Accession to the WTO contributes to the growth of national income

Accession to the WTO contributes to the growth of national income BAGHDAD – Shkran Fatlawi saw the Academy that there is a possibility to take advantage of the exceptions and exemptions granted by the WTO in the growth of real national income. consists gross national income (GNI) of personal consumption expenditures and gross private investment […]

Shahristani: Iraq will become one of the major countries

Shahristani: Iraq will become one of the major countries in the relevant petrochemical industries BAGHDAD / obelisk: Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani, on Thursday, president of Lukoil single Kabirov to speed up the development of the West Qurna field.He urged al-Shahristani in a statement obtained by “obelisk” a copy of it during a […]







“Common Sense” Opinions and Suggestions from TNT Members Monday Afternoon

DMagnet: First, I want to thank Tony and his family, the mods and the sincere Intel providers who have taken their time and energy to help us stay aware of what is going on.

I feel like we have been patiently waiting in line for our turn for a very long time. Each time it seems we get closer we find out that the people in the front of (or already went through) the line have allowed others to just cut in front just because they can.

It is disgusting to know that the PTB just continue to allow this to happen while many of us have been needing this so much.

We were told that they expect 99% of us to have very smooth transactions while they are concerned about maybe 1%.

Why would they penalize us for the small 1% who will act like fools. This is just their fear and not necessarily even true.

Additionally we had to invest based purely on speculation despite all of the misinformation put out about the Dinar while these new people are allowed to purchase knowing that it is a sure thing.
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They did not have to ride the same emotional roller coaster as many of us. I am sure since they are connected in some way that they are mostly financially stable. They have had zero risk and no “skin in the game.”

We were told they wanted us to have a great Christmas. Then they keep telling us it is happening for us right now and we wait patiently each time only to find out that more of the connected have exchanged again. In the meantime the clock continues to tick as time runs out.

By Wednesday we will have 2 weeks until Christmas.I know many who can’t even afford to buy a Christmas Tree much less any gifts.

It would be better for them to just treat us like adults and like the millionaires that we are. If they did not want us to exchange now they should not get our hopes up with disinformation. Rather just tell us the truth.

Now we are being told that they want to shrink our time down so we don’t think clearly. The fact that they do not want us to think about this is concerning. It is the end of the year for taxes. Many of us need this money just to hire legal help, etc.

How can they keep doing this and expect us to not get frustrated with this process?

How can they expect us to trust them when we are now informed that they have been purposely telling us bad info?

I also want to point out that I believe that most of the members here are peaceful, law abiding citizens who plan to help their family, friends and strangers.

I think based on a recent poll the majority on this forum are in their mid to late 50’s. These are not the type of people who get involved in a mob.

If they are concerned then maybe they should make some rules to create order. If they have to force us to have an appointment to CE then just do it. If they are blaming the members on this forum (and other forums I’d imagine) because they are frustrated then we may have to consider tightening the rules on the forum.

I will say this emphatically that we are not creating the problem. They have created this problem and they are continuing to create the problem by making promises repeatedly and by consistently not following through.

If they were really scared of us then why would they continue to make it worse by making these 5 or 6 million people even more frustrated?


KarenLeann: I think it’s time for them to rip off the Band-aid. 99% of people will be quiet and polite while exchanging. If it’s the 1% they are worried about, they will have to deal with them as they come.

You can’t plan for every idiot, you can only run damage control as they go.

And it seems that the longer this drags out, the more frustrated and angry people are going to be. Just yank it off and let the healing process begin.


Bojik1956: Ever been to a major conference function or concert, where the doors are closed up until 20-30 minutes before the event is to happen? Know what happens when the doors open??

All the people have been stacking up in front of the doors waiting and waiting and waiting to get in to even get a seat..and they are packed so close that it is even hard to open the doors.

Not to mention, when the doors do open that is when the running starts.

The best events I have attended are where those doors are already open when we arrived, so coming and going is simple. No rushing…no panic…no stress.

