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Lena:  I noticed the CBI has directed all the banks in Iraq to connect to the SWIFT system by the end of 2017.GJHHonor:  gm to all in dinar recaps. H. Oct. 26 2017 Bank Story Dinar Gurus: BANK STORY , 26 OCT Just got the big call to be at my bank tomorrow morning (Oct. 27) to exchange my currency. I was told there will be an NDA. I’m doing cartwheels, probably for sure won’t get any sleep.


DR. CLARKE: (Tues. 8-8-17) ALL YOU CAMPERS, LISTEN UP! Once again, EVERYTHING we printed in our last post 7-27-17 (LINK), here on Dinar Recaps, has come TRUE. Everything.FIRST of all, the most important bit of information that came TRUE, is that there has been no Official, Public RV or substantial increase in Iraq’s currency value.SECONDLY, we still have not heard from Dennis Rodman. (Please




From Recaps Comment Section:Ralph:  There is a planned date for the RV/GCR to happen and the final liberation of Mosul and the release of the lower denomination and fils within the country of Iraq on a nationwide basis has nothing at all to do with the timing of when all other worldwide currency holders will be able to exchange.Everything coming out of Iraq has already occurred some time ago and

Dinar Updates Tuesday Early PM Chat   5-23-17  Part 3 of 3

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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Tuesday Early PM Chat   5-23-17  Part 3 of 3
diane1 says to clay():they tired in 2013 but IRAQ was not stable enough, then they were doing to do this last summer before the first half of 2016. postponed. Iraq
diane1 says to clay():is running out of excuses
foxmulder says to diane1(:):hope your right my gut says relax . to many yrs ! dont want to think about it just want to know we are right our speculstion iof this
foxmulder says to diane1():geez > *speculation !!
Beeson says to foxmulder():yeah i could relax and call it a day if i just KNEW it was going to happen…and happen the way we want it to.
foxmulder says to diane1():never what we want ! or expect i guess
diane1 says to clay():Same game different players, and these players are the masters. ABADI did more in 1 year than Maliki did in 8 years,
foxmulder says to diane1():oh i agree !!
diane1 says to clay():unfortunately they can not tell us when DARN IT!
foxmulder says to diane1():same players
foxmulder says to diane1():lol
Beeson says():dont ya’ll feel we are missing something
foxmulder says to Beeson():we sure are
diane1 says to Beeson():what are you missing?
Beeson says():i dont know…some angle we didnt understand…etc
foxmulder says to Beeson():its called ” when they decide and make a choice”
reynoldse2 says():that’s so eay to say, but it’s astronomically more complicated than that
reynoldse2 says():Beeson, I feel the same way. 100%
foxmulder says to reynoldse2():really
reynoldse2 says():There’s something…. somethng we’re missing. Maybe it won’t matter soon. But, I don’t think everything is as black and white as some might think
diane1 says to Beeson():the only thing missing is iraq needs to go international and can not be done with a artifical prograam rate. The investors are there
says to reynoldse2():they are the masters of there future
reynoldse2 says():true… like I said, maybe it won’t matter soon….. I’m cerainly not going to care lol….
foxmulder says to diane1():correct but when they say they are ready
diane1 says to Beeson():IRAQ has come a very long way. once they change the rate it will be like dominos all will fall into place.
diane1 says to Beeson():The USA has boocoo IQD IN our federal reserve which is i think is how the USA will get out of the trilliions of dollars in debt we are in now.
foxmulder says to diane1():i so much agree !! they should and will be close to a rate as their neighbors
