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Abadi to Maasoum: We reject the referendum and the dialogue door is open

Abadi to Maasoum: We reject the referendum and the dialogue door is open

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday that the position of rejecting the referendum in Kurdistan is "fixed because of its unconstitutionality." He pointed out that any unilateral action is "unacceptable", pointing out that the door of dialogue is "open."

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi received in his office today President Fuad Masum, "The meeting witnessed the praise of the victories achieved by the heroic Iraqi forces in western Anbar, the latest of which is liberation operations and the start of the first phase of the liberation of Hawija Which achieved impressive results in its first day. "

"The priority is to fight against gangs that support terrorism, liberate Iraqi lands, return displaced people and the importance of not raising any problems that hinder the advance of our heroic forces," he said.

"The whole world stands with us in the unity of Iraq, its sovereignty and its war against terrorism," Abadi said. "Our position is firm and includes rejection of the referendum in the Kurdistan region because of its unconstitutionality, the preservation of a unified Iraq and the continuation of dialogue to resolve the outstanding issues within the framework of the constitution."

He stressed that the Prime Minister, "any unilateral action is rejected," pointing out that "the door of dialogue is open according to the Constitution and one Iraq". 8%A1-%D9%88%D8%A8%D8%A7%D8%A8-%D8%A7%D9%84/

Turkish agency reveals a US plan to “liquidate” Barzani

Turkish agency reveals a US plan to "liquidate" Barzani

A Turkish agency revealed a US plan to "liquidate" the outgoing Kurdistan region president Massoud Barzani after the positions of the US administration of the referendum, while noting that Washington did not abandon the idea of ​​establishing a Kurdish state in northern Iraq.

"The decision of the referendum meant for Barzani the restoration of the lost prestige, but the process is fraught with danger," the Turkish news agency Turkbis said in an article published by Taha Dagli. "Barzani has embarked on his path with the support of the United States, Britain and Israel. Referendum date we saw that the United States gave up Barzani, leaving him alone in the middle of the road.

The writer wondered in his article, "Is Washington’s opposition to the referendum to this extent stems from its concern for the unity of Iraqi soil? If so, why did Barzani push this route in May? ", Noting that" it is clear that the United States has a different recipe for northern Iraq. "

Dagli continued, saying that "Washington is considering the liquidation of Barzani, the latter positions can be considered campaigns aimed at completing the liquidation process," noting that "America pushed Barzani to ignite the referendum, and the goal of abandoning it now is completely removed."

The Turkish writer that "Washington has not abandoned the idea of ​​establishing a state in northern Iraq, and will implement, but will hand over this country to the PKK and not Barzani," noting that "it will not be surprising to cancel or postpone the referendum, but this does not mean that the American project on Kurdistan is over.

An unprecedented chest attack on Barzani: He must be tried and put his money

An unprecedented chest attack on Barzani: He must be tried and put his money

MP on the Liberal bloc of the Sadrist movement Zeinab Sahlani, on Thursday, the government to the trial of the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani on charges of administrative and financial corruption and the seizure of his "stolen" money from the Kurdish people, noting that the Iraqi law allows accountability of all without exception.

Sahlani said in a statement that "the federal government to put the hand on the money transferred to Barzani movable and immovable money stolen from the Kurdish people and the Iraqi."

"Barzani is accused of stealing public funds from oil, which is a national wealth for all Iraqis according to the Constitution and the government is held accountable with his supporters on charges of financial and administrative corruption."

The Sahlani, the first deputy in the Sadr movement to make such positions against Barzani, that "the separatism of Barzani aims to establish a Kurdish state with a family ruling based on inheritance for the theft of wealth and not to achieve the Kurdish interest. 9%8A-%D9%8A%D8%AC%D8%A8-%D9%85/

Abadi: We are in the final stages of liberating the entire land

Abadi: We are in the final stages of liberating the entire land


He oversaw plans for the liberation of East Tigris and western Kirkuk and Hawija
Baghdad / Sabah
The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Haidar al-Abadi, inspected the military units in the Shilla area at the line of fire heading towards Sahel
Al Sharqat left.

"Abadi held a meeting with the military leaders of the 9th Armored Division and other leaders to discuss the security preparations for the liberation of the remaining areas," a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said.

"We are in the final stages of liberating the entire territory and securing the borders," Abbadi said, noting that the victories of our heroes on the daisy weakened him everywhere and he lost his ability to rally and resorted to his cowardly manner of hitting civilians when he targeted them on the highway between Dhi Qar and Muthanna.

