exchange manifest – till then, lets show Him we DO have faith that He is Faithful to watch over His word daily to perform it on our behalf…

Be filled with joy this Labor Day weekend knowing that change is coming as it’s promised!

And let us not lose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right, for in due time and at the appointed season we shall reap, if we do not loosen and relax our courage and faint (Galatians 6:9 Amplified)

All my best to you,

TNT & KTFA Members Thoughts & Opinions


TNT Member  Mother wrote:  Excellent advice. Unfortunately there is a disease going around one of the symptoms is “paralysis of analysis” 

This is not complicated.  Take your time, have a simple plan in place to get the money into the bank or brokerage account. Do not fear brokerage accounts — they want you as a customer.  Give them specific written instructions. 

If you do not like something say “NO” practice saying this word over and over then you can work on being gracius and saying.   However do not get paralysis and do nothing.  Regards,    Mother, Atty

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  TNT Member g8way2k:  Years (and years ago)  I used to listen to one of the financial experts on TalkRadio WABC out of New York (77 on the AM dial).

Her name escapes me for the moment, but she called what is referred to as “analysis paralysis.”  She used to say “If you need a blue suit, you walk into the store, go to the rack containing a thousand blue suits, and pick out a blue suit.” 

But allow me to say this about “doing nothing.”  Doing “nothing” is sooo very much more advantagous than doing something quickly you most surely will deeply regret later. 

If I park one million dollars into a non-interest bearing account, do nothing with it for a year, I would have lost about 4% to inflation, or there-about.  Loss = $40,000.00.

But if I hop into an investment I know nothing about, on just a wing and a prayer, you may win, but you could very well lose more than that $40,000…much more. 

Wouldn’t it be wiser, if not knowing anything about the investment world, to park that 1 million and spend 6 months, maybe even the entire year to learn about the investment points you are personally interested in?

So, in my view, doing ”nothing” isn’t so terribly bad.  This will be a learning curve for many of us.  The up side takes care of itself.  But we must protect ourselves from the downside.  I wouldn’t just blindly go into an investment I know little or nothing about just because I’m afraid of doing “nothing.”

KTFA Post by justbecause » August 28th, 2013, 10:27 am  •  [Post 148]   O.K. just some rambling thoughts, looking for answers from someone smarter then I am. I day-trade, the ES and the Russell, sometimes Bonds but not often.

As a trader I am in one of three positions, Long [expecting the market to go up], Short [expecting the market to go down] or Flat [ not in a position].

IF over night there was a revaluing of the products I trade, say of 20-40%, I would either be rich, if I was in the right position, or bankrupt, if I was in the wrong position. I am a small trader, blow this scenario up to include all traders and it would bankrupt the trading industry.

Seems to me that if this revaluing was going to happen, there is only one way it could happen….all traders would have to be informed and made Flat.

With this in mind, the largest traded market in the world is Forex,

The FOREX market trades in excess of $2 trillion dollars per day ($2,000,000,000) which is about 10-15 times the daily trading volume of the world’s stock markets combined.

If 188 currencies were going to drastically change value over night and traders were not told……….it would bankrupt the system….  Comments please……..

KTFA Post By dew7 wrote on August 28th, 2013, 10:22 am: Also are we still thinking it will happen during a holiday weekend such as the one coming up… is it the perfect storm?

KTFA Post By bravesfan » August 28th, 2013, 10:49 am  •  [Post 151] Hopefully I can communicate this in typed words as to not cause confusion or phone calls for Frank – I listened to the majority of the call last night until the baby needed me and I couldn’t focus on him and the CC –

it was said Kuwait rv’d at 3p EST on a Thursday Afternoon – look at the times the NASDAQ and Euroex went down – were they testing the system live? NASDAQ went down at 12:14p and was down for 3ish hours – Euroex went down during the day too (I don’t remember the time)

MY OPINION – it sounds like it could happen during the day but like at the end of the business day – I also think there is a “perfect storm” with what is going on with Syria (not sure if Frank has said that in a call too)

