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Iraqi parliament enters the Guinness Book of “failure” .. 135 days “without legislation” no law!

Iraqi parliament enters the Guinness Book of "failure" .. 135 days "without legislation" no law!

Any political or non-political race in the achievement of an achievement, calculated within the period of assuming any responsibility .. The Iraqi parliament racing with the failed governments to break the record of failure in political performance and entry into the Guinness Book of Guinness, if we argued that there is a standard in this encyclopedia Measured by government failure.

The parliament is still standing in front of the legislation of the laws under its dome, 135 days after the formation of the current parliament, and the passage of four months to perform his deputies to the constitutional right, as he did not pass any law, throughout this period, knowing that early this month was due to end of life Constitutional provisions of the first legislative term.

The official website of the Iraqi Council of Representatives shows that the parliament held 26 meetings during the past four months, while the legislative laws section is free of any law, while the laws section of the legislation show the existence of 6 projects, the most prominent of which is the draft law of the budget of 2019.

Observers believe that the delay in the formation of the Iraqi government, and the continuing disagreement between the parliamentary blocs on ministerial portfolios, led to the delay of Parliament in the adoption of important laws, which relate to the lives of Iraqis, notably the budget.

The House of Representatives holds two meetings each week to discuss the agenda, which is placed by the Presidency of the Parliament, while postponing many of the meetings not to achieve a quorum due to political conflicts, the ministerial posts.

Abdul Mahdi: Every corruption will be targeted

Abdul Mahdi: Every corruption will be targeted

, said Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi , presided over the second meeting of the Supreme Council for the new anti – corruption headquarters in the Iraqi High Criminal Court on Wednesday that all the process of corruption will be targeted.

Said Abdul – Mahdi said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, after the meeting, "We congratulate the Office of Financial Supervision effort by issuing his latest report, which showed significant differences in the disbursement of pensions which confirms the positive role of the institutions of oversight and the need to support , " stressing that "all the process of corruption will be targeted "He said.

He added that "the role of the Council is the process of high-level coordination among the regulatory bodies as a whole and focus their efforts in one direction," pointing out that "the goal of the restructuring of the Supreme Council to combat corruption is to enable him to take deterrent measures and work to provide support Financial and security and legislative process to combat corruption and accelerate. "…D9%81%D8%A9/ar

Parliamentary Finance intends to reduce the sale of hard currency and open the auction file

Parliamentary Finance intends to reduce the sale of hard currency and open the auction file

, a source in the parliamentary Finance Committee, on Thursday, the Commission ‘s intention to open an auction sale currency file, while noting that it would take several measures to reduce the sale of hard currency.

The source said in an interview for Alsumaria News, "The Finance Committee will work in the next few days to open the file auction currency in order to codify the waste in the sale of hard currency, which is the Central Bank,"

noting that "it is unfair that the bank sold more than 300 million Dollars per day without reflecting on the services and imports of customs and taxes to maintain the exchange rate. "

The source, who asked not to be named, said that "this caused great damage to the Iraqi economy and its inputs through which are compensated state budgets,"

noting that "the Finance Committee is taking urgent measures to reduce the sale of the Central Bank of hard currency amounting to about 100 million dollars Daily instead of $ 300 million a day through strict control to reduce waste of public money. "

It is noteworthy that the Central Bank is conducting daily meetings to buy and sell foreign currencies, except public holidays, which stops the bank from these auctions.…D8%B9%D8%A8/ar

Parliamentary finance announces the hosting of most of the officials of the ministries before the adoption of the budget

Parliamentary finance announces the hosting of most of the officials of the ministries before the adoption of the budget

Baghdad: Sumer News
The parliamentary Finance Committee decided on Tuesday to host most of the officials of ministries, bodies and presidencies to discuss their budgets by a series of meetings before the budget is submitted to vote, indicating that the price of oil is still fixed at $ 56 a barrel.

"The Finance Committee held a meeting today to discuss the budget and proposed amendments to it," Committee member Siham al-Aqili said in an interview.

She added that "the Committee decided to host the majority of officials of the ministries of state and bodies and presidencies to discuss budgets by two ministries at each meeting," noting that "today’s meeting hosted the Minister of Culture to discuss the allocations and budget of the ministry and make the required adjustments."

"Future meetings will witness the hosting of officials of the Ministries of Interior, Defense, Electricity, Oil, Trade and Transport, the Information and Communications Commission, the presidency of the Republic and ministers."

"The price of a barrel of oil in the budget of 2019 is still fixed at $ 56 and 12% share of the region," noting that the Committee is still considering the proposals submitted by members and blocks amendments made.

