The National Union of Forces participating in a host Abadi session tomorrow ..

The National Union of Forces participating in a host Abadi session tomorrow ..

01-03-2015 03:48 PM

Announced Bloc National Forces Union, the deputies and deputies of the National Bloc will participate in a session on Monday, in a paragraph to host Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

A member of the bloc, Raad Aldhlki, said: ‘a decision of the leadership of the two blocs in the presence of all deputies to the House of Representatives session , on Monday, by hosting Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, for Masikdmh of details about the security situation and the implementation of the government program.

" He added Aldhlki in a press statement, seen by the (news) that ‘the two blocs will hold a meeting after hosting Abadi closing to evaluate what will be presented of details on the demands and the application of the government program and there will be a decision issued on return to sessions and end the boycott or continue.

‘ decided Ktlta Forces Union, and national, at a meeting of the two, Monday, continued suspension attend meetings of the House of Representatives for failure to meet the government’s demands included a close agreement political, which was formed under which the current government.

New political formation to redraw the political map in parliament

New political formation to redraw the political map in parliament

01-03-2015 03:36 PM

Political sources revealed seeking several parties to redraw the political map in the House of Representatives through a new formation has been called ‘the Iraqi National Union’.

and engage in the new formation talks several political blocs, including: Union Iraqi national forces, and national, and the Liberals, and the citizen, and seek these four blocs hard because the new alliance see the light inside the House of Representatives, as soon as possible.

revealed Informed political sources in a press statement, pursued (newsletter), that talks to form a new bloc and reached an advanced stage, the goal redraw voting mechanisms within the Council Representatives on the basis of a national cross-sectarian and partisan.

It was not clear whether the new union will depend a new political bloc is working to contest the next election, he or she will remain in the framework of coordination within the Council and is in the current political formations.

Washington: Baghdad will determine the date of expected attack

Washington: Baghdad will determine the date of expected attack

3/1/2015 0:00

Confirmed that the Iraqis are will lead the liberation of Mosul,
Baghdad – the morning
unlike the alleged reports that talk about pressure from Washington to Baghdad on setting a timetable for the start of a military attack on Mosul, the US Department of Defense, "Pentagon" announced that it does not put pressure on the Iraqi forces to launch a military offensive to regain this the city from the hands of the organization "Daash" terrorist, saying that setting a date this attack is up to the Iraqis.

The spokesman for the US Department of Defense, Admiral John Kirby, said that "Washington does not put pressure on Baghdad to launch a massive attack by the Iraqi army to be prepared for it," he said "I do not think it’s fair to say that the Pentagon or the US military are putting pressure on the Iraqis to any timetable."

He continued in this context: "We have not set a date at the Pentagon (…) We do not exert pressure and try to push them – meant here Iraqis – speeding toward the development of a specific timetable.

American spokesman, said in his talk, saying: "We are in agreement with Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi that no use trying to go faster than the Iraqis are ready to him," stressing that his ministry will work with the Iraqi forces to be ready to launch an attack on Mosul,

according to timetable decided by itself. Words Kirby, seen as a response cutter on an earlier statement to the official at the US military last week, alleging that the US military wants to Chen Iraqi forces attack on Mosul in April or May next, which is angering Baghdad.

The US military official, who did not disclose named, said at the time: "We’re still with an attack in April or May, and there is still a lot of things that must be completed before the attack on the city, which was dominated by the Daash last summer.

" Iraqi criticism of this statement, the suspect, and responded to the words of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, who said that the "timing" the attack on the Mosul determined by the Iraqi military leaders, asking, "Where the American official came to this information? I do not know,"

.okhevc foreign reports, the Commission armed forces in the US House of Representatives, is preparing to question the prime central American leadership, about the reason for disclosure of important details on the return control of the city of Mosul plan.

In a related development, suggested the Defense Intelligence Agency US director Gen. Vincent Stewart, provide Iraqi forces with the necessary equipment and assistance in providing the necessary leadership upcoming military operation "because it would be the most effective way in the face of this militant group."

Stewart said, that the presence of a limited US troops on the ground will give Iraqi forces confidence in itself to fight the militants, warning extremists exploit the presence of US forces as propaganda "to make this look like a fight between the West and Islam."