This is part of the notes from Mondays CC – • Eagle1 reported what his sources at the IMF have told him are their targets; take this as rumor or opinion, there is no link or proof, take it to God in prayer! Eagle1’s sources reported their intention is to try to complete the RV and GCR no later than 9/1;

this coincides with update of the UN operational rates; 9/1 is Sunday, and if it will happen this week, we should see it by Thursday; if we don’t see it this week, we should see it by Sept 3; back stop date is Sept 5; Mondays are bank audit days, Tues/Wed/Thurs are transaction days; Fri is counting   Hope that helps some

KTFA Post By dew7 wrote on August 28th, 2013, 10:21 am: So are we looking to see the change in the rate still in the middle of the night? Or are we looking for it anytime, day and night???

KTFA Post by Society » August 28th, 2013, 10:50 am  •  [Post 153] DELTA says afternoon in Iraq based on what he was told at his dinner…….

I have always postulated it will happen sometime late afternoon thru the evening in Iraq up to midnight….I have always liked Thursday afternoon until the 4 PIP move occurred….this happened by 135AM EST on a Tuesday morning…..Bloomberg theorized a Saturday night Sunday morning swing……

KTFA Post By AzProf » August 28th, 2013, 11:26 am  •  [Post 174] Bravesfan,  But Franks study is something like the 3rd to the 9th, which suggests that maybe the backstop isnt truly the 5th. And when I think backstop, I mean the date the IMF pulls the plug despite anything Iraq may or may not do.

KTFA Post By gfulcher66 » August 28th, 2013, 5:29 pm  •  [Post 278]  Frank/team26/SK’s….IMO the hightened instability of the ME b/c of possible warfare directly effects the ri/v of the IQD. IMO the scenarios and possibilities of how the unstable region effects this is … (note Im not referring to the avg turmoil thats been going on from the beginning of time)

1. They pay for this war before another one starts. RI/V September or October.

2. Things are put on hold until the dust settles, the GCR and fall of the petro $ are on put on hold as the war/ boom/ build/ bust cycle helps sustain our economy as it has throughout history, or the GCR plan is aborted.


KTFA Post By Frank26 » August 28th, 2013, 8:58 pm  •  [Post 28] gfulcher66, hmmm……….. Since it is slow ……. I will answer this …… Frankly.   Syria is not a war.   They say we will invade.

That means we have already finished. In fact ……. Arab forces were asked to join us…… They said no yesterday.   Their loss.  In fact we asked the UN to join us this SECOND TIME around ……… They said no last week.  Good.  Now no one will know we have doubled ………. 40,000.  In three days.

IF !!! ………. I was to find any tangible threads to the GCR and the IQD concerning the RV then I would say there are very few to be found. The best one is where they could RV and say ………. SQURRIEL……… I mean SYRIA!!!  So in conclusion to Your qts :

First …… This is not a war………. Petro $’s ARE on the RISE!…….. Bust cycle will not help … only the RV of a GCR as the IQD leads this charge of economic penicillin……

Finally ……… Powerful families will NOT allow the GCR to fail. They are not accustomed to that ….. Life style.  Aloha to You and Yours……… :hibye:  KTFA, Fank

KTFA Post By The Snod » August 28th, 2013, 9:26 pm  •  [Post 36] I don’t have detailed information that Frank has about what is going on in the ME, but looking at it from a larger context the only countries I would think could slow the lava flow would be a revitalized Russia, and/or an aggressive China.

As of right now, I don’t think they are too jumpy, but even if they were you have to get money to fight a war from—–some where. Also, Iraq is so important to us now that it’s practically the 51st state in the union.

I think internal, terrorist pests in Iraq would slow it more than anything, but that would still just be a hiccup. MOF—–It looks like they just did some house cleaning recently in regards to that……

If the UN/IMF get serious enough there isn’t going to be delays that are going to stop this thing that will last too long. I suspect we may be watching that political “will” play out now. 6/27 changed——–much IMHO. 6/27 is the new anno domini with this investment IMHO :salute:

Chalabi criticizes silence of security official on continuing violations

Chalabi criticizes silence of security official on continuing violations

Thursday, 29 August 2013 10:41 Shafaq News /

The Iraqi National Congress (INC) leader , Ahmed al-Chalabi criticized on Thursday, what he described as "silence" of security leaders on violations taking place in the capital Baghdad and a number of provinces, stressing that several requests have been sent to the Office of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces to change the “corrupted” security leaders .