The Iraqi parliament is failing to complete the government lineup

The Iraqi parliament is failing to complete the government lineup

BAGHDAD, Jan. 8 (Petra) – The Iraqi parliament on Tuesday failed to vote on the remaining ministers of the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi.

The deputy in the Iraqi parliament, Ahmed al-Shammari: The presidency of the parliament adjourned the meeting to Thursday, without reasons.

He said the parliament session had been postponed for two weeks.

It was scheduled to be resolved the rest of the remaining ministries; defense, interior, justice, education, but the decision to lift the meeting prevented it, considering that the postponement failed to parliament for not completing the government lineup.

Al-Shammari attributed the reasons for lifting the meeting because there is no agreement between the blocs on the choice of ministers, specifically the Ministries of Defense and Interior.

Abadi discussed with the US ambassador the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq

Abadi discussed with the US ambassador the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Former Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday he had discussed with US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Seleman the start of a partial withdrawal of foreign forces from the country.

A statement issued by the office of Abadi said that "the start of the implementation of the reduction of the number of foreign troops in Iraq, according to the plan set by the previous government for this purpose after the elimination of an advocate."

There was no official statement from the Iraqi government regarding Abadi’s talk with Suleiman, especially that it comes days after US President Donald Trump’s visit to Iraq, in which he stressed that there was no intention of the United States to withdraw its troops from the country.

How much was the fiscal deficit in Iraq’s budget for 2019?

How much was the fiscal deficit in Iraq’s budget for 2019?


An increase in the rate of deficit and severe problems in the volume of revenues and transfers and allocations, as confirmed by the Finance Committee parliamentary balance of the two thousand and nineteen.

The member of the Committee Ahmed Al-Saffar that the balance of the year two thousand and nineteen has seen an increase in the fiscal deficit of twenty-six trillion dinars to twenty-seven trillion dinars,

noting that the government did not take all the proposals of the Commission in relation to the points supposed to be amended in the draft financial budget for the next year .

Al-Saffar also said that the draft budget law did not take into account the current situation of Iraq, problems in the liberated provinces, and the relationship between the governments of the center and the region, stressing that the parliamentary finance committee will have an opinion on the draft budget in its current form.

On the other hand, the member of the Finance Parliament Mohammed al-Darraji said that the budget law is very far from the approach of the government of Abdul-Mahdi, pointing out that the final accounts of previous governments did not reach Parliament until the moment and the new government to claim them.

Darraji added that the debts of Iraq exceeded 100 billion dollars in recent years and the central bank to support the budget through treasury bonds and raise the price of the dollar.

As for the problem related to the share of Kurdistan in the budget, a member of the Finance Committee on the mass of the Kurdistan Islamic Group, Ahmed Hama Rashid, the governments of Baghdad and Erbil to comply with all items of the federal budget regarding the share of the region of the budget and the payment of the obligations of the export of oil, Citizens or their living resources.

The Parliamentary Finance Committee hinted at the re-amendment of the federal budget allocations for the year two thousand and nineteen again to the government, because of the failure of the governmental committee to respond to most of its observations and suggestions of deputies.…D8%A7%D9%85/ar

Basra Council: We have 31 trillion dinars fed by the federal government in Baghdad

Basra Council: We have 31 trillion dinars fed by the federal government in Baghdad

The Basra Provincial Council announced on Tuesday the size of its dues paid by the federal government, pointing out that it exceeds 31 trillion dinars has not acted for the province since 2010 until now.

Council member Ahmed Abdul Hussein said in a statement to the "Information", "The Council of Basra has dues from the petrodollar up to 20 trillion dinars has not been received from the federal government in Baghdad since 2010 and until now,

" pointing out that "there are receivables estimated at 11 trillion Dinars of the border crossing funds that were not given by the previous government to Basra. "

He added that "the political conflict and the poor representatives of the people pushed the government in Baghdad not to spend those funds to Basra," noting that "these funds can solve all the problems in the province and completion of projects, as well as the possibility of reducing the spread of unemployment graduates in the province."

The Basra provincial council has attributed, on Monday, the return of protest rallies and peaceful demonstration in a number of areas of the province to the failure of the federal government to complete the stalled projects and provide services to citizens,

while the governments of Abadi and Adel Abdul Mahdi did not fulfill their promises to allocate ten thousand degrees of career for graduates of the province.…0%D9%85%D8%A9/

Abdul-Mahdi: Corruption shake the image of the state and we will consider him an enemy like an advocate

Abdul-Mahdi: Corruption shake the image of the state and we will consider him an enemy like an advocate

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said that the aim of restructuring the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption is to enable it to take deterrent measures and unify the efforts of the regulatory bodies in the context of a new work capable of confronting any party or person whatever its location and act as a state in the detection Corruption and the protection of society, citizens and public money alike. "

"The head of the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption held the first session of the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption, which was held today, in the presence of the heads of the public prosecution, the judicial supervision authority, the Financial Supervision Bureau and the Integrity Commission, the Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior and a number of advisers," the statement said.