German intelligence: al-Baghdadi transfer to Israel after he was injured in the existing

German intelligence: al-Baghdadi transfer to Israel after he was injured in the existing

  • Agency eighth day
  • February 28, 2015, 11:49

BAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

Revealed that German intelligence services for the escape regulation Daash leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi toward Israel.

Iraqi security source said intelligence services girlfriend spotted a convoy camouflaged to organize "Daash" as it moves toward the occupied Golan area of ​​intervention in the post-occupied Palestinian territories.

He added that German intelligence agents uncovered a serious injury suffered by al-Baghdadi, the effect of the air strike that hit his convoy of leaders from the first line based in the border region.

The source noted that al-Baghdadi transfer after entering the Golan into Israel for medical treatment away "from the international coalition aircraft and Iraqi forces.

This, said the French newspaper Le Monde that the air strikes an international coalition, targeted, two days ago, to organize a procession Daash believed to contain the organization’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The newspaper quoted sources in the region, "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of al Daash was part of the procession near the Syrian border, the city-based."

The newspaper said that "al-Baghdadi was probably the real target of the raid, that killed 17 militants, including an unspecified number of senior leadership, after the arrival of intelligence on the move in the target area."

In turn, a medical source from a hospital-based (330 km) north of Baghdad, said that "29 of the element belonging to Daash, were uneven and arrived in hospital for treatment, he said."

A medical source in the humid Hospital, said that "17 bodies arrived wet Hospital, after a second raid of the alliance on near the Iraqi-Syrian border region."

But the Iraqi Defense Ministry says the strike carried out by Iraqi planes and said in a statement that "based on the receipt of intelligence information accurate managed Air Force aircraft at 23:25 on Wednesday,

February 25th hour of the successful strike for a dens gangs Daash was holding a meeting of senior leaders Daash Alqaúm- in the city of Mahmoudiya, where the target was hit and killed dozens of them. "

((Eighth day)) reveal the amount given by al-Maliki of the Virtue Party in exchange for joining the “coalition of the law.”

((Eighth day)) reveal the amount given by al-Maliki of the Virtue Party in exchange for joining the "coalition of the law."

  • Agency eighth day
  • February 28, 2015, 13:26

BAGHDAD – ((eighth day))
Revealed a senior political source, the amount given by the leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki to the Virtue Party in exchange for joining the coalition.

The source said in his speech ((eighth day)) that "al-Maliki, the Virtue Party to pay $ 5 million in return for joining a coalition of law and this, which led to the withdrawal of Sabah al-Saadi from the party.

He added that al-Maliki gave this amount in order to fully control the Virtue Party and his deputies.

The Virtue Party became part of a coalition of law under the leadership of al-Maliki in the inside and outside parliament.

Kurdistan Alliance: to renew the mandate Barzani internal affair and not a rival

Kurdistan Alliance: to renew the mandate Barzani internal affair and not a rival

  • Agency eighth day
  • February 28, 2015, 14:56

Arbil – ((eighth day))

MP confirmed the Kurdistan Alliance Shirin Reza ordered the renewal of the mandate for the presidency of the region Barzani affair within the region, and no one dares to compete.

She’s satisfaction ((eighth day)) that "the renewal of the mandate for the presidency of the region Barzani Shan within the region and between the leaders of the Kurdistan Alliance."

She added that "there is no competitor for Barzani in the current period, according to data available Fahh diplomatic relations."

She explained satisfaction that the current situation is imperative that we face "Daash" and an end to the war and attention to IDPs and not to renew the presidency of the region.

It is noteworthy that the machine secretary of the Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Adel Murad said that the National Union will decide later on the fate of the presidency of the region occupied by Massoud Barzani, since 2,005.

Sources in the parliamentary commission of inquiry: the fall of al-Maliki easy Mosul

Sources in the parliamentary commission of inquiry: the fall of al-Maliki easy Mosul

28-02-2015 02:19 PM BAGHDAD / News –
Iraq Ahmed Sources in the Special fall of Mosul parliamentary investigation, however, the organization Daash, that the former Prime Minister and Vice President of the current president, Nouri al-Maliki, was involved facilitated the fall of the city last June,

at the time called Anbar province, similar to the achievement of the fall maintaining, however, the organization , the sources of information on ‘involvement Maliki facilitating the fall of Mosul, however, the organization Daash on the tenth of June.