foxmulder says to diane1():not so sure i believe that
Beeson says():oh i have heard all the talking points..
reynoldse2 says():not a true bit of proof though
Beeson says():all sounds right…but
Dinar Dave says():There’s no proof of that at all
diane1 says to Beeson():currenty KUWAIT ACCORDING TO BANK OF AMERICA exchange rate was $3.52.
reynoldse2 says():that goes for a LOT of things, we dinarians are accustomed to having as general knowledge. Most of it isn’t truthful lol. Most of it comes from the “Okie” days where everything was being pumped, hardcore. All we can truly go by is the every day news, which itself is semi unreliable
Beeson says():agree
clay says():Okie…loved my okie s39
reynoldse2 says():lawddyyy
clay says():where is he flying now anyways
foxmulder says to reynoldse2():for sue the 1 point we can rely on is it is an atificial rate
reynoldse2 says():right
reynoldse2 says():we can ALL agree that it’s not a real legitimate rate
foxmulder says to clay():lmao
reynoldse2 says():BGG said he asked a contractor that
Beeson says to foxmulder():true
diane1 says to reynoldse2():i never listen to OKIE, OR TONY TNT, OR TERRI K, They would always say tomorrow next week and have some insane rates like $11.00.
reynoldse2 says():SO, we also know that tons of investment is being poured in
reynoldse2 says):right Beeson?
clay says to foxmulder():never has a country given an artificial rate ever not gone back to where they were
Beeson says to foxmulder():they have said it not a real rate
Beeson says to foxmulder():its
reynoldse2 says():Then, we have the fact that they want to start some very expensive projects… VERY expensive. Unrealistic for their current amount. Their words.
foxmulder says to diane1():please dont my eyes have rolled into the back of my head lol
diane1 says to reynoldse2():i did my own research and spoke with boots on the ground my dad’s friend SChwartzkopf
Dinar Dave says():Disney land or world has kick in here this afternoon….lol
foxmulder says to Dinar Dave():noh not at all
reynoldse2 says():not at all… there are the only usual 40ish people in here, and about 10ish of those are trolls from other sites waiting to rip someone off who says something thoughtful
reynoldse2 says():lol
foxmulder says to Dinar Dave():just people like myself that have seen it all !!!!!!!!!!!
diane1 says to reynoldse2():MY CATS NEED A NEW FACILITY SANCUTARY, i also owe my LEPA poterhouse, and ribeyes
reynoldse2 says():I wish I hadn’t seen it all. But alas, I have, and I’m ready for my bounty lol
foxmulder says to reynoldse2():me too !!!!!!
reynoldse2 says():nice! Diane1 I have several plans myself
Dinar Dave says to foxmulder():Yep… I’m sure you think you have…lol
foxmulder says to Dinar Dave():i have dave
reynoldse2 says():Everybody has Dave
diane1 says to reynoldse2():one of my tigers ready to have cubs, YIKES food, vet bills, and mischeious little devils they are i could use the extra dough COME ON IRAQ ! what is the hold up now.? 
reynoldse2 says():come ON Iraq
reynoldse2 says():I don’t want to work for “the man” another day in my life. I want to be freed from that.
Dinar Dave says():LOL
diane1 says to reynoldse2():maybe they need help pressing the button or pulling the triggers. i am going to take a good guess and way next TUESDAY. JUNE 2 this will not go into 2018.
SRW says to subgirl():I need a sedative!! s39
reynoldse2 says():Diane1 my money is on by Friday.
diane1 says to reynoldse2():how about some MARGARETIA VILLE
reynoldse2 says():Yes…. I’ll have a soda, and margarita tap in my home
tebow says():wasting away in dinar ville
clay says():later all 🙂
subgirl says to clay():s75
SRW says to clay()::clap:urras51s75
diane1 says():LATER
subgirl says to diane1():s75 bye diane.