The Prime Minister pointed out that "we defend our citizens and all components regardless of their affiliations, and we assured our forces the importance of protecting civilians and their property, in addition to our keenness to protect our heroic fighters .

"Abadi arrived yesterday to Makhmour to supervise the deployment of forces and plans to clean up the areas of East Tigris and western Kirkuk and Hawija," noting that "the commander-in-chief of the armed forces lose the military units at the line of resistance towards the left coast of Sharqat."

Jubouri: It is time to restore national unity and unite the word

Jubouri: It is time to restore national unity and unite the word


During the celebration of the "Day of World Peace" in the House of Representatives
Baghdad / morning
The Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim Al-Jubouri stressed the heavy responsibility placed on intellectuals and decision-makers and their role in awareness and enlightenment.

He said that some parties wasted the energies of the people on imaginary issues, noting that it was time to discuss how to return the meat

Al-Jubouri said during a speech at the World Peace Day, which was held in the House of Representatives on Wednesday: "We emphasize the heavy responsibility placed on the thinkers and decision makers, and their role in awareness and enlightenment, the situation in hot countries and under the fires of conflicts," adding that «

"What brings together the countries of the world today more than they differentiate them is strongly united against terrorism, ignorance and disease, which is integrated within the framework set by the international organization and human rights charters."

Al-Jubouri added that "the reality of violence and tampering with the security of civilians in many countries that stand in the face of terrorism and make matters even worse is that the deteriorating political situation is an obstacle to achieving security and stability."

He explained that "some irresponsible and influential parties waste the energies of people in imaginary cases , And artificial disputes fueling division and separation, "pointing out that" integration has become an urgent necessity, but in light of the increasing challenges faced by the world, this subject should be dealt with a new realistic perspective.

The President of the House of Representatives pointed out that "Iraq is now at the crossroads of development and security challenges and urgent popular aspirations for more rights, freedoms, human dignity and social justice.

"The parliament and its commitment to the need for solidarity will always be open to all positive initiatives in the belief of the inevitability of the common destiny and the common denominators between the sons of the same homeland."

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Salim al-Jubouri, the commander of the Tigris operations, received Lieutenant General Mizher al-Azzawi, and said in a press statement that " Stability and protection of citizens », and stressed the President of the House of Representatives«

the importance of reducing the security breaches that are exposed to the province of Diyala and the rest of the Iraqi cities », pointing out that« citizen security is one of the priorities of local governments and security services, which calls for vigilance and vigilance from all The court put security plans and activate the intelligence effort to curb violations or
recurrence. »

Jaafari participates in the work of the UN General Assembly

Jaafari participates in the work of the UN General Assembly


arrived foreign minister, Ibrahim al – Jaafari, to New York, to attend the session of the 72 General Assembly of the United Nations, and to represent Iraq in a number of meetings held on the sidelines of the session.

"Al-Jaafari arrived in New York to represent Iraq at the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly," a statement from the ministry said. "Jaafari is expected to meet with foreign ministers and officials from a number of countries in the world to discuss bilateral relations. ,

And to strengthen them, and mobilize efforts to continue to stand by Iraq, and contribute to the reconstruction of the infrastructure of Iraqi cities. "

The United Nations refuses to hold a referendum on the secession of the Kurdistan region of Iraq

The United Nations refuses to hold a referendum on the secession of the Kurdistan region of Iraq

The United Nations refuses to hold a referendum on the secession of the Kurdistan region of Iraq

The United Nations announced its refusal to hold a referendum on the secession of the Kurdistan region of Iraq before the elimination of the gangs "da’ash" terrorist and the return of displaced people to the places of residence they were displaced.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Stephane Dujarric, stressed that the Secretary-General does not support the holding of the referendum in Kurdistan at this time and before the elimination of "fully" appealed and the return of about two million displaced to their areas.

The Secretary-General believes that this timing is frustrating to announce the holding of the referendum; Iraq is going through a difficult and critical stage, calling both Baghdad and Erbil to engage in constructive dialogue and effective at this time to resolve the outstanding issues between them.

Maliki’s policy describes Kurdistan as “Israel again” and threatens: we will not allow it

Maliki’s policy describes Kurdistan as "Israel again" and threatens: we will not allow it

The vice president and leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, on Sunday, said the Kurdish state in northern Iraq would be a "second Israel," stressing that they would not allow it.