‘ reported that ‘after the end of the cross-examination of 50 commander Army and members of the local government of Mosul, the new data reveal the cause Maliki drop Mosul appeared through orders issued by the army and federal police related to withdrawing from the border with Syria,

and the right side of the connector ‘, noting that’ al-Maliki did not respond to calls for the army to enforce it additional Baktat cover Joy ‘.

The sources pointed out that ‘the Commission majority of its members concluded that as a result of one, is Maliki form factor helping to Daash intentionally or unintentionally. "

The commission of inquiry has confirmed that al-Maliki will be the last convoked to investigate the reasons for the fall of the city, however Daash.

She explained the days that before ‘plot fall of Mosul, however, the organization Daash is not only military, but also political and administrative too, ‘likely’ involvement figures in local government ‘in the plot.

It added that it has’ a clear vision about the fall of Mosul, and that after hosting the members of the Council of Nineveh province, change the investigation there and became a vision of a second, that the conspiracy or the fall of Mosul,

was not only a military conspiracy, but politically and administratively, too, ‘in reference to the involvement of people from the holders of power in Nineveh province in the fall of Mosul.

and instructed the head of the House of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, an investigation to uncover the circumstances of the fall of Mosul, headed by the President of the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament, of quitting, and a number of deputies.

investigation Anbar in the same context, called for political and tribal entities in Anbar province, the federal government and the House of Representatives to form a committee to achieve a professional uncover the circumstances of the fall of most of the cities of the province, however, the organization along the lines of investigation in the fall of Mosul.

These were those charges to the parties to a political party in Maliki’s government of conspiring with Daash and allow extremist organizations and entered into the province for political gain and described Baldikh.

Araji Zebari careful to underline the success of the oil agreement

Araji Zebari careful to underline the success of the oil agreement

2/28/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD – morning
to coincide with the financial crisis resulting from low oil sale and parallel rates with the need to provide war-spending requirements on gangs «Daash» Officials at the federal and province governments Kurdistan is making efforts to avoid damage on the country’s economy through the express desire and work to ensure the success of the application signed the oil agreement between them.

While came tighten Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, the keenness of the federal government to ensure the success of the oil agreement, with confirmation Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Baghdad and Erbil’s commitment to the agreement in spite of the presence of some of the problems in its implementation,

the Kurdistan region announced the endorsement of what he called the program political and practical to remove the obstacles to the implementation of the agreement with the federal government.

They said in a statement (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network): "The agreement between Baghdad and Erbil still exists, and is keen to make it a success of the Federal Government", but tied the subject of the launch of the financial payments to share Kurdistan region on condition received the agreed oil imports between the two parties,

"reiterating that" there can be financial payments from the region’s share, but after the receipt of the agreed oil imports between the central government and the region, "and" The Baghdad government has not received any imports under the agreement concluded.
The head of the House of Representatives for Energy Ali Fayad adviser, called earlier, the Kurdistan region to join the International Organization for Transparency Initiative revealed its oil imports of public opinion.

As Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, in a press conference in Baghdad and Erbil commitment agreement oil between them, calling him that he is still holding on despite the presence of some of the problems in its implementation between the parties but an ongoing dialogue between the two stressed publicly mutual commitment to the agreement and is irreversible, must make it,

expecting a recent visit of the delegation from the province to Baghdad for the continuation of the dialogue, noting that the current budget was built In light of this agreement the contribution of the region in the export of 550 000 barrels per day from the fields and the province of Kirkuk and its revenue to be within the budget bill and then take the provincial share of 17 percent of the size of the budget.

He added that "Baghdad has turned part of the dues the region, but not all of $ 250 billion dinars."

He Zebari attention to that "relations between Baghdad and Erbil is tense at all, a relationship of cooperation and participation in government Problems occur in the implementation, but the latest agreement steadfast and present ministers Kurds working with Government to overcome these problems to the presence of reciprocal commitments and stress that the agreement is fair to collapse as some say. "

He noted that "there is a perception in the region say that we started to export and previously there is no obligation and the province today issued amounts abroad and national oil company Marketing Organisation (SOMO) sells these exports which were few at first,

but gradually increased and reached 300 000 barrels and 400 000 barrels and even sometimes 600 000 barrels per day, so the commitment is based. "

To announce that the Kurdistan region endorsement of the political and practical program to remove obstacles to the implementation of the oil agreement with Baghdad.