Dinar Updates Tuesday Early PM Chat   5-23-17  Part 2 of 3

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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Tuesday Early PM Chat   5-23-17  Part 2 of 3
subgirl says to Baxter1243():Iraq is almost done with Mosul…
Baxter1243 says():            well.. we should know where we stand by next week then..
Beeson says():guessing s79
subgirl says to Baxter1243():praying soo..
Baxter1243 says():If Mosul is the last Hurrah
subgirl says to Beeson():we do not know for 100% sure but we will keep reading and studying…
Beeson says():didnt they say they turned it over to the police ?
Beeson says():ok
subgirl says to Beeson():I like that tho lol
clay says to Doug_W():just in from skype
clay says to Doug_W():ISIS collapses and pulls his commands from Mosul
Beeson says():s49
Baxter1243 says():YEAH
clay says to Doug_W():Baghdad (agencies)After the successive collapses in his ranks, ISIL has defeated the terrorist organization in Mosul and ordered its leaders of importance to withdraw immediately towards the Syrian border, as at the time Iraqi forces declared that they had recovered 47 lives on the western side of Mosul and were besieging the militants of the organization in only one neighbourhood.
The commander of the Iraqi anti-terrorist forces, Lieutenant General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi, said the announcement of the end of the terrorist organization of ISIL on the entire western side of Mosul would soon have started to collapse. He added that the task of the troops “ended on the western side of Mosul after they recovered 47 lives and only left the carpenter’s neighbourhood.”
On his part, the head of the anti-terror agency announced that the task of fighting for his troops in the western part of the city of Mosul had ended after all the targets set by the military command of the troops had been met.
(agencies)After the successive collapses in his ranks, ISIL has defeated the terrorist organization in Mosul and ordered its leaders of importance to withdraw immediately towards the Syrian border,
as at the time Iraqi forces declared that they had recovered 47 lives on the western side of Mosul and were besieging the militants of the organization in only one neighbourhood.
The commander of the Iraqi anti-terrorist forces, Lieutenant General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi, said the announcement of the end of the terrorist organization of ISIL on the entire western side of Mosul would soon have started to collapse.
He added that the task of the troops “ended on the western side of Mosul after they recovered 47 lives and only left the carpenter’s neighbourhood.”
On his part, the head of the anti-terror agency announced that the task of fighting for his troops in the western part of the city of Mosul had ended after all the targets set by the military command of the troops had been met.
clay says to Doug_W():seems likeits over
Beeson says():carpenter’s neighbourhood
Beeson says to clay():I would say so…
reynoldse2 says():Clay, how was your daughter’s ceremony?
Beeson says to clay():we are behind
clay says to reynoldse2():very awesome ty 🙂
reynoldse2 says():and also everyone.. super weird… the most recent article in the forum is saying Mosul is 90% liberated, via the Pentagon. However, didn’t we read 2 or 3 days ago it was at 97%?
subgirl says to reynoldse2():I would not lose any sleep over it… it is just the media…
clay says to reynoldse2():we are hearing old news I believe
clay says to subgirl()::)
subgirl says to clay():(y)
reynoldse2 says():I think so too Clay
reynoldse2 says():come ON Iraq
reynoldse2 says():let’s just get this over with, once and for all
jd says():By watching currency 365 maps of the war in Mosul,It looks like we have about 4 dictricts left including old Mosul city and the Al-Nuri Maliki Mosc. Personal guess is sometime next week as slow as they move. Then we get to wait 1 more month for Ramadon.s46
reynoldse2 says():JD that map you’re referring to hasn’t changed in about 3+ days. There’s no way it’s accurate. Hang in there, I think this is good ol’ misdirection.
jd says():I hope you are right.
reynoldse2 says():And also JD, Currency365 is a total nut job. I would never in a million years recommend reading his stuff
jd says():I look at his sight only for the maps he brings in period..
reynoldse2 says():Right, but the map he, and everyone else is using is completely outdated, by several days
reynoldse2 says():Come ON Iraq
reynoldse2 says():We’re in a great window. It has to pop sometime.
jd says():Sounds good to me.
clay says to reynoldse2():it sure is
clay says to jd():hey jd 🙂
clay says to jd():brb
jd says():Hey Clay
diane1 says(:):hope all is well with everything, this is going to come to us like a thief in the night
diane1 says():i have been reading that some currency dealers stop celling IQDs
jd says():When this happens you will have to retire because of the liability.You will be a great lawsuit target with your new found wealth.Clay   
clay says to jd():can’t happen soon enough my friend 🙂
clay says to diane1():hey there Di
Doug_W says():yesterday wold have been late
diane1 says():i checked with the dealer i deal with they are in stuart fl, Xchange America I was able to order one million IQD in 25000 notes. with no problem
diane1 says to clay():HEY THERE PARTNER WHAT’S UP.
foxmulder says to clay():earth to clay over !!
foxmulder says to clay():howdy
jd says():From what I can tell it is only uncirculated dinar.But,that might be the start of a drying up process hopefully.
diane1 says to clay():i can feel this thing is ready to POP. in the decade plus years i have been following this roller coaster ride this is the closet and the m ost promising.
clay says to jd():I’m with you there
clay says to diane1():me too ready for it 🙂
Dinar Dave says():Could be just gas
clay says to Dinar Dave():lol could be
diane1 says to clay():i feel this this time more than ever before.


