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The Presidency of the Republic calls for a close meeting of the three presidencies on holding the elections by their constitutional date

The Presidency of the Republic calls for a close meeting of the three presidencies on holding the elections by their constitutional date

The Presidency of the Republic on Wednesday called for a meeting of the three presidencies and leaders of the political blocs and the judiciary to discuss the issuance of electoral laws and the holding of elections on the constitutional date, as well as the start of an immediate dialogue between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil to be headed by.

The presidency said in a statement received "Trend Press" a copy of it, "The meeting of the presidency today, which was absent Vice President Osama Najafi because of an emergency health, stressed the need to make every effort to resolve all current problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and deepening unity National and enhances the gains of the federal democratic system. "

"The meeting also stressed the guarantee of the constitutional rights and freedoms of all citizens and the provision of the necessary necessities for them. The meeting also discussed the file of displaced persons and ways to provide services to them and work to return them to their liberated areas, as well as plans for the reconstruction of those areas.

The Presidency explained that "the meeting issued several resolutions, including the call for the start of an immediate dialogue between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to be under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic and technical support to the United Nations aims to establish normal relations between the two sides on the basis of the Constitution and decisions of the Federal Court.

The meeting called for "the meeting of the three presidencies and the leaders and representatives of the political blocs and the judiciary as soon as possible to discuss the issuance of electoral laws and the holding of elections of the Council of Representatives and provincial council elections on the constitutional date, and also call the components of Kirkuk all to the urgent meeting to discuss ways to normalize the situation of the province to ensure the rights of all citizens and the interest National High. "

And held the President of the Republic earlier on Wednesday a closed meeting with his deputies Nuri al-Maliki and Iyad Allawi.

Transparency International monitors the assets of Iraqi officials and politicians hide their reports

Transparency International monitors the assets of Iraqi officials and politicians hide their reports

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – An Iraqi deputy confirmed the authenticity of the information contained in an international report on the wealth of Iraq’s political leaders, estimated at $ 700 billion, distributed among different parties and MPs, while the money was monitored in banks in the United States, Britain, Canada and Switzerland.

"The Integrity Commission received a detailed report on the wealth of each of the political forces active in Iraq," a parliamentary source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"These include cash and other immovable property such as real estate and bonds Shares and shares in companies. "

The source added that "there is concern among officials of the possibility of confiscation of this money and internationalization in the process of reconstruction of Iraq," stressing that "the funds can not be disposed of at the moment or withdrawn because of the guardianship of an international movement of Iraq with US support."

"The international report, which was monitored by Transparency International, based in Berlin, sent its information to the Iraqi side, but because of the involvement of senior leaders, including officials in the hierarchy of power, which led to the secrecy of the report and left behind behind the scenes."

It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi Council of Representatives is currently working on the law "where you have this," which is scheduled to be through the disclosure of assets of Iraqi officials at home and abroad. 9%86-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B9%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%82%D9%8A%D9%8A%D 9%86-%D9%88%D8%B3%D9%8A%D8%A7%D8%B3%D9%8A%D9%88%D9%86-%D9%8A%D8%AE%D9%81%D9%88%D9%86-%D8%AA%D9%82%D8%A7%D8%B1%D9%8A%D8%B1%D9%87%D8%A7

Parliamentary integrity calls for follow-up of the Iraqi funds abroad

Parliamentary integrity calls for follow-up of the Iraqi funds abroad


Warned that the most important obstacles facing the work of different laws of the States of
Baghdad / morning
The Committee on Parliamentary Integrity called on Monday to follow-up the Iraqi funds and assets frozen because of the entry of Iraq in the seventh item, stressing that the obstacles facing the government committee charged with recovering the money smuggled is the difference of laws between countries.

A member of the Integrity Committee, Alia Nassif, in a statement to the media office, received by "morning", that "under the decision to exit Iraq from the seventh item, the release of Iraqi funds and assets frozen since the time of the former regime Almkbor,"

indicating that "these funds can be used In the current situation in several areas, the most important of which is the appointment of graduates and job opportunities for the unemployed because of the lack of appointments during the
past two years. "

"These funds can be used to fill the deficit in the financial budget, or to repay the debts we have committed to the World Bank and to remove the restrictions and
conditions imposed on us under these debts," the deputy said, stressing that "this file should be pursued by the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Release, and use of these funds to overcome our financial crisis

. "
MP Haidar al-Fawadi said in a press statement that "the obstacles facing the government committee responsible for recovering smuggled money is the difference of laws between countries."

