from Eagle Has Landed:Iraq representative to ring closing bell at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) today, Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 4pm EST.watch UN video beginning at 5:19 point for announcement!http://webtv.un.org/watch/daily-press-briefing-security-council-secretary-general-on-myanmar-maliunhcr-minusma-monusco-south-sudan-darfur-iraq-nyse-unesco/2562043579001


7-24-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Eagle1 [via Bluestar] Secret Service eye-witnessed Dr Shabibi signing the release of the rate and the date. Dr Shabibi transmitted the info to Ban Ki Moon at the UN. Eyewitnesses saw Ban Ki Moon signing off on the same paperwork and transmitted it to the director of Forex. Director of Forex was then given permission to push the button. Administration has numbers


GET:[ladysarah] Ghost … Ok all got a call few minutes ago telling me 3 am we are or may see movement i dont think it will happen then i think they are going to announce in the am bell ringing but who knows it would make sense to do it when cbi opens[brandonbjn] lgtennis how are you truley feeling about it this time haha ?[lgtennis] i am over the moonnnnnn[noah] lgtennis now is you excited?[

Iraqi government criticized over security failures

Poster’s Note: This is from a newspaper that bills itself as THE leading Arab newspaper… In the comments, I have tried to illustrate how this MIGHT be seen by one simply interested in the ME Sunni/Shia conflict.

Iraqi government criticized over security failures

Wednesday, 24 Jul, 2013

The attacks on two Iraqi prisons, freeing senior Al-Qaeda commanders, has put more pressure on Maliki’s government

Baghdad, Asharq Al-Awsat—The escape of top Al-Qaeda commanders from two Baghdad prisons on Sunday evening has raised fears of a renewed terrorist campaign, placing pressure on Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki and his government, which has so far remained quiet on the issue.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) organization (see footnote), which is affiliated to Al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the attacks on Abu Ghraib and Al-Taji prisons. A statement attributed to the organization and published on the Hanein jihadist website said the operation came in response to a call by the leader of the organization, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, to “conclude the ‘destruction of walls’ plan, which started a year ago, with a sophisticated attack.” The organization announced that “hundreds of Muslim detainees, among them some 500 of the best fighters ever born, were freed.”

A senior security official told French news agency AFP that “dark days awaited Iraq, because the escapees included top Al-Qaeda commanders and the operation was carried out to free a specific group.” He said “the seniors among them managed to escape,” adding that “the escapees will carry out revenge operations, most of which may be suicide attacks.”

Hakem Al-Zameli, member of the parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, told AFP that “most of those who escaped from Abu Ghraib prison were top Al-Qaeda commanders and were sentenced to death.” He added that “he expected the terrorists to go to Syria to reorganize and return to Iraq to carry out terror attacks against Iraqis.”

The Iraqi government has adopted a hands-off policy regarding the escalating violence, with senior officials and official media sources ignoring these incidents or downplaying their significance. Following this week’s attacks on the two prisons, only one official statement was issued, an announcement from the Interior Ministry saying it was pursuing the fugitives.

Another member of the parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Hassan Jihad, also a member of the Kurdistan Alliance Bloc, told Asharq Al-Awsat that “it was strange that Al-Qaeda announced its responsibility for the operation within 24 hours, and that it freed 500 prisoners—some of them leaders in the organization—while the authorities did not make a move, except pointing to a conspiracy involving some guards or the clashes between the army and the terrorists.”

Jihad said: “The government and its security services should have announced, clearly and transparently, the number of escapees to stop rumors where some people said 500 prisoners escaped, while others said 1,000. The announcement of the number by Al-Qaeda was disappointing when the government should have given the people the real number.”

He added: “Our information indicates that the number of escapees is the same as that announced on Monday and confirmed by Al-Qaeda on Tuesday.” Security sources have said 150 prisoners were killed in the attack on Al-Hout prison in Al-Taji.

In the meantime, the crisis management cell chaired by Nuri Al-Maliki, in his capacity as the commander of the Armed Forces, announced a blanket curfew in the Al-Taji, Abu Ghraib, Al-Tarmiyah and Al-Radwaniyah areas, which are predominantly Sunni, in order to pursue the fugitives. Following a meeting on Monday evening, the cell announced that there was evidence of collusion by some guards with the assailants.