Dinar Updates Tuesday Early PM Chat   5-23-17  Part 1 of 3

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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Tuesday Early PM Chat   5-23-17  Part 1 of 3
reynoldse2 says():Okie in the house?
reynoldse2 says():well, it’s weird
reynoldse2 says():a recent map was put in the forum, and it hasn’t changed for about 3 or 4 days now
Pablo says():It’s very out of date.
reynoldse2 says():so either, it’s not accurate and “they’re” purposely leaving us in the dark…. OR, maybe ISIS is just putting up a strong fight, and has been for a few days.
reynoldse2 says():Thank you Pablo!
reynoldse2 says():That’s what it was supposedly at a few days ago
Pablo says():Yes.
reynoldse2 says():and that doesn’t make sense, given the speed of the liberation from recent articles
reynoldse2 says():so I’m kinda scratching my head on that
Pablo says():Though considering that what news we here over here is usualy 2 to 3 days old, it may have already been out of date when it was posted.
reynoldse2 says():true
reynoldse2 says():I’m hopeful
Doug_W says to reynoldse2():be careful doing that U can leave a scab
subgirl says to Doug_W():Sadr calls for protests outside Bahraini embassy decrying crackdown on opposition cleric
Influential Iraqi Shia cleric and political leader Muqtada al-Sadr has called for protests Wednesday outside the Bahraini embassy in Baghdad and the consulate in Najaf to condemn the arrest of aides of a senior Shia opposition cleric in the Gulf kingdom.
“Junior scholars and clerics should protest outside the Bahraini consulate in Najaf….for two days, hopefully the Bahraini government will be deterred from oppressing its people,” he said in a statement. He urged a parallel, peaceful protest for one day outside the embassy in Baghdad.
Sadr said his call came in response to “repeated violations against the struggling Bahraini people, its figures and religious leaders,” adding that protests will serve to show “connection between oppressed nations across the globe,” as he put it.
subgirl says to Doug_W():News report said earlier Tuesday that Bahraini security forces invaded the home of Shia cleric Ayatollah Eissa Qassem, an influential opposition figure, west of Manama, and arrested everyone inside. It was not clear whether Qassem was among those arrested.
The raid came shortly after Qassem’s fans staged protests in support at his home village of al-Diraz, and two days after a top criminal court sentenced him to one-year in prison and freezed his assets. Qassem was stripped of his citizenship in 2016.
Though ruled by a Sunni Muslim dynasty, Bahrain is home to a Shia majority.
Protests by the majority Shia community in 2011, demanding improved political rights and freedoms, were stifled after intervention by a Gulf Cooperation Council military force.
World freedom groups have regularly criticized Bahrain for persecuting Shia opposition activists.
subgirl says to Doug_W():The Central Bank has cut the way for the financing of terrorism and our progress in the fight against money laundering
Number of Views 379 Date 23/05/2017 – 18:05   Economy News _ special:
Iraq’s central bank said on Tuesday it had cut off funding for terrorism at a time when it was taking steps to combat money laundering.
The bank’s adviser, Walid Idi, said in an interview with “Economy News” that the Central Bank of Iraq paid great attention to the file of combating money laundering and financing of terrorism, especially after the issuance of the law against money laundering and financing of terrorism, which prompted the bank to give more privacy to the book against money laundering administrative and financial viability And even spatial.
Idi pointed out that the Central Bank of Iraq and within its plans and recent measures reduced large proportions of money laundering since the law against money laundering and terrorist financing is actually implemented and is currently in place
The Iraqi Central Bank has not and will not be subject to pressure in the fight against money laundering, he said, adding that the bank was able to “cut off the financing of terrorists” through its tools.
The House of Representatives voted at its 23rd meeting held on September 16, 2015, under the chairmanship of Vice-President Hammam Hamoudi and the presence of 195 deputies, on the draft law against money laundering and financing of terrorism.
Baxter1243 says():so… are we rich yet?
Baxter1243 says():I hope MOsul is the answer….
subgirl says to Baxter1243():they have not rved yet… but just hang in there… 🙂
clay says to Baxter1243():God how do I wish
clay says to Baxter1243():been in NY since Saturday was hoping
clay says to Baxter1243():me tooon Mosul
clay says to subgirl():not yet its coming
subgirl says to clay():yes it is… just keep your eye on the CBI web site…
subgirl says to Doug_W():The price of the dollar against the dinar in the banking markets
Number of Views 685 Date 23/05/2017 – 18:09  Economy News _ Baghdad:  The exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar on Tuesday (May 23, 2017), slightly decreased to leave the barrier of 125 thousand dinars, which remained for about months, according to markets in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region.
Selling price / $ 100 = 124.800 dinars
Purchase price / $ 100 = 125.750 dinars
Selling price / $ 100 = 125.075 JD
Purchase price / $ 100 = 125.050 dinars.
subgirl says to Doug_W():Iraq receives a Saudi invitation to participate in an industrial exhibition
Journal May 23, 2017   Muthanna – The Journal News
The Federation of Industries in Muthanna province, Faleh Al-Hitimi, announced on Tuesday the official invitation of the Federation to participate in the international exhibition of traditional and light industries in Saudi Arabia.
“The organizers of the exhibition, which will be organized in cooperation with the Islamic Center for the Development of Trade, have sent an invitation to the federation to display the Iraqi craft products as well as the products of other countries,” he said in a statement to the Journal News.
He pointed out that “the branch of the Union began to direct invitations to professionals and handicrafts to prepare to participate in the exhibition, which will be devoted part of the direct sale.”
subgirl says to Doug_W():Mosul now 90 percent liberated, Pentagon says
The Islamic State has been driven out of 90 percent of Mosul and fighters are now confined to an ever-shrinking area of the old city, the Pentagon said Tuesday.
Iraqi forces, backed by coalition airstrikes, have been making steady progress in retaking areas of the western part of the city, with difficult block-by-block fighting.
Despite the tough urban terrain, the operation is “going quite well,” said Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman. 
Last week, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis described a change in tactics authorized by President Trump, which was designed to surround and annihilate ISIS, leaving no avenue of escape.
“The intent is to prevent the return home of escaped foreign fighters,” Mattis said Friday. “Those foreign fighters are a threat. So by taking the time to deconflict, to surround and then attack, we carry out the annihilation campaign so we don’t simply transplant this problem from one location to another.”
That describes the situation in western Mosul, where ISIS forces are surrounded on all sides and control only a small area of the overall city, which it once claimed as its capital in Iraq.
subgirl says to Doug_W():all those are from okie dinar and Madscout…
Baxter1243 says():90% ?? I thought it was 97% a week ago…
subgirl says to Baxter1243():probably it is…
subgirl says to Baxter1243():97%
subgirl says to Baxter1243():remember it is the media…
Beeson says()::hug im guess its already done… they turned it over to the police…right ?


.Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Late Tuesday Afternoon 5-23-17

From Recaps Comment Section:

Ralph:  There is a planned date for the RV/GCR to happen and the final liberation of Mosul and the release of the lower denomination and fils within the country of Iraq on a nationwide basis has nothing at all to do with the timing of when all other worldwide currency holders will be able to exchange.

Everything coming out of Iraq has already occurred some time ago and we will continue to await the planned date for our exchange, which will NOT be this month.



Yada:  in the Bigger scheme of things, we are about to see our part in lieu of the liberation of Mosul while the WB , IMF along with CBI initiated their reforms, at each level, which include the lower denoms appearing in the Iraqi banks followed by the released international rate or RV of the dinar

Mangelo:   This is getting so close to our blessings : it’s coming!! Excited…… I am pumped….Great things have happen and that means we are very close……

Mangelo:  This is what I got….. my friend told me a group of whales exchanged their dinar on Sunday. it was confirmed, by a relative who leaked it out.they where to keep quite. the relative didn’t have has much as a whale but she has been told they are next…..so lets see what happens for us by Thursday!!!  Exchanges have been going on…..this is a slow roll out …… that’s imo

Elmerf123456:  Supposedly there is a rumor going around that there was a possibility of Okie coming on Bruce’s call tonight with a possible announcement I personally spoke to Okie just a minute ago and he said that’s the first time he heard anything about that so that is exactly what it is it’s a rumor….