So how about learning how to help out a situation, instead of creating it!


Amouthi: Boy oh boy when the euro was instated in the E.U it was a very smooth transition 20+ countries.

I don`t remember delays. When date and time was given it was activated exactly when said !! It was announced and done…billions of people exchanged without causing major problems.

But what can you say one has to go with the flow.


CanadaGoose: Very well done! Polite, to the point and very very clear.I agree, the longer they hold on to this especially after we know now they are doing it on purpose, the more chaos it could create.

People don’t like to be treated as cattle; they REALLY don’t like hearing that that was the plan all along and that is how we’re thought of.


FreshIQD:  Let’s be honest guys and gals! THEIR WILL NEVER BE A PERFECT TIME or CONDITION to allow our CE. WE all know there is always going to be a couple pieces of bad fruit on the truck. HOWEVER! It does not stop the delivery of all the good produce.

Each day more UNINFORMED people are taking advantage of this GCR, so who is really to blame for potentially creating chaos? We also know that the Elite Double Dippers ARE NOT going to jail! Even Boo Boo the Fool can see this!

We have given, and we have heard about many, many, many GOOD suggestions as to how too implement the exchange. 99.9% of us have stood by and waited patiently for our turn. Yet up to this point we haven’t even been given a sucker!

No more carrot dangling about how you want us to spend for Black Friday, or Christmas, etc, No more excuses about security since the elite are done, we have rid ourselves of the real threat, and keep your trails of treats.

Just give us a DATE and Time, and leave us too be the mature people you desire to become!


[1RangerBill] daz ~ I Have a Group of 12 Guys and Girls. Each Person in my Group Has Between a lot of IQN and VNN.

We are ve
ry Disappointed With The Way the UST and Banks are Treating Us. We are All Professional and should be given more Respect and Credit Than What They are giving Us.


4Dinar: So they want to herd 5.5M of us through the gate in two weeks instead of 5M?? WHO DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO??


CeltSeeker: Whoever is advising the PTB needs a lesson in human nature! The more you put the squeeze on people the more frantic they will become.

AND… it certainly doesn’t instill faith in our government or those in charge to have this being handled in this way. I suspe4ct many things will change come next election time. Just sayin.

The longer you wait, the larger the uninformed and uneducated crowd will grow – by word of mouth – and the worse it will get. Watch and see.


Dusksinger: Dear US Treasury: Seriously? You’re holding this up because you don’t want people to negotiate the rates? Then don’t negotiate the rates!!!

Don’t want us to make several appointments? Then only let us have 1 appointment each! Aren’t you writing the rules?

You have had months, years to prepare for this. People are losing their homes, cars, going without heat and electricity!! Not to mention the millions suffering around the world.

Each minute you delay causes more pain for someone somewhere! Come on, where is your humanity?!

And your plan is basically to drag us through the dirt until we’re so dejected we just “do what we’re told”? Power trip anybody? You don’t want us to have “time to think?” This sounds strangely like a totalitarian mentality doesn’t it?

Doesn’t really fit in with the fact that you are public servants to a democratic nation, does it?

And besides, it makes no sense! The longer you wait the more p****** off and desperate people get.. so the sooner you release it the calmer people will be and the better off you will be.

You are creating the very situation you are afraid of. You are creating an environment where people see you as the oppressor or resent you with each day you hold it over our heads.

If you would release it in a timely manner there would be a much more appreciative and benevolent atmosphere. Any intelligent person can see that.

 Furthermore you are damaging the reputation of the United States abroad. That’s just dropping the ball on your responsibilities as representatives of this nation.

Also, although you clearly see us as dumb cattle, we were obviously intelligent enough to buy this currency, so why should we be treated any differently than the people who have been cashing out, why do they deserve to have lots of time to “think” and we should not?

Frankly, based on the obvious disorganization you have thus far displayed, I think you should be giving yourselves and the banks MORE time to process these 5 million people, rather than whittling down your time to a few days and creating a rushed and stressful environment.