Talal Al-Zawba’ai, Iraqi Alliance member of parliament for the areas included in the curfew, told Asharq Al-Awsat that “the policy of imposing a siege on unarmed people following every security failure has become a firm policy which punishes a specific constituent of society.”

He added that “pursuing terrorists is not conducted in this way, which only increases public resentment, because the siege has also included the disruption of water, transport and electricity services, and the siege of people in a way which stopped some reaching their own homes.”

Ammar Al-Hakim, leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) expressed surprise at the government’s silence at the repeated attacks on Iraqi prisons and the escape of hundreds of terrorists without providing any explanation. During a speech at a Ramadan evening event at his headquarters, Hakim said he had doubts whether there was a “clear and useful strategy to manage the security issue in Iraq effectively.”


From wikipedia: The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS; Arabic: الدولة الاسلامية في العراق والشامDawlat al-ʿIrāq al-ʾIslāmiyyah), was established as an umbrella organization of Iraqi insurgent groups on October 15, 2006 under the name of Islamic State of Iraq.[3][4] The group was composed of and supported by a variety of insurgent groups, including its predecessor organisation, the Mujahideen Shura Council, Al-Qaeda, Jeish al-Fatiheen, Jund al-Sahaba, Katbiyan Ansar Al-Tawhid wal Sunnah, Jeish al-Taiifa al-Mansoura, etc., and other clans whose population is of Sunni faith. It aimed to establish a caliphate in the Sunni dominated regions of Iraq.

Sub: Maliki’s comments about infrastructure smear his personal untrue

Sub: Maliki’s comments about infrastructure smear his personal untrue

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 14:31

[Baghdad where]
Said the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Jalal al-Saghir said the council keeping the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in its crisis and will continue to the end of its session, criticizing Maliki’s comments on the Law of the infrastructure and accused him of dropping the law, and several targeted personally.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a speech at a meeting with a number of specialists in political and economic affairs have been assaulted in some remarks on political parties.

He said little in a statement posted on its own "No Tech is the first time that speaks the prime minister on the law of infrastructure and exposed me directly Baltknyh sometimes and declare another character and a clear defamation and targeting Profile,

and you’ve chosen not to respond in order not to be a mere debates sufficient the conviction that history will reveal the mysteries of that and the fact backgrounds that lie behind this exposure and demonized, but what came in his speech on Tuesday with a gathering of economists and politicians who carried websites,

including the sites of the rule of law has convinced me that explained Aside from the fact this law. "

He added that "al-Maliki had returned the ball again, but the enclosure I boasted via satellite that I dropped the law in the House of Representatives because the interests of the Maliki government, however I actually dropped this law or caused it in 2008, but to talk about, I did so because law in the interest of the Maliki government is not true,

and you’re apart my brother Abu Isra be imagined like that, because this defamation personal lack of health first, and secondly because he read the intentions are not worthy to be sentenced on topics like this, and perhaps Mr. Prime Minister, transfer him I said so In my last channel in Baghdad in the morning meal politician,

quantum bad many in these days, and it was better for him to make sure before getting involved with such word especially an issue of the highest executive authority in the country, as the lowest revision to meet prove that falsely say and Avka " .

And "I find myself like this after many talk about this law compelled to clarify an aspect of the details of this law to let the experts and conscious affairs of the economy and services and the law should judge him or me, and then I will abide by any choice posed by such experts."

And he finished he was "on the day of parliamentary session, which was held for the purpose of the second reading of the law of the infrastructure which is read in which they are to discuss laws were surprised that it came to discussing the law with us is chairman of the investment by proxy, Mr. Sami al-Araji, he is not interested in borrowing originally, but the question is,

Minister Finance and Central Bank President and the two are not ابلاغهما to discuss the project, I do not know wrong was that? but equally uncertain that Sami al-Araji, is in charge of discussing the project with the House of Representatives, has not been assigned to other so!!

with his presence, chairman of the Foundation fangled proxy can not states the world and its companies have to deal with him in any way because usually States adopt the decisions of the government confirmed in its representation of Iraq and across the staff stable in terms of functionality, and the President of proxy Foundation boys will not be seen also seen as the Minister of Finance or the Central Bank president. "

And asked Ayad al-Samarrai to put my name on another list of discussants, and the number of users is 67 names added his last name Sabah al-Saadi, who insisted on talking after hearing the facts established by the hands of the Council, and it was a serial in the modern is the number 64, and the door of precision All spoke on the subject before me was a supporter!!

