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The disclosure of new details on the retirement of parliament and the reason for delaying the Presidency of the Republic to issue the law

The disclosure of new details on the retirement of parliament and the reason for delaying the Presidency of the Republic to issue the law

A member of the legal committee, former deputy Zana Said, said on Thursday that President Fuad Masum deliberately delayed the issuance of the law of the House of Representatives and its formations, which included the pension rights of members, pointing out that the right of the MP to buy a pension service in exchange for payment of funds to the Pension Authority.

He referred to the "Iraq News" to "The Presidency of the Republic had its problems on some articles of the Law of the House of Representatives and Formations No. (13) for the year 2018, explaining that the law included articles that exclude the members of the requirements of the unified pension law for the purpose of including pension,

The law strengthens the position of the House of Representatives before the Council of Ministers and devotes the independence of the legislative authority. "

He added that "the inclusion in the law of some articles that exclude deputies from the requirements of the unified pension law, is to please some members of Parliament, which are not covered by the unified pension law pension parliamentary and was a solution to them in the new law,

so that can be a deputy who did not exceed the service of 15 years Each month pays $ 500 thousand to the Pension Authority in order to purchase the service and access to the legal requirement 15 years of service to allow him to receive a pension from Parliament.

"The second condition that has been amended is that the unified pension law requires the employee to exceed 50 years to include retirement, and therefore there are deputies did not reach this age and the new law of the House of Representatives allowed them to receive half of the pension."

Philat” new appointments in Basra will provide the government with 3 billion dinars

Philat" new appointments in Basra will provide the government with 3 billion dinars

BAGHDAD – In an idea that never came to mind, an activist from the province of Basra pointed out that the government’s appointments to the city, estimated at 10,000 jobs, would provide the government with more than 3 billion dinars.

Activist Ali Khairi, one of the leaders of the demonstrations in Basra, told "Iraq News" that "the cost of applications for the recruitment of people, especially the young people of Basra, estimated at 500 thousand Iraqi dinars, with the price of support that must be obtained from the Council The municipal price of 2000 dinars,

"explaining that" the collection of what will pay the citizen Basra estimated about 500 thousand dinars to get the appointment. "

Khairi added: "The sum of 500 thousand dinars, 2000 dinars, with the collection of the amount of the amount of cloned papers in the State departments, which will be estimated at 5000 dinars," noting that "the final output will be close to 3 billion Iraqi dinars."

He pointed out that "the submission of new appointments to Basra had to be done electronically to prevent corruption.

Urgent military orders issued to all officers in Iraq

Urgent military orders issued to all officers in Iraq


BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has issued an urgent directive to all military commanders and commanders, the Baghdad daily said.

The newspaper reported that it had received a document showing that "the commander-in-chief of the armed forces Haider Abadi, ordered the entry of all security forces warning (c), and was directed to join the commanders and commanders immediately at the head of their sectors, and the enrollment of all officers in their units.

"In Basra, Maysan, Dhi Qar, Babil, Diwaniyah, Wasit and Karbala, demonstrations and sit-ins were held in protest against widespread unemployment and lack of services.

Demonstrators in several of these provinces stormed the headquarters of local governments and attacked party headquarters with stones.Demonstrations witnessed clashes in several provinces between protesters and security forces, resulting in injuries and deaths among demonstrators.

The protests culminated on Thursday, July 12, 2018, when demonstrators stormed the headquarters of oil companies in the field of Qurna, and looted and looted some coolers of the field, demanding jobs and services, while the Ministry of Oil to provide 10,000 degrees of employment on the oil sector for the people of the province.

On Friday, July 13, 2018, dozens of people were injured in the clashes in Dhi Qar, where 42 people were injured, including six civilians, and Babel, where riot police fought for the first time in the city.

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced Tuesday (July 17th) that 262 security personnel were injured during the 10-day protests in Iraqi cities and provinces.