Maliki’s speech came during a meeting with US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman, according to a statement by his office, which was seen by Shafak News."Maliki said, according to the statement," the need to cancel the referendum or postponed because it is unconstitutional and is not in the interest of the Iraqi people in general and not for the benefit of the Kurds in particular, "threatening" we will not allow the establishment of Israel again in northern Iraq.

"He warned of "the serious repercussions that will result from this (referendum) on the security, sovereignty and unity of Iraq," calling for "follow the language of serious dialogue to resolve all problems in accordance with the Constitution voted by all.

"Maliki called on the leaders of the region to "respect the desire of the Iraqi people rejecting the referendum as well as the positions of the international community, which came in line with popular and national aspirations.

"Maliki, known for his close ties to Iran, headed the Iraqi government for eight years before the current session, as his relationship with Kurds and Sunni Arabs deteriorated because of accusations that he pursued sectarian politics and individual decisions.

The region’s leaders say they will press ahead with the referendum despite domestic and international demands to delay it and signal Baghdad using military force.

The region says it is no longer possible to continue to partner with Baghdad as a result of Iraqi officials’ lack of commitment to their promises and constitutional provisions, particularly with regard to settling disputes over areas of conflict.

Finance: Budget 2018 secured the salaries of all employees and retirees

Finance: Budget 2018 secured the salaries of all employees and retirees


The Ministry of Finance confirmed that the budget next year 2018 provides salaries of state employees and social protection and retirees and ration card and the maintenance of security, defense and health requirements.

The Inspector General of the Ministry, Maher al-Bayati, said in an interview with «morning», that «the ministry took on the responsibility to provide the amounts allocated to salaries of employees and retirees and employees of state institutions in addition to the salaries of social protection and the requirements of security, defense and health».

Al Bayati added that «Prime Minister Haider Abadi stressed, during his meeting with the advanced owners of the Ministry on the draft bill of the budget in 2018, the need for accurate review and to achieve more pressure on the operational expenses of the three presidencies and ministries and non-associated with the Ministry and the minimum to ensure the insurance of basic expenses, All employees in the state and retirees, as well as securing funds for the ration card and social protection and security and defense requirements ».

Al-Bayati said that «the Prime Minister stressed during the meeting, the need to secure Iraq’s international and national obligations and to pay the dues of loans and continue to secure the receivables of the contractors also focused on maximizing non-oil revenues through activating various activities and increase productivity and emphasis on activating the private sector so that he can perform his role to increase Production and revitalization of the economy ».

On the supplementary budget for the current year 2017, al-Bayati pointed out that the House of Representatives voted after it was approved by the Council of Ministers and became effective after it was published in the Iraqi fact sheet.

Maliki plans to issue a parliamentary resolution to pursue the funds of Barzani and the governor of Kirkuk

Maliki plans to issue a parliamentary resolution to pursue the funds of Barzani and the governor of Kirkuk

A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Abdul Salam al-Maliki, Saturday, his intention to collect signatures to issue a resolution obliging the government to approach embassies and international banking bodies to recognize the money of the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani and provincial government President Nizrvan Barzani and Kirkuk Governor Necmettin Karim, and put a hand.

Maliki said, "We intend to collect signatures in parliament today to submit to the presidency of the Council in order to issue a binding decision of the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to pursue the funds of Massoud Barzani, Najran Barzani and Najmuddin Karim,"

noting that "the text of the resolution includes an official letter from the House of Representatives to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the embassies and international bodies Banking to inform Iraq about the funds of the three personalities in order to put a hand on it, "according to Alsumaria News.

Maliki said that "the three personalities have large funds outside the country and these amounts represent tattered resources of the people for deals and smuggling of Iraqi oil from the province and the province of Kirkuk over the previous period,"

pointing out that "the draft resolution will include the central bank’s demand to audit all remittances issued by Erbil And the follow-up of funds because of suspicions that some of them went to finance terrorist groups and order the country and the purchase of weapons of unknown origin and purpose.

Maliki said that "the House of Representatives in front of legal obligation and moral responsibility to pass this resolution and vote to defend the rights of the Iraqi people in general and Kurdistan in particular," blaming all domestic and foreign banks "responsibility to deal with these three characters that have been imposed on Iraq and its people since 2005 until today.

The Kurdistan region’s relationship with the federal government is strained as a result of the determination of the Kurdistan region President Massoud Barzani, September 25, a date for the referendum of the citizens of the region on the separation from Iraq and the establishment of an independent Kurdish state,

while this issue is categorically rejected by all the poles of the federal government, especially the international community, Iraqi decision to reject the referendum, and the removal of Kirkuk Governor Najmuddin Karim.