“No security official have released a statement to justify the continuing violations, even the Prime Minister did not mention anything since more than three years,” Chalabi , a leader in the National Alliance said in a comment posted on his Facebook personal page , briefed by "Shafaq News”.
“We send requests to change security leaders weekly that are responsible for all the violations, but with no answer, then what is the solution, where are the operations of revenge for martyrs and what is the role of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and why the blood of people is cheap ? “ Chalabi added.
The capital, Baghdad witnessed yesterday morning, more than 16 explosion by car bombs and suicide vests that hit 10 areas which are : Kadhimiya, al-Shaab , al- Mahmudiya, Sadr City, Baghdad al-Jadida, al-Huriya, al-Shulaa , Diyala Bridge, al-Amel and al-Elaam.


Group belong to “Islamic State of Iraq” arrested in Babel

Group belong to "Islamic State of Iraq" arrested in Babel

Thursday, 29 August 2013 13:07


Shafaq News /

Joint Operations Command announced in Iraq on Thursday, arresting a group belonging to "Islamic State of Iraq" responsible for the implementation of a double bombing in al-Asriya village northern Babel province.

As 11 people were casualties in 20th of August, when a double car-bomb attacks took place near one of the mosques in al-Asriya village.
“The Directorate of Babel Intelligence in coordination with the National Security Directorate in the province managed to arrest the terrorist group composed of 6 persons as they detonated two car bombs on 20-8 – 2013 in Asriya village in northern Babel province, "noting that " the bombing killed a number of citizens and injured others,” The spokesman for the joint operations Brigadier General, Saad Maan said in a statement briefed by “Shafaq News”.

“The criminal group admitted during the investigation of being linked to the so-called Islamic State of Iraq’s al-Qaeda terrorist,” adding that “those investigative parties has inspected the scene and was identical to the confessions of the group involved with the blood of innocent Iraqis,” he said.

A judicial source in Babel has revealed, on Wednesday issuing death sentence against three leaders of the "Islamic State of Iraq, Welaya of the South", responsible for the implementation of car bomb attacks in different areas within the province.
Gunmen in Babel province about (85 km south of Baghdad) carry out different attacks targeting elements of the security forces from the army, police , government officials and high-density residential areas where there are civilians markets, popular restaurants , cafes and mosques .

Poster’s Note: for more information on this group, read
The historical and recent background on the group known as the "Islamic State of Iraq" is excellent.

Weekly Security Update 21 – 29 August 2013

By Tom Walker, Director, Assaye Risk
Iraq, especially Baghdad and surrounding provinces, bore the brunt of an especially violent week as a re-supplied and resurgent ISI continue to pressurize the armed forces, the government and secular Sunni’s with a deadly bombing campaign that the ISF seem unable to combat effectively.
Baghdad of all the provinces has had a particularly traumatic week with multiple well-coordinated bombings and shootings taking place during Friday and Saturday of last week.
On Friday and car bomb killed three and wounded 17 outside a mosque in Northeastern Baghdad and in a separate attack, a bomb killed at least 7 guests at a wedding party in a Shi’ite town north of Baghdad when a suicide bomber posing as a member of the extended family detonated a large device inside a wedding tent during celebrations.
The violence continued through Saturday into Sunday with the focal point remaining very much in and around Baghdad.* 25 people were killed and more than 50 wounded in Baghdad when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside a busy cafe near a park popular with families and shoppers.
It was one of the worst attacks in this district in recent weeks or since suicide bombers hit the same district two months ago, targeting a Shi’ite mosque and killing 29 worshippers during noon prayers.
Since the start of 2013, bomb attacks by mainly Sunni insurgents have increasingly targeted cafes and other places where families gather, as well as the usual targets of military facilities and checkpoints.* This forms a central part of their efforts to legitimise their actions in the eyes of the Sunni community, and to attract and convince moderates that despite what the Iraqi government may say about protecting the interests of all Iraqi’s, regardless of which sectarian community they may come from they remain unable to do so.