Former Deputy: no sovereignty for Iraq

Former Deputy: no sovereignty for Iraq


Baghdad/Iraq News Network-regarded former Deputy wholesale Obeidi, Wednesday, NATO’s efforts to create military bases in several regions of the country, a new cover for the survival of us combat troops, while the Government described as lukewarm on the foreign presence and the establishment of military bases.

Al-Obaidi said at a news briefing today that "discussions between the Federal Government and NATO forces on the establishment of military bases came cover to impose dominance of Washington and American combat troops to stay in the country," a sign that "the Government’s remarks on the foreign military bases and survival American forces are insincere and subject to external pressure.

"she added that" us forces continued military presence in the country because of poor government decision and subject to pressure ", stating that" many political interests caused by imposing American military presence and not making a decision strictly on the Get them out. "…1%D8%A7%D9%82/

Conscious / Integrity: The arrest of officials in the health of Anbar and the recovery of 6 billion dinars

Conscious / Integrity: The arrest of officials in the health of Anbar and the recovery of 6 billion dinars

The Integrity Commission on Tuesday announced the arrest of officials in the province of Anbar and the recovery of 6 billion dinars, noting that the amounts that were manipulated are deductions from the salaries of staff of the Department of Health allocated to support the popular mobilization and relief of the displaced.

A statement issued by the Department of Investigation in the Authority received by the Iraqi News Agency ( INA ) that "the total control operations carried out in the Department of Health of Anbar province, led to the return of more than (6 billion) six billion dinars to the state treasury, and the arrest of a number of officials in the Department Health and Rafidain Bank in the province,

"indicating that" the origin of (five instruments) in Rafidain Bank – Anbar branch issued by the Department of Health in the province, which changed the address of the beneficiary in the documents of exchange and the instruments of instruments.

"The documents were released to Rafidain Bank – Al Anbar branch – as deductions for the popular crowd and displaced people, but the director of health department accounts and his assistant changed them by canceling them so that the amounts of the sukuk could be received in cash," she said, pointing out that " And the instruments of the instruments in the accounts of the Department of Health ".

"The arrest of the Director General of Al-Rafidain Bank – Anbar Branch and the Director of the Anbar Health Department and a number of the Department’s employees was carried out on the basis of judicial arrest warrants. A record of the seizure of the assets was carried out with the arrested detainees, Pending investigation ".

JI: no Government can declare a State of emergency.

JI: no Government can declare a State of emergency.


Erbil/Iraq News Network-confirmed leadership in JI, Zana, said Tuesday that the Government cannot declare a State of emergency in the country without Parliament, contending that the Government now "delight and move pleases" FSB for lack of a Parliament.

said in a recent press release him today, " Current cannot without Parliament declare a State of emergency in the country, because the Iraqi Constitution stressed that the regime in Iraq is a parliamentary Republic system.

"and that" in the absence of Parliament, there will be a glitch in the system that the present Government Republican FSB and could override their powers The Prime Minister can extend the Parliament’s absence to himself and no one can hold the head of Government in the absence of legislative authority that there are concerns over political stability in the country.

"he stressed that" Iraqi Constitution did not stipulate the emergency law is unconstitutional and declare a State of emergency law in Parliament and must be If the law passes vote 165 lawmakers any normal majority.

"he is happy that" Government in the event of a crisis in the country as it did in southern Iraq demonstrations now its powers are limited to only the warning announcement of troops without enabling it to declare a State of emergency.

"he continued, that "The Government may now delight in the absence of Parliament because there is no watching her work and move pleases."…5%D8%B9%D9%84/

Change is asking the United Nations to put Iraq under International Trusteeship

Change is asking the United Nations to put Iraq under International Trusteeship


Sulaymaniyah/Iraq News Network-a student member of the Kurdish change block, hoshiar Abdollah, Tuesday, United Nations including Iraq Kurdistan under guardianship internationalist.