Most of you all timers out there you know that Okie and I speak regularly and if he has something to say he will let me know first he does not post and Skype does not do calls and he does not go into any chat rooms any longer because of all the impostors and so forth we have an agreement that if he’s got something to say I certainly will let you know to his legitimacy



DLR:  I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” – Thomas Edison

Strongcbm:  Frank that CC was “Impressive”….. As I listened to the first part of it I was thinking about when I exterminate the house…. Link to Call Notes

In the summer we get lots of what we call thousand leggers.  Some may call them Centipedes…. If I don’t spray now in the spring they will be crawling all over the house in the summer…ewwwww….

So the first thing I do is get the kids and we clean up the house from top to bottom… we even wash down the baseboards…. I then start at the top of the house to exterminate…. I get the main floor then the basement….

I move everything to the center of the floors to get into every nook and cranny…I even do the window panes, doors and vents…. Some may say it don’t take all of that or that it is too excessive… but if I don’t those pesky little things know how to hide and come out latter in the summer…. 

IMO… the same has to be done in Iraq…. it must be done right… Yeah I may get one or two bugs in the summer but it is no way as bad as if I didn’t spray…..

Thanks for all you, Tink and Teams do…. Your labor of love is not in vain 


Apmcrx:   Trade Bank of Iraq distinct steps to serve the national economy

The banking system in Iraq consists of 70 banks, government and private with a number of government banks 7 banks owned 86% of the total government and private deposits and practicing business banking and banking services to customers according to their potential available.

According to World Bank reports for the financial and banking evaluates the situation in Iraq. The major aspects of the developmental evil government banks which Rafidain and Rasheed and select the foundations of structured and converted into banks operating according to the contexts and banking policies sober and focusing on the need for the introduction of modern banking technologies and to address the gap between banks and foreign banks and Arab sober.

But the past several years have not been the implementation of the memorandum of understanding signed between the Iraqi government and the World Bank on the restructuring of government banks in order to achieve the transition from the current role of banks banking manual to electronic banking and to the developmental role.

So was the decision of the Prime Minister to hold the changes in these banks and banking leaders almost a year ago aims mainly to the application of the World Bank notes and move them to the level of structural and technical development in accordance with international standards in order to achieve the national economy and sustainable development offers the best advanced banking products to customers.

Where we note through direct new leaders to work in their new positions they have achieved great strides towards development at all levels and highlights here the great extraordinary efforts made by the Trade Bank of Iraq TBI during the period from June 2016 until May 2017 and confirms that the bank is moving in the right direction and realize many achievements at the level of the development of the banking business and technical banking, financial and building international banking correspondent relations with international banks, risk management, compliance with regulations and standards of international compliance adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq is currently offering new banking products make it yen Say from the stage to a new stage on the road to reach the gravity of global leadership can be identified by the most prominent achievements of the bank during the period above are as follows:

1. The preparation of a new administrative and technical bank and organizational structure of the Bank.

2. Use management system through goals to evaluate the functionality and efficiency of the performance of the banking business.

3. The agreement with one of the specialized companies to obtain a certificate of quality (2015-ISO9001) for the sections of credit and letters of guarantee and remittances.

4. The signing of an agreement with Standard Bank Jartr and GE co-financing for projects of electric power to the Ministry of Electricity.

5. Cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq to discount the bonds issued to contractors by the Ministry of Finance in support of the national economy.

6. achieve an annual net profit of the bank amounting (536.5) billion dinars for the year 2016.

7. Increase the banking capital of (1.750) trillion dinars to (2,750) trillion dinars.

8. The launch of new banking products for the purpose of attracting thesavings of customers as producers (deserve my car and Haggar) in order to provide services according to modern techniques used in the bank where he notes the achievements of the above is part of the many accomplishments achieved by the bank ‘s leadership and its affiliates indicate that the bank is moving towards developments in the administrative, structural and banking fields and development and has ambitious plans to reach the sedate banking and global leadership, a great goal sought by experts and specialists and citizens , and to enhance the role of the Iraqi banking sector in sustainable development. *



MrMoerbe:  Anyone find it interesting that nothing was completed from the 22nd-23rd. So much progress was made the last week and then it just STOPPED. I think not!