Source: Iraq-BusinessNews.com.

Post your commentary below.

More Foreign Firms Find Opportunities in Iraq

The sectarian violence continues in Iraq, with 80 people killed in a wave of bombings across Baghdad on Wednesday.

But despite the best efforts of the terrorists, Iraq still presses ahead with its development, and foreign companies continue to seize opportunities to contribute to the country’s growth and prosperity.

In recent days, for example, we’ve seen the announcement of a new Sheraton hotel in Dohuk, an American pest-control company starting operations in Erbil, and a major Japanese industrial company open an office in Basra.

As the Iraqi Consul General in Detroit, Al Manhal Al Safi, said last week:

There is so much good news coming out of Iraq that no one really sheds light on … The country needs everything, starting with the infrastructure, investments, housing, medical treatment, hospitals, education, schools, and many aspects of life in Iraq.

And while it’s entirely understandable that news of atrocities makes the headlines in the mainstream media, here at Iraq Business News we remain committed to bringing you the full picture from a business perspective.

In Iraq already, or thinking about it? Iraq Business News marketing services take your message to the decision makers.

More Foreign Firms Find Opportunities in Iraq

The sectarian violence continues in Iraq, with 80 people killed in a wave of bombings across Baghdad on Wednesday.
But despite the best efforts of the terrorists, Iraq still presses ahead with its development, and foreign companies continue to seize opportunities to contribute to the country’s growth and prosperity.
In recent days, for example, we’ve seen the announcement of a new Sheraton hotel in Dohuk, an American pest-control company starting operations in Erbil, and a major Japanese industrial company open an office in Basra.
As the Iraqi Consul General in Detroit, Al Manhal Al Safi, said last week:
There is so much good news coming out of Iraq that no one really sheds light on … The country needs everything, starting with the infrastructure, investments, housing, medical treatment, hospitals, education, schools, and many aspects of life in Iraq.
And while it’s entirely understandable that news of atrocities makes the headlines in the mainstream media, here at Iraq Business News we remain committed to bringing you the full picture from a business perspective.
In Iraq already, or thinking about it? Iraq Business News marketing services take your message to the decision makers.

Source: Iraq-BusinessNews.com.

Post your commentary below.

TNT Member Dinarmaven Shares Info 

[RAJAF] 11:01 PM dinarmaven: Guys. Just had my call. I’m not at liberty to tell you who was on and where I was talking to. But depending on your age, can you picture Guy Lombardo doing the shuffle at about 11:56 just before the network breaks in for the countdown?

(Or maybe you would prefer Dick Clark looking up and explaining what’s gonna happen with that Zwarovski ball that’s dropping in a few minutes…)

The feeling of anticipation and excitement is palpable and electricity is in the air. I wish I had a time to tell you. But their work is done. They’re telling me we are going to the bank.

After the ride that I personally have been on, I can tell you I have a feeling of contentment, calm and joy right now. I hope it’s catching. We all deserve it. guys…like I said… I dont have a time …. but they are ready and done. could happen anytime.


[mort] 8-28-13- 3:50 pm est-my int lawyer just told me just now that the chinese told the head bankers at wells fargo in reno to get the irag dinar revalued today or they will be fired and never will get another job any where if this isn’t done today! They said this should have been done already last night! He said the chinese will not lose the profits on this revalue to anyone-so they wants

Milliomday & People Invested Roundtable Discussion

Millionday Roundtable 8/28/13

    [millionday] so it looks like the news is picking up on some stories about iraq and we know why after the india meeting and the set of oil going on

    [marketralley] Great News

    [millionday] have to understand where the oil came from before for india and where iraq is on the board now  it may seem like a long time but huge changes have taken place in one generation

    [millionday] that is huge normally things turn around in the oil industry but not like it has  — futures must be hard to even think about —- lol  let me get some news on the subject and brb

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     [millionday] ok here we go  this is about what fresh and i were saying  —  this is the issue that now is about iraq and why we are seeing this on our news and they are headed in the direction so fast now that we see

    [millionday] Last week’s four-day State visit by Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri Kamil al-Maliki did not attract the attention it deserved. But the importance of his visit cannot be understated.