Allah said in a statement: "while endorsing and supporting protesters in provinces of Iraq all pizzicato Their hands in their demand for corrupt political class failed their legitimate rights, and assure the Iraqi Street to the ruling political class in Iraq including Kurdistan utterly incapable of applying any move towards improving living conditions and services for citizens and legitimate demands in life Dignity as peoples of the world.

"explained Abdullah that" the only solution to improving the living conditions and health and social service lies in the departure of the ruling political class and influential parties in Iraq including Kurdistan, they derived their legitimacy from the elections and wants to stay in power Judged by any means and at what cost, in case her staying there would be no solution in sight.

"he noted that" living situation in the region is no less worse than it is in Baghdad and the southern provinces, since there are no salaries in the region over the past four years and there’s turmoil in the street, and all the reasons That led to the uprising of the South are present in the territory also provinces, but there are repressive police authority in the territory govern people with fire and iron.

"he called Abdullah the United Nations to intervene and put an end to the ruling political class in Iraq and dealing with unarmed demonstrators in oppressive "Stressing" the need to internationalize Iraq Administration file and placed under guardianship,

because there’s no hope of getting Iraqi citizens on the most basic rights in this country rich and full of riches and the workbook at the same time it’s worse globally in all aspects, especially after repeated the same old faces.

Trying to form a larger bloc to stay roosting on the issuance of Iraqis over the next four years, "as he put it.…4%D8%B9%D8%B1/

Work: Recovery of 9 billion dinars from the outlaws of the subsidy networks

Work: Recovery of 9 billion dinars from the outlaws of the subsidy networks


Baghdad / Batul al-Hassani
The total recovered by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs exceeded the subsidy of the protection network in Baghdad and the provinces, more than nine billion dinars during the first half of 2018, while conducting a field study in Nineveh province on the families of depositors the role of reform.

The Director General of the Social Protection Fund of the Ministry Jacqueline Saliwa in a statement made to "morning": The Protection Authority and through the field search and data intersection was able to recover 9 billion and 174 million dinars of those who exceeded the subsidy of the protection network in Baghdad and the provinces, Refunds from transferees will be added to the appropriations as a supplementary amount to cover all eligible beneficiaries.

She stressed that the financial allocations to the Social Protection Fund are not sufficient to grant all beneficiaries continuing to receive the subsidy and those who exceed one million families are exposed to the demand of the ministry to increase the financial allocations in order to expand the coverage of the social protection subsidy,

indicating that the number of applicants for inclusion after the application of the Social Protection Law No. 11 of the year 2014, exceeded one million families, including 238 thousand only, while waiting for more than 650 thousand families increase financial allocations in order to include the receivable from them.

On the other hand, ministry spokesman Ammar Menem said in an exclusive statement to the "morning" that the Department of the reform of events in the ministry commissioned social researchers to conduct field research in the province of Nineveh to reach the families of 15 beneficiaries deposited in its reform schools do not know the fate of their families since the power of the "

To the province and even freed from Dnshm, pointing out that the Department of aftercare in the Department conducted a joint coordination with the National Security Office in the province of Nineveh in order to facilitate the work of social researchers there.

He added that the search for the families of the events included the city of Mosul on its left and right sides, as well as areas outside. He said that the social researchers succeeded in reaching ten families of the beneficiaries and to inform them about the place where their children were detained, while the remaining five families were not found, Change the places of her residence as well as her exodus to the unknown address.

An Iraqi revolution

An Iraqi revolution

Iraqis are out of coverage for the first time after 2003 and the reason is the tip of the July 14 revolution for an unknown destination.

The Iraqi protests, which began more than a week ago in southern Iraq, reached a climax on July 14, when the government described the demonstrations as rebellious and Abadi warned the armed forces yesterday.

Where the forces of the anti-terrorism force deployed on Monday night in two brigades in the roads leading to Baghdad International Airport as well as the air cover of Iraq and the United States – helicopters of the US Embassy – as well as the deployment of the emergency police Baghdad in Rusafa side as well as the intensification of the federal police forces and the unprecedented presence of the Iraqi army On the side of Karkh.