 If anyone has been to the DMV or any government office, it is rather obvious that time management is not one of their strong suits.

That being said, I am confident that most people will still be calm and professional, no matter when your release it, but you are tarnishing your own reputation and creating more frustration with each hour you hold us back.

The sooner you release it, the more smoothly the exchanges will go, the more money we spend for Christmas and the more the economy is stimulated, and the better you look. So what is the hold up here?


GodsPromise: We are a team made up of Bishops, Pastors, Ministers and others in ministry. We keep all of you (Mods and support team) wrapped in prayer!. We know what it is like to lead people.

What our recommendation is, we believe anyone can follow it! We want you to share with Tony and DC so we can “Get Our Party Started!”

 Our suggestion is this: Anyone who goes into the bank and does not follow instructions, whether they raise their voice, come with a group (over 3 people) or any other violation, it’s simple.

They will be put in ‘TIME OUT FOR 10 TO 15 DAYS!” Meaning:

1. All Banks and Exchangers have them on an immediate list and can not go to ANY other locations for 10 to 15 days.

2, If they make any other noise arrest them. ARREST THEM!

 The majority of people WILL NOT VIOLATE THIS! Who ill want to risk losing going in early and end up at the end?

3. There is no need to delay this. UST, banks and exchangers can communicate wit one another on this issue immediately.

4. Make sure security have all the “violaters names on a list, a text message to them asap.

5. This suggestion should not cause another delay. This is an immediate implementation by text to security.

Let’s us shift the atmosphere. This should not cause any days or other delays! NO MORE DELAYS

Blessings!   Godspromise!!


Thomasdabull: Dear UST…With All Due Respect

I just wanted to pass on a few thoughts as my number was too far down on the que to be addressed today. The reason there are no problems with the people who are getting paid out/exchanged already is “They are getting paid”

They are happy and happy people for the most part act happy.

You know we live in the most Amazing country in the world. We have put a man in the moon, we are responsible for some of the most amazing medical breakthroughs of all time, we invented the light bulb, we have gone to World Wars and come out the victors, we have fought ears on practically every continent on the globe and prevailed.

My point is You are 100% capable of activating this CE and making it work. The American people have Always risen to the challenge and to the top!

Just think how many lives are now being adversely effected do to your inability to act. Think about how many families will remain together, how many bankruptcies and foreclosures will be averted and how many new homes, cars, furniture and appliances will be purchased and the positive effect this will have on our economy!

It’s Time Ladies and Gentlemen! Do The Right Thing and Make it Happen!!!

I’m hearing on the calls that you are having issues with trusting us but I’m thinking you’ve got it backwards…we are not the ones telling you “It’s happening Today, Tonight, Soon!

That would be you and we are Trusting “YOU” to do the RIGHT THING!! Please!!!

P.S. If it really is the bus people you’re so worried about…just let them go last,



LifeBPerfect: UST … It is tooooo simple.  If you want CALM … MAKE/CREATE CALM.

I HAVE SUCH EXPERIENCE OF HANDLING LARGE GROUPS (without the tools offered by appointments or NDAs!!!) Hopefully, this is not masking some other agenda …

I think this has been blown way out of proportion.  Basically it is “Working with the public 101.”

SIMPLY ask those EXPERIENCED law enforcement/security staff what is the best way to handle large groups … because this isn’t it.  

YOU don’t have large groups if you did it all by appointment at remote unknown locations.   

WE HAVE LAW ENFORCEMENT BECAUSE A SMALL % of ANY GROUP WILL REQUIRE IT at some level even if it is just their presence … for various reasons. 

Simple analogy (yet unrelated to my experience, but it makes the point quickly) … You and I are at a Buffet restaurant.  Which Scenario makes for the MOST calm?  That will be your Scenario to create.  

Scenario 1

What happens when the BBQ I have told you about for years is well stocked and the restaurant is going to be open until we decide to leave?  We have plenty of time, service is great, food is great, conversation is great.  We know we should leave the restaurant so others who are waiting for a table have to time to be served.