After all, Iraq has now emerged as India’s second largest supplier of crude oil after Saudi Arabia. Also, unlike other commodities whose global prices have fallen significantly in recent months – be it gold, industrial metals, coal, potash, grains or coffee – crude has exhibited no signs of bearishness.

    [millionday] Since April 18, when it touched a nine-month-low of $97.18, the average cost of crude imported by Indian refiners has risen to cross $109 a barrel.

Taking into account the substantial currency depreciation over this period, the effective increase in rupee terms works out to over 36 per cent. The ongoing geo-political tensions in Syria and civil unrest in Egypt make any respite on the crude front unlikely in the near term.

    [millionday] note — meaning when the value of the rupee goes down and the price goes up it equaled 36 % rise —

    [millionday] note — i am bring you this so you can see what the big deal was with maliki visit to india and its results

    [millionday] very important

    [millionday] All this reinforces the need for India to diversify its sources of crude oil imports. To an extent, it has succeeded in doing so. In 2001-02, the country’s top four suppliers were Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Nigeria and Iran.

Today, the No. 2 and 3 slots have been taken over by Iraq and Venezuela, with Kuwait pushed to fourth position. While western financial sanctions have reduced oil imports from Iran by about 40 per cent, the vacuum has been more than filled by Iraq and Venezuela

    [millionday] An enabling factor has been the setting up of modern Indian refineries that can process a variety of crudes, including inferior quality, high-sulphur ‘sour’ oil from origins such as Venezuela. This is in contrast to the older refineries in Europe or the US, which are equipped to handle only the light, less waxy ‘sweet’ crudes that sell at a premium.

    [millionday] While seeking out new suppliers especially from Latin America and Africa as a hedge against geo-political risk must be a continuous effort, India also needs to be more proactive in exploring bilateral trade and alternative payment mechanisms.

Iraq, for instance, has a huge infrastructure rebuilding requirement resulting from the 2003 US invasion and the internal strife that followed. There is no reason why payments for Iraqi oil cannot be tied with contracts for execution of engineering, procurement and construction projects for Indian companies.

    [millionday] note — see that — they need work done and they need oil — remember that most oil is bought by usd and then the iraqi gov sells the usd to cbi for dinar

    [millionday] The fact that the visiting Iraqi side showed interest in such cooperation, including turnkey railway projects and sourcing of power equipment from India, indicates the potential here. Likewise, there is no dearth of things – rice, oilmeals, tea, pharma and engineering goods – that India can supply to oil exporting countries (including Iran) on barter. Our foreign policy must be tailored to promote these goals.

    [millionday] see this is huge in gains for both sides and also will diversify their reserves as well — it will add rupee and also india will benefit by helping themselves with the gain in what they are paying and add to what they can create through their refineries and therefore raise the value of their currency — the rupee

    [millionday] make sense ? huge for all and also effective for the dinar they save and gain — smile

    [marketralley] Milli… Does the dinar need to be international for this?

    [millionday] i would say to minimize the gain for india and the loss for iraq — it would be a good idea smile  and it will be taken to the market so it will have to be at a rate that keeps them from being wiped out imo

    [ANYdaynow] millionday…hi, do you feel more optimistic today than even last few days?

    [millionday] ANYdaynow i am like everyone else trying to keep my cool and watch what is actual — smile

    [mdglow] refinery assessment is biased ! for sure some the largest refineries in the U.S. process all types of oil ,from high sulphur to light crude us process is second to none.but who cares about that lol please raise to value of the dinar!!

    [millionday] mdglow i understand but what most dont know — the USof A is under sanctions still after all these years and we cant just sell oil to anyone we want to

    [millionday] i believe — have not looked but i believe it is still just mexico and one other country

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] millionday How are WE under sanctions? I didn’t know we were.