The interior minister has told some media outlets that his forces will be "indoctrinated" in the demonstrations, although this time the protesters did not cheer for a particular party or party and appear to be purely popular demonstrations.

The commander-in-chief of the armed forces sent an immediate telegram on the middle of the night of July 14 to the Joint Operations Command to send the anti-insurgency unit to the province of Basra.

The situation in Basra province is still unclear. The government ordered the cut off of Internet service in most areas of Iraq, especially the central and southern provinces, including Baghdad, to ensure that the Iraqi people are cut off from international opinion. Blood has been lost in Basra.

And the building of the province in the hands of the people of Basra until this hour.Some analysts describe the Iraqi protests in favor of Iran because of Iran’s besieged oil situation, but they are in control, but Iran wanted to escalate in the south, especially Basra, as the oil region of Iraq.

Others think the situation is different, but they are not leaving Iran. Iran seems to be trying to move the Shiite street in Iraq to show America how strong its influence is in Iraq, and personally ruled out that possibility.

The Arab media (Saudi) began to sing with the voice of Mabhouh, describing the demonstrators as heroes, not their love for the Iraqis, but the encouragement and promotion of chaos.

Some Arab stations have denied protests in Iraq as revolutionary against the government’s "Shiite" corruption. In fact, the demonstrations are purely popular demands to raise the level of services such as electricity, which became very hot in July, which reached temperatures above half the boiling point to the Iraqis’ "activity"!We can not forget the water crisis that Iraq has been suffering for years,

which was exacerbated by the summer of this year until the situation reached a lack of drinking water in some residential areas in southern Iraq, the capital Baghdad.Away from the blight, electricity and the Internet, why did Abadi continue with Maliki yesterday? Why do Sunni politicians hold secret meetings last night in the houses of members of their small parties, according to security reports?

Why does Moqtada al-Sadr, the godfather of "reform" in Iraq, be silent in the most embarrassing time in the history of Iraq and not exaggerate when I say that? And what is the position of the Communists celebrating their "red" bars on July 14?These questions need extensive analysis by specialists.

My slaves and Maliki are of one party, but the latter describes the former as being always loyal to him. The former accuses the latter of being the cause of the failure of previous governments.

And the leaders of the Sunni parties often expose what is in their back on the front of the media, but this week silent as the silence of the chest!Poor Iraqis staged protests against the water and electricity crisis.

The "hyenas" mounted these demonstrations to the rise of the tree of Abd al-Karim Qasim more than sixty years ago.

The era of revolutions has ended, and the crisis in Basra and southern Iraq will end in good order, but beware of the next ..

Member of the State of Law: Abadi and Maliki reached understandings on the Prime Minister

Member of the State of Law: Abadi and Maliki reached understandings on the Prime Minister

Media treasures / Baghdad ..
Revealed a member of a coalition of law Mohammed Majid, on Wednesday, the arrival of Prime Minister Haider Abadi and the head of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki to an agreement on the selection of a candidate for the presidency of the next government, stressing that the gap was bridged between Abadi and Maliki.

Majid said in a statement to the newspaper "homeland" Saudi Arabia that "the differences between the wings of al-Maliki and Abadi have been resolved, and bridging the gap between them, after the two parties reached understandings on the choice of candidate for the post of prime minister of the next."

Majid added that "the leader of the Fatah coalition Hadi al-Amiri expressed his readiness to withdraw from the alliance of the followers backed by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr."

A member of the coalition of state law, the former MP Rasul Radi disclosed on Tuesday, the existence of a preliminary agreement between the destruction and conquest and victory, Kurds and Sunnis to form the largest bloc away from the Alliance Suron, stressing that there are some impossible conditions called for the blocks mentioned to agree among themselves away from the others.…-%D8%AA%D9%88/