Bloodloch   …the CBI absolutely CAN launch the VLD (very low denominations) without any further preparation other than printing them and explaining to the Iraqi citizens about their characteristics. No long and slow climb needed, since purchasing power should remain a constant, or even enticingly favorable to Iraqis in their daily lives.The underlying support for turning 44 trillion into 44


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)The  Alliance is now rumored to be holding briefings on one last and massive operation to liberate the planet from the Cabal.This operation includes both the military and


KTFA:Iobey777:  Upon contemplating the article brought in by Walkingstick last evening at the end of the CC regarding the communication between Iraqi and USA banks in 2017, Link   I just got the feeling or “idea” in my mind that since they have been working on this since 2017, perhaps it is completed by now and just needs to be REVEALED!!??? Could this be the 17 that needs to be revealed? 

Relationship: 88 billion size of the devastation ISIS

Relationship: 88 billion size of the devastation ISIS

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-Cabinet Secretary General Mehdi relationship, Tuesday, that the value of the devastation caused by the terrorist organization of ISIS up to 88 billion dollars, said at a press conference relations of the American Chamber of Commerce meeting in Baghdad,

the State managed to return 70% of the displaced and seeking To restore them, remaining there less than one million and 400 thousand remain displaced people ", stating that" the value of devastation organize terrorist ISIS reach 88 billion dollars.

"he explained that" economic sector development resolutions to protect local almettg for 80 product, adding to efforts to lift the ban on Iraqi aircraft and aviation authority separation.

"he noted that" seek to increase production of electricity and the adoption of smart meters for transparent collection and interest in clean energy, "indicating that" the Government has worked to connect 90 percent of e-business infrastructure, as well as linking Cabinet with all ministries and State Council ".…-%D8%AE%D9%84/

Parliamentary Integrity confirms its intention to open large and important files of corruption

Parliamentary Integrity confirms its intention to open large and important files of corruption

Baghdad / .. The Parliamentary
Integrity Committee, on Tuesday, its intention to open files of corruption large and important, away from any political pressures or other.

"The Parliamentary Integrity Committee is determined to open large and important corruption files that have led to waste of public money and caused damage to all parts of the state," said committee member Abdul Amir al-Mayahi.

"There is no veto or red line for every official or accused of various corruption cases, whether the file is large or small," al-Mayahi said.

It is noteworthy that the financial and administrative corruption spread in Iraq significantly, as Transparency International classified it as one of the most corrupt countries in the world,

but the Iraqi government often criticized the reports of the Organization on corruption and considered inaccurate and based on information received through local and foreign companies failed to implement Service projects in Iraq

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 10, 2018

Compiled 10 Dec. 12:01 am EST by Judy ByingtonBelow is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.I would like to extend a special Thank You to Martha


Throughout this ordeal of the impending GCR/RV/Bond Redemption, a massive amount of information has been disclosed by means of historical events, rumors, influential contacts and relationships, bloggers, and whatever other sources that have been deemed or identified as “Bona-fide” information.The components related to our assimilation of this information are things like the original source and

“Iraq is Now able to RI/RV” by TJ

Entry Submitted by TJ at 10:54 AM EST on December 10, 2018I get the feeling that what happened for Iraq on the weekend was not fully appreciated by all.As of Saturday 8th December, Iraq had a legal government in place and was offered and accepted Sovereign status, and therefore became able to accept ownership of the nation’s in-ground assets that had previously been taken from them by the

Germany gives another EUR 22m for Stabilization in Iraq

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contributed an additional EUR 22 million to the UNDP Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS), which finances fast-track initiatives in areas of Iraq liberated from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). This brings the Ministry’s contribution to EUR 80.2 million and the total support from the Government of Germany to EUR 209.9 million.

Acting UNDP Resident Representative for Iraq, Mr. Gerardo Noto, said:

“Enormous progress continues to be made across the liberated areas of Iraq, with seventy percent of those who were displaced during the conflict now returned home. UNDP deeply appreciates the timely funding provided by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and while there remains a great deal of work to do, this generous contribution will help re-establish public services and rebuild social cohesion in the most vulnerable areas.”

The German Ambassador to Iraq, H.E. Dr. Cyrill Nunn, said:

“Germany continues to support Iraq’s stabilization efforts to shore up the progress made to date. As we look to the new Government to step forward to take increasing ownership of stabilisation and more long term development efforts, we will remain a committed partner for the people of Iraq and a strong supporter of the efforts of the United Nations.”

In addition to its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Germany also contributes to FFS through its Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development implemented by KfW, the German development bank.

At the request of the Government of Iraq, UNDP established the FFS in June 2015 to facilitate the return of displaced Iraqis, lay the groundwork for reconstruction and recovery, and safeguard against the resurgence of violence and extremism.

The Facility has a portfolio of over 3,000 projects – half of which are already completed – in the provinces of Ninewah, Anbar, Salah Al-Din, Diyala and Kirkuk.

The FFS repairs essential public infrastructure such as electricity, water and sewage system grids. It rebuilds schools, health centres and homes, and provides people with short-term employment through public works schemes in areas directly impacted by ISIL.

This investment in critical services sets the stage for recovery and resilience work, as well as longer-term reconstruction and development activities. Over 95 percent of all stabilization projects are carried out by local private sector companies, providing a key source of employment for local people.

(Source: UN)