However, the council usually in matters of economic and fiscal listen to a few of the members who showed discourses sold in dealing with economic and financial issues remind them of Dr. Mehdi al-Hafez and Dr. Hamid Majid Mousa and calling, so my talk on the subject like this was expected, and newborn lasted for 23 minutes.

He said little that "talk first focus on why the government send a man is not the jurisdiction of him in matters of borrowing not send specialists in this matter, especially as we are talking about the amount of [$ 70 billion] Such amount has consequences and benefits, and then talked about the details of the project and concludes:

and I I accept the investment, but I refuse to borrow, Investing does not take from the Iraqi budget nothing while borrowing Anhecha years of protracted, and I accept that the foreign companies are implementing projects, I will not accept that depend contexts applicable in the ministries because we will enter again in the circle of Mafia corruption Almashashh which has I asked here,

Mr. al-Araji, the implementing agency said it will be the ministries and not companies!! I told him that we had already Molina ministries more than these numbers required in the law was not implemented 10% of the numbers you are talking here about, how can guarantee me that these numbers will be implemented? did not find answer!! ".

He said, "The law indicates that corporate lending Stptdo collect their loans with their benefits after five years of implementation of the project, which means that Iraq will start from the year 2013 to pay dues companies by 14 billion dollars a year is added to nearly $ 3 billion loan interest, which means that every year would incur budget by $ 17 billion loans only!!

If added to the religion of Kuwait and benefits other loans, we may face amount of U.S. $ 20 billion to be paid by the Treasury loans net!! which means that we sought during the past years in order to turn off the Iraqi debt doomed abject failure and get back to Mrbana the first, if not policy encourages new loans creditor nations of Iraq on more pressure in order to collect the debts remaining,

which amounts to the day in the Paris Club only about 40 billion out of 130 billion existed before to make Dr. Adel Abdel Mahdi effort to extinguish 80% of them and watched the Engineer Bayan, all that borrowing will go to the same ministries that have already received some of them several times the numbers required in the law,

such as electricity, for example, without that we find them any result, do we’ll charge Iraq this debt الباهضة and implementation mechanisms are still expresses spiral of failure and corruption?

He expressed little that "are greeted topic in the spirit of objectivity that you want to build a country, far away from the spirit of bickering political, I said explicitly in my channel in Baghdad that the Supreme Council Remember Maliki’s government during the crisis and will continue to the end of its current session,

which is interested in earnest in the perpetuation of the Coalition with the state law despite the breakthroughs that occurred, and the Supreme Council is serious to say, our policy is to build bridges not cut, and confidence-building is not destroyed, and we are reassured that our desire for this you will find resonate right, thank God first and foremost and prayers and peace be upon His Messenger and never


Maliki’s coalition: the chaotic and Altsagaitih statements against Prime Minister just bubbles [voice]

Maliki’s coalition: the chaotic and Altsagaitih statements against Prime Minister just bubbles [voice]

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 14:56

[Baghdad – where]

Description State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s recent statements against the "bubbles and political chaos."

The thrills Maliki’s comments, which launched on Monday, in which he criticized the Sadrists and some political blocs reactions criticizing him, accusing him of "trying to create a crisis to overcome the crisis of the escape of prisoners from the prisons of Abu Ghraib and coronary."

The MP said the law Ibrahim al-Rikabi told all of Iraq [where] that "this the chaotic and Altsagaitih statements have no basis or constants which are similar to the popular proverb [love and Ahadji and hate and Ahadji]."

He also described the stapes these statements "history Altsagaitih which is a political chaos neither sing nor feed hungry from just cries and bubbles."

"It was the duty of the launchers these statements and try to bring down one of the last to work on cooperation in the reconstruction of Iraq and the strengthening of the political process, democracy and address many of the facts negative obstruct the march of the country and we have to think about how to serve the people and how to build and reconstruct."