    [millionday] i will look it up but it is from years ago and we have not been able to sell oil for many years to anyone we like  a little milly tidbit  smile

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] Doesn’t our oil they are pumping up in Alaska, go to Japan?

    [millionday] i will look it up hun and see which country it is other then mexico — it has also been in the news lately that the US of A is thinking of working to change that and meet whatever it is we need to do — i will look it up and bring it tonight smile

    [Smokey Mtn. Dinar] OK thanks

    [mydinar100] millionday what country and whose military put sanctions on us. Why oh why would we agree to such?

    [millionday] ok brb — let me find what i had on it lol  hold that thought

    [millionday] Federal lawmakers should overturn the ban on exporting crude oil produced in the United States. As recently as half a decade ago, oil companies had no interest in exporting U.S. crude oil, but that has changed. Oil production has grown more in the United States over the past five years than anywhere else in the world, even as domestic oil consumption has declined.

With these changes has come a widening gap among the types of oil that U.S. fields produce, the types that U.S. refiners need, the products that U.S. consumers want, and the infrastructure in place to transport the oil

    [millionday] Allowing companies to export U.S. crude oil as the market dictates would help solve this mismatch. Under federal law, however, it is illegal for companies to export crude oil in all but a few circumstances.

    [millionday] Over the past year, the Department of Commerce granted licenses to several oil companies to export a small amount of U.S. crude oil. But these opaque, ad hoc exceptions are insufficient.

Removing all proscriptions on crude oil exports, except in extraordinary circumstances, will strengthen the U.S. economy and promote the efficient development of the country’s energy sector

    [millionday] When Congress in the 1970s made it illegal to export domestically produced crude oil without a license, the goal of the legislation was to conserve domestic oil reserves and discourage foreign imports. In reality, the export ban did not help accomplish either of these objectives.

 It has now become more of a hindrance than a help. The opaqueness of the export approval process discourages would-be exporters from applying for licenses. Companies see a lack of legal clarity and fear inconsistent regulation. They are hesitant to incur negative publicity on Capitol Hill when they doubt they will be granted approval.

    [millionday] Two important elements of the U.S. oil export equation have changed in the past few years. First, exporting U.S. crude oil has become economically attractive to the energy industry.

Crude oil exports have grown from next to nothing in 2007 to around one hundred thousand barrels per day in March 2013, all of which went to Canada. Second, the United States has become one of the world’s largest gross exporters of refined oil products, such as gasoline and diesel.

Unlike crude oil, which is unprocessed, oil that has been refined can be exported freely under U.S. law. Roughly three million barrels per day of refined oil products were exported in December 2012, a major increase from prior decades. Until 2011, the United States had not been a consistent net exporter of oil products since 1949.

    [millionday] note — see shocking tidbit most do not know — and has a lot to do with what is going on in our investment  there is more

    [millionday] Restrictions on crude oil exports are already beginning to undermine the efficiency of the U.S. oil economy. Much of the country’s rapidly growing production of light crude oil, including lease condensates (i.e., ultra-light oil), comes from either areas where refiners are not interested in or able to process it, given that many U.S. refineries are configured to run lower-quality crude oil, or in parts of the country with inadequate transportation infrastructure.

    [millionday] With few viable domestic buyers, producers are forced to choose between leaving oil in the ground and pumping it at depressed prices. These artificially low prices slow additional U.S. crude oil production.

New refineries and pipelines currently under construction will help remedy some of these market distortions over time, but a simpler, more cost-effective solution would include allowing U.S. crude to be exported. Doing so will not raise gasoline prices.

Prices at the pump will continue to be determined by the global market, regardless of whether the United States exports crude oil. Were the ban overturned today, crude exports would immediately rise by several billion dollars a year, according to industry executives, likely surpassing five hundred thousand barrels per day by 2017.

    [millionday] The primary laws prohibiting crude exports are the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920, the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975, and the Export Administration Act of 1979.

The so-called short supply controls in the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) of the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), an agency of the Department of Commerce, spell out these restrictions.

    [millionday] A few obscure types of crude oil automatically qualify for export licenses under EAR. These types include crude oil produced in Alaska’s Cook Inlet or exported to Canada, as long as it is consumed there; and small amounts of heavy (or viscous) crude oil produced in California.