Scenario 2

The restaurant doesn’t keep regular hours, you check the restaurant the sign says it will be open on this day … then it is not … , then when we finally get in the door we find out the restaurant is closing in 7 minutes for some unknown reason, and the BBQ I have told you about is out on the buffet, … oh and there is an unknown number of people ahead of you in line, etc,  etc ….  So then when we are just about to leave and go elsewhere an inexperienced wait staff brings out a little BBQ and places it in the middle of the room … (what would you predict would happen) 

 IT IS SIMPLE … CREATE THE CALM.  It is a self fulfilling prophecy … stated differently … We all teach people how to treat us!!!  


If you want us calm, cool, collected, professional … THEN CREATE THAT.   Appointments … is a great start, plenty of time even better, hold the rates … you are getting there, … … (see the pattern … CREATE THE CALM).

CREATE THE CALM … you desire.

I am happy to help … just let me know.

Hope that helps,   LifeBPerfect


TNT Tony’s Monday Conference Call Recorded Link: (Note: We will post the Official TNT Notes today as soon as they are available.)REPLAY   805-399-1500    409029#BlogTalkRadio   RECORDED LINKLuvwolfs: My personal CC NotesTony CC Call 12/9/10DC Guy is on the call todayWhere is the RV?It should’ve happened already…Supposed to be done before the callpeople mad everywherepeople are still being



Monday Afternoon Dinar Chatter


[HOODINI] TexasMom its monday and we are still here oh my

 [TexasMom] HOODINI I am very aware!!! Oh MY!!!!! :bighug: :bighug:

[HOODINI] TexasMom monday is busy in the banking world normally, never can see this on a monday, sandra day o’connor put it into the a ruling that if the whales and soverigns got paid then they were not allowed to hold it from the public imo

Dinarblessed] HOODINI lol Since I am part of the public….. I could go for that!

[weimar] boy, I am tired of hearing ‘crowd control” – have these gov’t folks forgot what it was like before electronic banking? EVERY payday was a mass of people, controlled mass and thats all the banks have to do – have someone at the doors to control the people – be firm, but nice, please do this..”no sorry, you have to have an appointment.”
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[weimar] its not rocket science, I have worked crowd control for years lol

 [Digs] weimar ii think they (the gurus) are using that more as an excuse than anything else… IMHO — this “exchange” will be the easiest thing ever… IMHO

 [weimar] Digs I do too – although when they fired a bunch of folks at my work (before i worked there) they called in a security company – was not a good move – just upset everyone

[Digs] with this being touted as a “World wide Global Event”, what about all the other countries?? I take it that All the other countries are NOT worried about the Public exchanging their currencies in a neat & orderly fashion?? What about all the people that own dinar outside of the USA? ?

[DiddyKong] Digs great point

[musiccitylady] DiddyKong I agree

[chefbear96] Rocky49 lol I have this really scary picture of crazy peeps all running to the bank and acting up – I dont want to be anywhere near that group!!!


[kennyd] we wont be going to the banks. will go to exchange places like airports, an centers

[weimar] kennyd yes, you have said – it doesn’t mean I like it or trust that

[nolaspice] the offsite locations will probably be wealth centers or smaller banks – lets not get all freaked out thinking tony suprano will be meeting us in an abandoned warehouse lol

[weimar] chefbear96 I partly think the crowd control is crazy talk, but I can easily see folks acting foolish. but that said, they have to make a decision sometime – or not ever do it? there can always be an excuse NOT to do it. Provide security and just pull the plug

[Digs] weimar i think that the reason people may “MAY” act foolish is because there are people out that that have ConCalls & Websites that are now telling the masses, that the UST has now decided to shorten the length of time that you will have to exchange. Reason Given: “They don’t want you to think”!!