He added that "this measure comes in implementation of what we pledged in our government platform, which was approved by the House of Representatives and became the duty of implementation, and in the face of it must enjoy the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption sufficient administrative and legal powers to control the file of corruption and knowledge of its citizens and shortcomings in follow-up,

In order to achieve clear outputs and prevent the severe damage that has become a shake of the image of the state and society and the reputation of citizens in general, and must put an end to this decline and consider corruption as an enemy such as a terrorist gang.

The Supreme Council for Anti-Corruption discussed mechanisms of action and agreement on the timing of the start of proceedings in accordance with the new contexts

Iraq and the American return .. Re-invasion or the arrangement of papers?

Iraq and the American return .. Re-invasion or the arrangement of papers?

Is currently being discussed in Iraq about the arrival of US special forces to Erbil coming from Syria, based on the decision of US President Donald Trump to withdraw US troops from the latter, and remains the withdrawal of US troops from Syria is a vague topic and so far no one knows exactly why to decide to withdraw,

But its entry into Iraq, according to the media and some Iraqi security sources opens the door wide in front of more possibilities about the future of these forces and its mission, especially as Iraq has a bitter experience with the Americans.

On the presence of troops or not, an Iraqi security source said that US forces, after President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria, will move to stability in its military base in the province of Arbil in northern Iraq.

US military sources in Iraq, in the context of informing allies of President Trump’s decision, explained to an "Iraqi security official" that the forces withdrawn from Syria "will settle at the (US) military base in Erbil in northern Iraq and that they will begin to set up border points between Syria and the region Iraqi Kurdistan, "where US forces began to establish a" joint military operations center with Kurdish Peshmerga forces "on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

In this context, Ahmed al-Sharifi, military expert and strategic Iraqi, in an exclusive interview with the agency, "Sputnik" Russian: The US forces that will withdraw from Syria is actually moving to a base in Iraqi territory.

He added: "The US forces have maneuvered, as the process of withdrawal is a redeployment in the region no more, and the mechanisms that emerged from Syria reached some to the base of Erbil military, is currently working to expand the runways and space to accommodate the larger numbers, America.

Trump’s argument was that he did not refer explicitly to the point of withdrawal of the US troops from Syria except in the general framework that it would return to the country. His opponents accused him of "not consulting any of the strategic partners, including France, Jordan and Israel."

Reactions on the Trump decision

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said in a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State George Pompeo that "the development of security in Syria is directly related to the security of Iraq and the stability of the region."

A statement issued by his press office that "Abdul-Mahdi received a telephone call from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, during which he explained the reasons for the expected withdrawal from Syria, and stressed that the United States continues its obligations to fight da’as and terrorism in Iraq and other areas.

According to the statement, the US Secretary praised the unity of the Iraqi people in various components and the government’s efforts to protect security in Iraq and prevent interference in its affairs and the completion of the ministerial lineup.

He added: "Abdul-Mahdi reviewed the nature of positive developments in the country and seek to complete the cabinet, which is expected to make further progress during the next week."

"The development of security in Syria and reaching a political settlement is directly related to Iraqi security and regional stability. The Iraqis are the most keen to consolidate national unity, defend their country’s sovereignty and prevent interference in their internal affairs," he said.

The withdrawal of troops from Syria

This issue is still unclear in light of the assurances that America will not withdraw fully from the east of the Euphrates and will maintain its presence near the border between Syria and Iraq to prevent Iran from using the road in the transfer of weapons to "Hezbollah", according to alleged site "Dibka" close to intelligence Israeli conflict.

The site said: The decision to withdraw from Syria is not a complete, but partial, where US troops are supposed to deploy east of Syria and western Iraq to prevent the transfer of Iranian arms shipments to Hezbollah and Syria.

He added: The US withdrawal from Syria will not affect the protectionist militias in general, but only propaganda media, and that America is working and will help and talking about is just propaganda.

He pointed out that the US has launched a new military base on the border of the Iraqi News City, near the Iraqi-Syrian border, stressing that there is a new US-Turkey-Russia agreement near the Syrian border, and that there are several evidence, including the transfer of Russian "S-300" Deir al-Zour, adjacent to the Iraqi border.