The MP for the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement Hussein Sharifi has accused Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the back of his criticism of the Mahdi Army that he is supporting the militias indicating saying during a press conference held parliament building today attended by the correspondent [where]

"It was rather the Prime Minister to clarify those behind escape of prisoners, and not to lay charges on the sides, and it was on Maliki not to forget the army mujahid [the Mahdi Army] that he had the upper hand in getting the occupation is to defeat terrorism, a sit-Maliki on the seat of government.
" He said

He said Sharifi told Maliki, "that you speak of militias that kill innocent people understand now Artamon in Ahoudankm, kill and extort people on your behalf, and you are aware of this, and say I do not know,"

pointing out that "the security situation has become a situation of dire and slumped dramatically, and the best proof is mass escape of senior al-Qaida leaders so that the number of escapees to more than 1,400 terrorist particular, a failure. " As described.

The spokesman said the Liberal bloc bright that "the events of the prisons of Abu Ghraib and coronary Maliki rendered his temper and took flops in his remarks and began searching for Chandler comment by mistakes and failures in the management of the country."

And the effects of repeated security breaches almost daily and the escape of prisoners incident reactions of political and popular angry فطالبت the political blocs in different directions to address the security file.

Maliki accused the, prisons guards "of collaboration with terrorists," and said that "the guards belong to the militia."

It called the National Dialogue Front, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq and on the lips of MP by Haider Mulla to "change-Maliki for failing to manage the security file" urged
the leader Moqtada al-Sadr in his statement to him yesterday

the House of Representatives to "call-Maliki and security leaders in Parliament to stand on the reasons for the incident, "and expressed fears that there will be a" deal and agreement process, "describing the escape incident as" the largest in the history of Iraq. "

The prisons Taji and Abu Ghraib may be exposed to more of an armed attack and testified several times to escape of the prisoners, in addition to foil several attempts. "Over 17.

http://www.alliraqnews.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=91486 :2013-07-24-11-09-23&catid=41:2011-04-08-17-27-21&Itemid=86

Liberal National Alliance has been demanding a meeting to discuss the dangerous conditions experienced by Iraq

24/07/2013 14:02
Liberal National Alliance has been demanding a meeting to discuss the dangerous conditions experienced by Iraq

Liberal bloc in Parliament: the Iraqi government has failed and became the government unresolved crises and most stuck

BAGHDAD / obelisk:
directed Ahrar bloc in Parliament, on Wednesday, a book in which he calls for the head of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari to hold a meeting of the components of the alliance to discuss the critical and dangerous conditions experienced by Iraq, while the Iraqi government described as "failed and government crises."

And dissemination of the head of the Liberal parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji, through his official social networking site Facebook, a formal letter addressed to the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari got "obelisk", a copy of that "given the circumstances of critical and dangerous experienced by our beloved Iraq and private security, including For the National Alliance to take the role and response ".

The Liberals demanded the head of the National Alliance through the book to "set a date close to the components of the alliance meeting and discuss the causes and develop solutions," asserting that "the components of the National Alliance had not met for nearly three months, despite all the challenges."

Regarding reactions to the book published on Page Prime bloc Bahaa al-Araji, said al-Araji, "The Iraqi government has failed and became the government crisis unresolved and most stuck and still efforts to resolve ongoing", past on to say that "Liberal has notes of many on the performance of this government, but we are determined to the establishment of the State of solid and strong institutions based on the spirit of citizenship. "

He was Vice-President of the Republic Khudair Khuzai Search, Wednesday, with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari and a number of leaders of the National Alliance developments in the security and political scene in the country and ways to activate the National Honor document put forward by the Presidency of the Republic.

It should be noted that Iraq is passing through the developments of security hazardous continued pace since the beginning of last May by targeting gatherings youth and popular cafes and places of worship, car bombs and explosive belts and explosive and incidents of the assassination of a number of officials and leaders of the blocks

in the provincial councils and the targeting security forces and was the last of these security developments exposure prisons Taji and Abu Ghraib on July 21 to the current storm by unknown gunmen, which resulted in the escape of hundreds of prisoners and killing a number of guards and reform the security forces





Ok, guys Frank’s just had some interesting info! Wow! He said that his broker told him they can no longer get dinars from Jordan!!!! That’s the back up when they can’t get them from CBI. Frank listed the border demarcation, tariff laws, all the laws being passed etc, but the dealer had another idea….he didn’t say it but he implied RV! Also, he talked about Ban Ki Moon having said something at