[Jamison] Just remember when your going to the CE location in the future, you will be carrying millions , there are things you can do to be more secure

[Jamison] My first pass it on will be hiring a off duty police officer to escort me to the bank from my house and back my house, he will see a large tip

[Jamison] And IMO , I would request cashiers checks, dont bring home cash, bad elements could be 3 blocks away to bump you and get you to stop, IMO

[Jamison] It should be so simple, call number, schedule appointment, go to appointment cash out, then walk outside and 2 blocks away start screaming in car, reports on news that day will be some wierd force was making people scream in certain area of towns

[nolaspice] the thing is we have nothing but time on our hands – so we make up stuff – exaggerate the circumstances – freak out about things we cant control – listen to dumb **^%E#S – but we are a smart bunch – when the time comes – WE GOT THIS

 [Jamison] nolaspice So we don’t really have to wear depends

 [Jamison] nolaspice I better take that off my pre checklist then!!











BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Emailed to Recaps:

A example of the PTB’s new plan to keep us calm and the exchange easy….not!

BlessedWithRV: You’ve got 5 million Dinarians locked in a cage. Best thing to do is tell them day after day for years that you will let them out tomorrow. And never actually open the cage door.

As you get closer to the end, you stop feeding them and continue to tell them you’ll let them out of the cage tomorrow. And still don’t open the door.

Then you tell them if they don’t get out soon, all the food will be gone and you’re going to let them out of the cage tomorrow so they can eat before the food goes bad.

And the next day you still don’t open the door.

Yeah, that should get them to calm down. NOT! Who does that make sense to? LOL

Forex – The dollar firmed against the yen on Monday after better-than-expected U.S. jobs and consumer-sentiment reports cemented expectations for the Federal Reserve to begin tapering its monthly asset-purchasing program in the near future.

In U.S. trading on Monday, USD/JPY was trading at 103.24, up 0.38%, up from a session low of 102.89 and off a high of 103.32.

The pair was likely to find support at 101.62, Thursday’s low, and resistance at 103.38, the high from Dec. 3.

The dollar continued to enjoy support after Friday data revealed that the U.S. economy added 203,000 jobs in November, beating expectations for a 180,000 increase and up from a downwardly revised 200,000 rise the previous month.

In the private sector, 196,000 jobs were added last month compared to expectations for a 180,000 rise, after an increase of 214,000 in October.

The report also said the U.S. unemployment rate fell to 7.0% in November, from 7.3% in October, beating expectations for a downtick to 7.2%.

Also on Friday, the preliminary Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan consumer sentiment index increased to 82.5 in December from 75.1 the previous month, far surpassing expectations for a 76.0 reading.

The data kept expectations firmly in place that the Federal Reserve will begin scaling back its USD85 billion in monthly bond purchases in the coming months, which weaken the dollar to spur recovery.

Earlier Monday, Fed St. Louis President James Bullard said the chances of a Fed decision to taper asset purchases are growing now that the labor market has shown improvement.

“A small taper might recognize labor market improvement while still providing the Committee the opportunity to carefully monitor inflation during the first half of 2014,” Bullard said in prepared remarks of a speech he delivered earlier.

“Should inflation not return toward target, the Committee could pause tapering at subsequent meetings.”

The yen, meanwhile, has come under pressure recently amid expectations for the Bank of Japan to beef up stimulus programs to meet its 2% inflation target by 2015.

Earlier this month, BoJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda pledged to counter any new downside risks to the bank’s inflation goal, saying the BoJ would act by “adjusting monetary policy without hesitation.”

The yen was down against the pound and down against the euro, with GBP/JPY up 0.83% and trading at 169.55 and EUR/JPY trading up 0.62% at 141.82.

On Tuesday, Japan is to publish its BSI manufacturing index and a report on tertiary industry activity. offers an extensive set of professional tools for the financial markets.
Read more News on and download the new Stocks & Finance App for Android!

TNT Tony’s Monday CC Recorded Link and Notes by Luvwolfs at TNT 

TNT Tony’s Monday Conference Call Recorded Link:

(Note: We will post the Official TNT Notes today as soon as they are available.)