Al-Fawadi stressed that "Iraq needs to unify the laws in some countries to be able to prosecute theft and the recovery of smuggled money."

Al-Fawadi called on "the Prime Minister to instruct the Foreign Ministry to immediately move on the countries where the Iraqi funds are smuggled."

President of the Parliament of the region: Corruption flooded Kurdistan

President of the Parliament of the region: Corruption flooded Kurdistan


Witnessed a significant decline in the number of tourists
Baghdad / Sabah
The head of the parliament of the Kurdistan region, Yousef Mohammed, on Monday, that corruption in the region distorted all aspects of political life, economic and security, while the Kurdistan Tourism Authority, that the recent events caused the decline of winter tourism movement in the province.

"Corruption in the region has distorted all aspects of the political, economic and security life of Kurdistan," Mohammed said in a statement to the Kurdistan parliament. "Corruption in the region has not only wasted billions of dollars of public wealth, but also flooded the economy. Debt and domestic and foreign loans. "

"Corruption has reached a stage where corrupt mafias have become control of Kurdistan," he said, calling on "those who have not been involved in corruption to lead the people of Kurdistan to fight the battle against corrupt in all forms."

"The current government can not in any way confront corruption and reform," he said, noting that "a large part of them are involved in corruption and the government is responsible for wasting public wealth."

"The Tourism Authority has planned to attract more tourists during the winter," Rustai said in a press statement. "Recent events and roadblocks on the region have hindered the arrival of tourists from central and southern areas to the Kurdistan region."

"The Tourism Authority is working with the official authorities and tourism companies in Iraq to attract tourists to Kurdistan, and the region has no problem in the process of receiving tourists," he said, adding that " .

General inspectors for {morning}: we managed to stop waste and recover large sums of money

General inspectors for {morning}: we managed to stop waste and recover large sums of money

They stressed their need for legislation to liberalize their work
Baghdad / Muhannad Abdul Wahab

A number of public inspectors in the ministries’ offices supported the anti-corruption campaign launched by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, while they revealed that their offices were able to stop the waste of public money and continue their efforts to detect and stop the spoilers.

Inspector General of the Ministry of Labor, Raed Al-Baldawi, said that the offices of the public inspectors have been campaigning against corruption for a long time and have the real will to fight this serious scourge, pointing out that the continued work of the offices in conjunction with the campaign launched by the Prime Minister will make them the government’s striking hand to eliminate the corrupt and the corrupt.

Al-Baldawi said in an interview with Al-Sabah that "the procedures adopted by the offices of the inspectors general vary according to each department and its field of specialization, and not specific to a particular procedure."

He explained that "among the measures taken by the Office of Inspector General of the Ministry of Labor to support the Prime Minister’s campaign, Officials who hold senior positions in the ministry and in accordance with the standards of law and regulations adopted. "

Baldawi stressed the importance of the work of the offices of inspectors general refinement formations of the ministry in order to eliminate the state of slackness within them, pointing out that "the most prominent and continuous effort of these offices focused on the recovery and stop waste of public money."

In his turn, Inspector General of the Secretariat of Baghdad, Sajjad Ali Matok, pointed out that the offices of the inspectors have been since its establishment and will remain one of the most important tools of the government in the eradication of corruption in its field.

He pointed to the continuing demands of the public inspectors to support judicial, executive and legislative bodies to increase the effectiveness of offices in reducing the scourge of corruption "The offices of the public inspectors are the most important arms of the government and the first line of resistance in the face of corruption and spoilers and the preservation of public money from waste and theft," he said, adding that "his support for the campaign to eliminate corruption despite the lack of HR".

He added that "his office has initiated the opening of files for projects of fictitious and corruption in the previous phase and there is a careful follow-up," noting that "all the projects of the Secretariat of Baghdad under the control of the Office of the Inspector General and its follow-up minute, we were able to prevent the waste of approximately 40 billion Iraqi dinars, Balancing the Office of the Inspector-General for 30 years ".

For his part, said the Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance, Maher Hussein, the campaign against corruption calls for the development of control bodies to support and support the campaign and not the abolition of an important and vital control such as the offices of inspectors General "

Hussein said, in an interview with" morning ",
that" the money that Retrieved by his office until 30/9 of this year amounted to 949 billion and 121 million and 278 thousand dinars, "pointing out that"

money that is under recovery is 854 billion and 651 million dinars in addition to 146 million and 818 thousand dollars," adding that "the money that prevented his office wasted by 91 billion 930 million and 870 thousand dinars."

Hussein said that "these figures were during the period of our work over the past years and until 30/9/2017."