According to a press release, the Kurdistan Democratic Party that "the region’s president, Massoud Barzani met with the main political forces in Kurdistan to discuss several economic and security and the financial crisis political issues."

and left the meeting communiqué endorsed the seven paragraphs strategy, supported by the forces of Kurdistan.

With regard to the oil agreement came in the text of the fourth paragraph according to the statement: see the people and the government of Kurdistan that the province has the right, without doubt,

the extraction and sale of oil in accordance with Article 112 and 115 of the permanent Iraqi constitution within the legal process and rules and law, and the commitment of both sides General Budget Law for Iraq Fed for the year 2015 to ensure the region’s economy.

Kurdistan: Kurdish ministerial committee in Baghdad address any disagreement oil agreement

Kurdistan: Kurdish ministerial committee in Baghdad address any disagreement oil agreement
Friday February 27, 2015 08:55

Twilight News /
said the Kurdistan Alliance bloc member, on Friday, the committee formed by the province, which includes the Kurdish ministers in the federal government will address any defect in the application gets the oil agreement with Baghdad.

Said Najiba Najib, in an interview with "Twilight News", "The Kurdistan Region is committed to applying the oil agreement with the federal government items and there is no tendency to breach the terms of the agreement, did not issue any position from the region indicate that he may abandon the oil agreement."

Najib added that "the oil agreement in the interest of the province and the federal government," pointing out that "the region’s commitment to the agreement prompted him to form a committee of ministers of the Kurds in the federal government that would follow up and develop treatments for any controversial points stand out in the application of the oil agreement."

The agreement, which issued by the Iraqi Council of Ministers on the second of December last that the Kurdistan Region to deliver at least 250 thousand barrels of oil a day to the federal government for the purpose of export, the export of 300 thousand barrels per day by the federal government of the province of Kirkuk fields through the pipeline oil in Kurdistan…-06-11-32.html

Washington is a global force of 30 000 troops to fight “Daash” Priya

Washington is a global force of 30 000 troops to fight "Daash" Priya

  • Agency eighth day
  • February 27, 2015, 12:57

((Eighth day))
Likely sources in Washington, the formation of 30 thousand soldiers of an international force, the ground offensive to expel the organization "Daash" of Iraq’s western and northern and eastern Syria and northern regions.

The sources said, "The force would consist of a Saudi and Jordanian, Egyptian and Iraqi Turkish and Arab forces, with the participation of European, Canadian, Australian and American, which prompted Republican Sen. Marco Rubio to question the US presidential envoy Gen. John Allen about this process during a hearing in the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate , individual Allen: "Senator Rubio, I prefer to go into this part of the discussion in closed session."

The Allen had opened the meeting, the day before yesterday, to make the testimony in which he said he had just returned from Kuwait, where he held with the Minister of Defense Ashton Carter and 30 US official diplomatically and militarily diverse meetings (at Camp Arifjan) on topics related to "a strategy to address the Daash and the progress that has been achieved so history. "

The American General, which coordinates with the military leadership of the international coalition, said that the situation in Iraq is still "very complicated" and that "the road ahead is full of challenges and will not be a straight line.

" But given the "where we were eight months ago only, we can see the results achieved by the first phase of our strategy."

He explained Allen said last June, promised to "Daash" completes its progress towards Baghdad and Karbala, here he is today lost most of the territory seized by the then like Mosul Dam, and crossing Rabia border, and Mount Chenkal, and Zammar, and the intersection of Kisak who cut Daash supply line from Syria to Mosul.

The US official added that last week launched a "Daash" an attack on the town of al-Baghdadi, near the Lion Air Force Base, "where our troops with the Danes and Australians to help train Iraqi soldiers and volunteers from the tribes."

He continued: "All Americans will be proud when they see what he did to our soldiers there, helping the Iraqis and the tribes to join the battle against Daash, and these are just the beginning."

US General stressed that his country is seeking to secure the funds needed to address the humanitarian crisis for Syrian refugees and Iraqis.

He said that the effort another focused on broadcast anti message to message "« Daash, "adding:" As the President announced (Obama) Finally, we entered into a partnership with the United Arab Emirates to establish a center of broadcast messages addressed to attack Daash fierce in the information battle field ".