REPLAY   805-399-1500    409029#


Luvwolfs: My personal CC NotesTony CC Call 12/9/10

DC Guy is on the call today

Where is the RV?

It should’ve happened already…Supposed to be done before the call

people mad everywhere

people are still being paid ahead of us
Read More Link on Right

(At Exchange Apt.) Don’t question what needs to be done

just follow the rules and get it done asap…Follow the rules or lose out.  Period.

Needs to be done in orderly fashion

It is coming up

wants it to be done by Xmas

done by time the leave for vaca 12/13

not everyone in dc is happy about how this is happening


Tony answered mnt goat the way he did is this:

Our boards are being monitored

People are on the sites that are not who they say they are

Doesn’t understand people’s agenda when they post they way they do

Tony got call from an agency re: mnt goats post & his response

the site is monitored

We are being penalized for how the boards are, and how the bus loads of people are reacting

the sites are causing us to be delayed


IMF released it

UST is in charge of the release

everything is done….we are only waiting on the ust to release

There are a bunch of people in dc who haven’t gotten paid & they are p*****

the people paid were the ones in the meeting, their friends, families, friends of family

it was/is about who you know


IQN: 30+

VNN: 6+

ZWN: 0.22

IRN: 1.08

skr’s were paid at the rate they agreed to

double dipping is occurring and they will be tracked

and the double dippers will be dealt with down the road

Still looking for it today, this week

No truth to the 3 zero deadline, but doesn’t affect us

Doesn’t expect any one of to have dinar at Jan 1

will be done way before then

Tax deal:

not resolved yet

outside chance in this budget deal, may be the 10% tax rider

The RV hasn’t happened for the dealers until the CBI rate changes

The gov’t wants us to spend for xmas, and Tony expects this by end of week

before the gov’t goes home for vaca


DC thinks it can happen any minute, any time

people were told it was last night, that was our night and then nothing happened

Really high level people were told that this would be the day and then they find out it isn’t

The high level people were our allies and now our Allies are p***** off!!!

The shoot hit the fan, and were told get it done today

The gov’t purposefully wanted our exchange time to be small time

for us to get in and get out

The UST is the hold up.  Period.

It’s not one person, its one thing: us

They are worried about how we will react

by shortening the time frame we will follow directions better

and make the window smaller

only wants us at the bank once. Period

The RV is real…..It is going to happen

It is NOT a world wide conspiracy to disappoint or fool us and other countries

Shouldn’t question IF, but only WHEN

We are at the doorstep, we are in the week


Per DC Guy

Wants to have us done in 5-7 day timeline

If the gov’t didn’t want us to have it they would annulled 13303

Their intent is to control the crowds

The rates are holding steady, but have fluctuated, but steady

Doubtful CBI will reflect the higher rate

Tony is tired.  Wants this over and done

Parliament did not discuss the agreement with Iran and Algeria denies knowledge of step Prime Minister

Parliament did not discuss the agreement with Iran and Algeria denies knowledge of step Prime Minister

09-12-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

Baghdad / Wael grace

Confirmed deputies and an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to interview Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on "the application of the Algiers Convention of 1975" with Iran is to support his efforts to get the "third term", and have expressed surprise at the timing of raising the issue in crisis between the two countries for three decades, a few months before the elections, arguing that the delegation, which took him to Tehran, al-Maliki "partisan delegation" does not have the authority to talk about international agreements, as revealed to the Foreign Relations Committee, they did not discuss the Algiers Agreement for the duration of their work is not aware of the details of what al-Maliki announced in Tehran.

A government statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office in 5 of this month during the latter’s visit to Tehran and his meeting with President Rohani, that al-Maliki called for the formation of an Iraqi committee Iranian handles the process of solving the problems of border and the application of the Convention 1975 ", and welcomed the spiritual formation of the Committee.