Parliamentary Legal Committee: Stop the salaries of a number of ministers and officials

Parliamentary Legal Committee: Stop the salaries of a number of ministers and officials


The government will stop the salaries of a number of ministers and parliamentarians and directors-general, including the Kurds, all of them from previous sessions in the government and parliament

"The retirement law has a set of basic conditions and two basic conditions – age and service. Those whose salaries are stopped are under the age of 50 and have not served for 15 years, so they are not retired and will not pay their salaries," he said.

Hakim: Iraq out of the seventh item {historical precedent}

Hakim: Iraq out of the seventh item {historical precedent}


The head of the Iraqi National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim, welcomed the decision of the UN Security Council to exit Iraq from the seventh item, returned Iraq’s exit from this item "a precedent in the history of this item and the countries that entered under it."

"We were very pleased with the UN Security Council resolution which stipulated that Iraq should withdraw from the seventh item of the United Nations after Iraq has fulfilled all its obligations and there is no justification for its survival," the statement said.

"We congratulate our dear people on this occasion," he said. "We recall the great role played by Aziz al-Hakim in his efforts to remove Iraq from this item, especially during his tenure as president of the interim Governing Council."

"We confirm that Iraq’s exit from this item is a precedent in the history of this item and the countries that entered it, The new capabilities, relations and reality imposed by facing the challenges, including the challenge of terrorism, which threatens regional and international security,

and must be invested in these victories in building a strong state that preserves the rights of everyone ‘state institutions and abide by the law and provide services to the

Iraq shakes the dust of UN sanctions and declares the “great victory” on the duel

Iraq shakes the dust of UN sanctions and declares the "great victory" on the duel


BAGHDAD (Reuters) –
Following the liberation of Iraq by the dust of 27 years of UN sanctions, as a result of the seventh chapter imposed on it since 1990, the Prime Minister, General Commander of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi, declared victory over the campaign to liberate the land During which the heroes of our brave security forces made great sacrifices, deservedly and mercilessly deserved the congratulations and praise of the political leaders.

The fatwa of Jihad Al-Kafa’i

The Vice President of the Republic, Nuri al-Maliki, said in a statement: "I congratulate and congratulate the blessed victory, the owner of the fatwa of Jihad, Mr. Sistani, and Mubarak of Iraq and Iraqis, the Islamic nation and all peoples loving security and stability, the victory over terrorism and extremism and violence,

" noting that " The sacrifices of the popular crowd and the sons of our armed forces from the army, the federal police, the Air Force, the Air Force, the Peshmerga, the clans, the anti-terrorist apparatus, all the citizens and the political forces that supported, supported and
donated. "

Maliki said that "our victory in Iraq had a positive impact on all fronts facing terrorism, especially in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt and the rest of the world," calling for "to maintain this victory by continuing the movement of reconstruction and reconstruction, and the return of displaced people,

And respect for the families of the martyrs, and attention to the requirements of the services of Iraqis who have been patient in adversity and succeeded in overcoming crises and thwart the schemes of the enemies of Iraq.

In a statement, Iraqi Vice President Iyad Allawi praised "the unity of the Iraqis and their unity over the projects of terrorism, division and agendas that do not want good for the country," stressing that "the efforts and energies of today must be based on building a state of citizenship based on justice and equality through Real measures that eliminate quotas and corruption and end exclusion, marginalization and political abrogation. "

Allawi said that "our battle with groups of violence and extremism long and the sacrifices of our children will be in danger without achieving a political victory that addresses past mistakes and creates a pure political environment aimed at serving the homeland and the citizen."

Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Sheikh Hamam Hamoudi thanked God first and foremost for the people who made the victory when he responded to the fatwa of the wise authority, the wisdom of the prime minister and our security forces in all their forms and formations.

"Thank you to the mothers, wives and daughters of the fighters and the heroic martyrs who sacrificed their lives to redeem the land and redeem their brothers and their symptoms in the occupied territories," Hamoudi said. "Thank you for the size of the universe.

To the blood of the pure that went to redeem the liberation of Iraq, and every martyr wounded celebrate with us this victory, and a thousand greetings to the heroes of the media who have delivered their message efficiently and professionalism and accompanied the fighters in the war and stood courageous against false accusations, our appreciation and gratitude to the bodies and processions Husseiniya Supply fronts
". Victory .. historical merit

He described Hamoudi victory as " a historical maturity, proud of every Iraqi and must be recorded in the memory and educate our generations it" generation victory "and prepare ourselves for the next battle in the larger our struggle to confront corruption in all its forms and we will win in which our unity solid commitment and will also won the battle of existence.

