Iraq Stock Market Report

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Rabee Securities Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) market report (week ending: 18th October 2018).

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The RSISX index ended the week at IQD634 (-3.8%) / $678 (-3.8%) (weekly change) (-21.6% and -18.9% YTD change, respectively). The number of week traded shares was 148.2 bn and the weekly trading volume was IQD55.5 bn ($45.7 mn).

ISX Company Announcements

  • Mosul Bank (BMFI) held an AGM* on Oct. 18, 2018 to discuss and approve 2017 annual financial results. ISX suspended trading of BMFI starting Oct. 15, 2018.
  • Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank (BIME) resumed trading on Oct. 15, 2018 due to disclosing 2017 annual financial results.
  • ISX requested AL-Sadeer Hotel (HSAD) to provide a subscription letter on the shares issued on Oct. 15, 2018 after the company’s decision to increase capital from IQD1.239 bn to IQD1.735 bn through 40% rights issue.
  • The Companies’ Registrar announced on Oct. 9, 2018 that the transfer process of the management center of Cihan Bank for Islamic & Finance (BCIH) from Baghdad to Erbil has been completed. The Companies’ Registrar requested a copy of the new adjusted contract.
  • Cross Transactions: 145.9 bn shares of Zain Al-Iraq Islamic Bank for Investment (BZII) (on Oct. 15 and Oct. 18, 2018) which represent 58.2% of BZII capital. 300 mn shares of Iraqi Agricultural Products Marketing Meat (AIPM) (on Oct. 17, 2018) which represents 6% of AIPM capital.

New Career Opportunities in Iraq

By John Lee.

The United Nations has advertised new positions in Iraq:

(Source: UN)

(Picture: Finger pressing a new career start button, from Olivier Le Moal/Shutterstock)

New Career Opportunities in Iraqi Kurdistan

By John Lee.

The United Nations has advertised new positions in Iraqi Kurdistan:

(Source: UN)

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Abadi responds to Abdul Mahdi .. I will not retire and I will return to Parliament strongly to face the quota

Abadi responds to Abdul Mahdi .. I will not retire and I will return to Parliament strongly to face the quota


Sumer News:

As if the statement of the Prime Minister in charge of forming the new Iraqi government, Adel Abdul Mahdi, to give orders to his counterpart to conduct the work Haider Abadi not to approve any decisions or instructions to any of the ministries or else there is punishment for those who violate these instructions, has sparked anger within Abadi


Which was evident in his statement, which came less than two hours after the statement of Abdul Mahdi on Thursday night, 18 October 2018.

Speaking in his capacity as chairman of the Al-Nasr coalition, Abbadi said he would not retire from politics and would re-produce the victory coalition as a pan-Arab project


Abadi revealed his future plans, apparently after being sure to remove him from an executive position he might have wished, especially as he realized that the political blocs gave Abdul Mahdi to approve the formation of his cabinet, so that there is no hope of using Abadi


Abadi said that the next option and the basis that will be adopted is the parliamentary prosecution with the victory bloc, in addition to the political body outside the House of Representatives to lead the project of the comprehensive victory, which works to create the third force that express the class that does not find itself ethnic sectarian blocs

and also segments of the middle class and cultural and civil, Here sends messages of anger to these blocks, which failed and refused to continue at the head of the government, despite what he sees from the victory in the war on the duel


The head of the caretaker government pointed out that the victory coalition did not demand any ministerial position in the next line, but revealed that it may be offered to the sites in the equation of the next ruling, and that if found that a site serves his project and strengthens his position

and the impact of his coalition does not cause them to load projections and contradictions and consequences of what is happening, He will accept it with emphasis on his rejection of what he described as "abhorrent quotas

The US Treasury is imposing sanctions on an Iraqi money transfer company

The US Treasury is imposing sanctions on an Iraqi money transfer company

Secrets of MediaThe US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on an Iraqi money transfer company accused of providing financial support for the organization.
"The company is part of a complex network of institutions including financial services providers, remittances and others in the Middle East," the ministry said in a statement on October 19, 2018.
"We are targeting this network in agreement with the Ministry of Defense to eliminate the possibility of money laundering and the transfer of illegal funds," said Assistant Treasury Secretary in charge of counterterrorism Sigal Mandelker.
The move comes after a Pentagon decision on October 11 aimed at a financial group that supports Dahesh.
The Treasury Department said the steps were part of a broader US effort to target a network of financial services firms that would be able to launch operations in the Middle East.
Last September, the Treasury Department took action against providers of financial facilities linked to the Caribbean and the Middle East, and the Ministry took action against a money exchange group in Syria in December 2016.
The company, dubbed Dubai Horizons, is based in Iraq and has no branch in the UAE, as the name suggests, and has been classified as a "terrorist" entity, according to a US Treasury Department statement.…4%D8%B1%D9%83/


Greetings all. I noticed Ron had mentioned in last post that no phasing out etc of the AA series ZIM some of us hold. I have read different opinions on the different series over my journey here. So I have both AA and AB ZIM and different years of issue. and just want some clarity on what if any will not be accepted. Thanks Bren
Bren, I have heard that all denominations of Zim will be


GCR/RV HighlightsTuesday Afternoon:SUMMARY: Sources say that it is time to switch to the next phase of the GCR, which is the exchange itself. We expect funding this week, still.PHILIP TILTON says that POTUS has announced that the UST/N will be gold backed as of midnight last night. No confirmation of his report can be found.Bruce on the BIG Call: We are coming up on it. I would say the intention


Article: “OPEC Secretary General calls on oil producing countries to increase production” It was not too long ago that the “Oil and Petroleum Exporting Countries” came to an agreement (unanimous, if I recall correctly) to work together on regulating the production of oil, as a sort of “emergency” measure to keep the markets under control in some uncertain times. They all agreed to control their