He was President Jalal Talabani said in remarks in 2007, the Algiers Agreement signed between Baghdad and Tehran in 1975, and for determining the border between the two countries in the Shatt al-Arab "Cancelled", and added that the parties to the political process, who were the opposition during the regime of Saddam Hussein does not recognize this Convention, considered at the time the agreement as an agreement between Saddam and the Shah of Iran, not Iraq Iran.

The agreement was signed between Algeria Saddam Hussein, Iraqi Vice President at the time and the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, then under the supervision of Algerian President Houari Boumedienne.

The MP said the Liberal bloc and a member of the Legal Committee bright Naji said in an interview with the "long" that "the delegation who accompanied Maliki during his recent visit to Tehran, not including Foreign Minister or transportation, or any other specialists in the field of the conclusion of conventions and protocols," he said, adding that "al-Maliki Taking members of the Dawa Party and close to him to discuss a special file concerning "person."

"The prime minister’s bodyguards to Iran are the Minister of Youth and Sports, and Ali al-Moussawi, and MP Yassin Majeed, who are not interested in talking about the weight of strategic agreements Algiers Convention, which is the most sensitive for Iraq."

He said Naji said, "Maliki was carrying in his visit to Tehran file personally, so avoid that takes a minister or deputy from the Bloc or the other party," and did not rule out that the "choice of Maliki to talk about the Algiers agreement at this time, to expand its relationship with Iran and receiving support for a third term. "

So, said a former official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in an interview with the "long" that "fundamentally unlike between Iran and Iraq on the Algiers Convention, making successive governments in Iraq and the State Department Convention leaves aside during the previous ten years."

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, that "the work between Iraq and Iran depends on bilateral understandings, and there is a committee for land border demarcation has completed 90% of its business, and the rest are things controversial simple concerning the demarcation of the border in the mountainous areas," he "refused Foreign continuously talk Agreement for Algeria despite Iranian insistence on the application. "

In reference to the resolution of the sensitivity of the aspect of navigational lanes between the Shatt al-Arab and the Arabian Gulf.

She said to a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives Safiya al-Suhail, the "long" it "in four years did not address the Committee to discuss the Algiers Convention absolutely," asserting that "the Committee will discuss the issue after the end of the legislative recess."

The Suhail to the Foreign Relations Committee, is a member of a representative of the Committee for Foreign Policy Supreme headed by Nuri al-Maliki, and the representatives of the Foreign Affairs and Trade, transportation, and the committee did not discuss since activated "a year ago," the Algiers Convention, saying that "the Committee were not learning the subject of the Algiers Convention There are no signs or indications of the Convention or re-apply. "

So has not ruled out a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Zala Naftji that there will be political motives of the owners behind the talk of the Algiers Convention, said the "long" that "the Convention if passed they must get the approval of the House of Representatives," pointing out that the Algiers agreement is considered a strategic agreement It must pass through Parliament.

Denied Naftji aware of its application of the Algiers Convention, and stressed that they did not look at the Committee of the Convention over four years, and said that a political matter.

For his part, the former Governing Council member Wael Abdul Latif, in an interview for the "long" yesterday that "the Governing Council, headed by Jalal Talabani visited Tehran in 2004, and announced his refusal to apply the Algiers agreement."

He said Abdul Latif "The prime minister chose this time to talk about the Algiers Convention of the proximity of the election date, and to support his bid to get the third term," he said, adding that "the agreement signed in 1975 gave Iran a half" Shatt al-Arab, "a privilege not get Iran throughout history, surprising modern-Maliki at the end of its mandate agreement "in crisis" caused the perpetuation of war for eight years between the two countries.

According to Abdel-Latif said that "Iran has entered the 5 kilometers in depth Iraqi hand Shalamjah, and seized control of the joint oil fields, and you want to Khor al-Amaya, and half of the Shatt al-Arab, and the Government of Iraq want to entrench the privileges of Iran in the country", criticizing the modern al-Maliki on the Convention without reference to the Council of Cabinet and Parliament, reminding privileges Kuwaiti obtained recently from Iraq, wild spaces, and freedom, and the giant oil wells.