Other niche cases do not require licenses. Crude oil transported via the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System or produced overseas and stored in the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve may be exported.

    [millionday] note — remember when the reserves here were emptied

    [millionday] so the reason we believe that the reserves were emptied was to fill them with imported from iraq under the deal signed that is supposed to be at 32$ a barrel 00

    [millionday] make sense so far ?

    [marketralley] Yes

    [gdg3820] yes

    [millionday] ok so that is how this is connected —  brb with more on it

    [millionday] Some U.S. crude oil can be exported with a presidential finding. This includes crude oil of U.S. origin transported on federal right-of-way pipelines, crude oil produced from the outer continental shelf, and crude oil produced from naval petroleum reserves that were once set apart for use by the military but that are now almost entirely commercialized.

    [millionday] note — this is why they wanted Obama to sign to allow a while back —

    [mydinar100] millionday my information says that we have more oil in reserve then at any time since the early 1900s.

    [millionday] In nearly all other cases, U.S. crude oil can only be exported if the BIS finds that proposed exports are “consistent with the national interest and the purposes of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act.” The agency has the right to accept or reject applications for an export license according to its own unarticulated definition of the “national interest.” [

The only specific case the EAR mentions as meeting these strict criteria is when the exported crude is exchanged for more or better refined oil imports, under a contract that can be terminated if U.S. oil supplies are “interrupted or seriously threatened,” and could not have “reasonably [been] marketed” in the United States.

    [millionday] note — see that — so if the oil is better — hmmm

    [millionday] A better approach would be to allow companies to freely export oil as the market dictates, eliminating the requirement that companies obtain a license for each crude oil export transaction. The only exception to this policy should be when the president determines there is a national emergency.

To make this change, Congress should repeal EAR’s short-supply controls that apply to crude oil exports.

    [millionday] so they are talking about this now — a repeal and let me say — in any business decision that is made — there is a cost and benefit analysis so that is being done  in fact i have it but we have talked enough about this smile

    [millionday] interesting fact in the middle of all this dont you think? kind of an aaahhhhaaa  so that is why the huge plan and many think the oil is the issue and the US of A has alot to do with it ect

    [myblifeguard] millionday ..Ithink the INdia deal is born out the fact that the US is becoming more energy independent due to fracking….whole ME know this..

    [myblifeguard] Iraq is hedging its bets..  JMO

    [millionday] exactly

    [tiger_ag] so if im understanding this correctly, the govt does not allow for the exportation of oil, but congress is trying to repel that legislation so we can empty out our reserves and fill them with higher quality crude from iraq at 32 per barrel?

    [millionday] i agree

    [myblifeguard] millionday w/o major economic reforms…Iraq will become Syrian and Egypt….they know this I am sure..

    [myblifeguard] millionday ..also….Politicians don’t change because they see the light…..they change when they feel the heat!!!!! (even Iraqi politicians)

    [millionday] exactly — there is huge losses that will occur in many back door agreements — so we are in a great spot and what i would call “on the shirt tail” of much bigger things smile

    [millionday] love to talk about all this stuff — i must be a nerd lol

    [myblifeguard] OK…that is my 2 cents worth….Hope I don’t get “change” LOL

    [millionday] lol

    [millionday] Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says the Syrian war has awakened dormant Sunni-Shiite tensions. Series of bombs ripped through Baghdad on Wednesday morning. At least 30 people were killed and 170 injured, according to a ministry of interior official. Attackers coordinated at least 14 car bombs, two roadside bombs, and one suicide bomb between the early morning and 11:00 am.

    [belabun] yes 233 that I know of this a.m., probably more by now.

    [millionday] right huge point belabun — the thing is this with that  we should see exactly that with the kurds so they can be independent as we know their is unrest and historical at that as long as time they have fighting

    [millionday] so that is why beyond a pay off and success here — seeing this peace agreement — will make religious leaders across the world sit up and take notice  it is huge from bc

    [millionday] so the kurds and agriculture — is a smart move and we will see this as we check back in future times as a where are they now moment