The current leader said Al-Sadr, Muqtada al-Sadr, in a tweet to him on his Twitter page: "Thank God, whose servant Nasr Abdu, and the most honorable of his soldiers, thank you for our review and possession.

Thank you to our army and our security forces and the heroic Mujahideen and martyrs." this victory. "

He added al- Sadr," doubt The patience and perseverance, we won today and tomorrow on terrorism must prevail on corruption, and will not miss our joy to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel ", calling on the people because" celebrates their victory means acceptable, this is the day of a national holiday. "

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said in an address to the emergency ministerial meeting of the League of Arab States in Cairo to discuss the repercussions of Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

"No one in Iraq was victorious, Terrorist, which is one of the secretions of the Zionists, "noting that" the challenge is indivisible and terrorism is not divided, occupation is integral and victory is indivisible … There is no strong nation that wins in a place and is unable to win elsewhere.

" Iraqis .. the people of the difficulties in turn, Park Youth and Sports Minister Abdul Hussein Abtan, in a statement, " the sons of our great people and the men of our security forces of the heroes of the defense and interior ministries and mobilized the sacred and the sons of the Iraqi tribes authentic and all those who care about those who have contributed to the victory industry brilliant and defeat terrorism."

On the occasion, the head of the Sunni Waqf Bureau, Abdullatif Al-Humim, praised the Iraqis and said on the occasion of the great victory: "Today, we are saying that we have been saying since the first day to enter gangs that call terrorism to Iraq because you are the people of difficulties.

, And the date will be written today with letters from the light of the day of
the Great Victory on those vulgar, defeated and abhorrent

"You are the first people to be happy on this blessed day. Your suffering is over and it will not be long before you return to
your head and bow to your places.

Iraq officially declares the end of its war with the organization «Dahesh»

Iraq officially declares the end of its war with the organization «Dahesh»


Translation / Sabah
Iraq officially announced that the war against the organization of "Daesh" , which lasted nearly three years of intense fighting has finally ended, though that is expected to turn some of the elements of the militant group of survivors to launch attacks and guerrilla warfare.

"The entire border between Iraq and Syria, which the Da’ash fighters have been moving freely for all these years, has become the hands of the Iraqi forces today," said Abdul Amir Rashid al-Jarallah. "

Thus, the entire Iraqi territory was liberated from terrorist gangs and the Iraqi forces took control. On the international border between the two countries.

This bloody, bloody battle began against the terrorist organization in the summer of 2014 after thousands of its fighters invaded the border and quickly took control of the city of Mosul.

On this day, extremists took over the resources of the city and all its resources and turned it into an economic and political center for what they called the "state of their succession".

Iraqi forces, however, returned to pick them up one by one until the city of Mosul was finally restored last summer. Since then, Abbadi has declared the victory a "prelude", but the battles continued to grab a series of small towns and then moved to clear the vast deserts surrounding it until the task was completed.

British Prime Minister Theresa Mei congratulated her Iraqi counterpart on this occasion, warning that the extremist terrorist group must be pursued until it is
completely defeated .

"This occasion marks a new chapter in building a safer and more peaceful country, but we must say clearly that, despite its current weakness and weakness, it must be pursued until it is completely defeated because it will continue to pose a threat to Iraq, even beyond the border,"
she said.

The effort made by Britain to stand by Iraq as part of an international coalition that supported Iraqi security forces and the Peshmerga and to provide emergency relief supplies and supplies to millions of Iraqis with food, shelter, medical supplies and
clean water .

"We are now helping the Iraqi government lay the groundwork for building an economy that meets the aspirations of all Iraqis," says May. "

Abadi focuses on two important issues in his next war

Abadi focuses on two important issues in his next war

A source close to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the latter planned to launch a war involving two important issues, including the recovery of money smuggled abroad.

The source said that "the most prominent files in the war of Abadi reform, one of them the file of money smuggled, and estimated the funds more than $ 100 billion are located in the banks of Arab and foreign countries," asserting "the formation of committees to recover these funds under the supervision of the United Nations and the Judicial Council, Iraq and those involved in smuggling out of Iraq. "

The source added that "the second file is the file of the seizure of state land by influential parties after 2003, where seized political parties and armed armed state-owned lands in addition to the property of minorities in Baghdad and the rest of the Iraqi provinces."

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, earlier this month, the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption to resolve the files in his possession and lifting the obstacles that prevent the resolution of many of the issues lagging to recover money and provide corrupt to justice, pointing to the importance of resolving the files of corruption.