Greenclan:  Yes……..thats just ridiculous……..Frank said this is done, but i am curious why not just announce it.  There is an obvious DELAY in announcing it.

>Does it have to do with capturing Bagdadi?

>Frank in the past thought this was going to be given to the Kurds?

>Is it waiting for something from the USA?
>is it waiting for the price of oil to get to $55-60 ppb ?

>is it waiting for the Iranians to get their butts out of country?


its like a 25watt light bulb in a dark room over there.

hello.      just some thoughts………..not yelling….lol

Currency 365: United States asked GOI to suspend 785 officers!!!   

.Dinar Updates Tuesday AM Chat   5-23-17  Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Tuesday AM Chat   5-23-17  Part 2 of 2
Pablo says():So, are they cutting off larger denoms to drive up prices and switch to lower ones?
AnimatedRock says():They do not have any larger denoms than that in stock was the story they gave me
AnimatedRock says():My curiosity is the 500’s, Those aren’t even listed for sale on their site
AnimatedRock says():but they and UNC 500s
AnimatedRock says():are*
AnimatedRock says():There was a rumor that exchanges were having issues getting the 3 zero bills, they didn’t say they were having issues getting 2 zero bills, haha. Just speculation on my part, but I wonder if they are getting supplies of lower denom bills . . .
AnimatedRock says():I see your point though Pablo, they do stand to make more per transaction selling lower denom bills, as the PPM does go up in the lower denom bills
eman4u55 says():what is the definition of a pumper
Pablo says():An IRS agent?
AnimatedRock says():Someone who puts out correct or incorrect information with the intent to try and get someone to buy something
AnimatedRock says():basically promoting their product by making it look desirable
reynoldse2 says():It’s what Sterling Currency did a few years ago… that’s why the FBI shut them down
reynoldse2 says():They were a lot of the reason behind the extreme Dinarian rush … sales were wayyyy up
AnimatedRock says():Here’s a question though, do you think that companies or exchanges put out pumpers on purpose because they believe that something could happen, and they don’t want to be sitting on a bunch of currency that they are stuck with? I do believe that there are laws in place that prevent them from profiting off of inflation and deflation of currencies
Doug_W says():its mny understanding that if it rvs they either have to sell at current price or turn it back in to the Govt that they bought it from
Doug_W says():mainly UST
AnimatedRock says():Interesting
Doug_W says():not sure on a deval tho
AnimatedRock says():Where would one find that information? Buried in the miles thick pile of documents in our trade and currency laws?
Doug_W says():exactly Rock
AnimatedRock says():Haha, so hours of research to find something that doesn’t affect most of us, but would just be neat to understand
AnimatedRock says():Sounds like a project for a sleepless night
Doug_W says():thankfully I have no more of them here
AnimatedRock says():Haha, every now and again I get to work overnight, so my job can be pretty dull
Doug_W says():good project then
AnimatedRock says():Indeed, I will definitely share if I can track it down
AnimatedRock says():Might make the motives of exchanges or currency dealers more clear when combined with other factors
AnimatedRock says():Another question, if people don’t mind answering, when people refer to “brokers”, are these individuals that people know that get specific rates on their currency, or just a specific company or exchange that they choose to do business through, and they discreetly refer to them as “brokers”?
Doug_W says():when I was a little Boy I was told, “Doug you ask TOO many questions”
Doug_W says():.↑
AnimatedRock says():Haha, I had the same issue strangely
Doug_W says():imabine that………….
AnimatedRock says():I get your point though, just thought that it was worth the ask
Doug_W says():I quit trying to understand this at that level many years ago
Doug_W says():I have no influence so why stress over it?
AnimatedRock says():Not so much stressing as seeking to gain knowledge of a subject, I’m really fascinated by it. The whole inner and outer workings of it. Im pretty much capped out on what I want to invest in it
AnimatedRock says():Plus it gives clarity to what some of these people say
Doug_W says():well I ignore them too lol
Doug_W says():but that is ME….
AnimatedRock says()::P that’s probably astute advice, just observe from a distance
Doug_W says():so if U don’t mind what do U do?
AnimatedRock says():I work as a maintenance manager, soldier and part time as a juvenile corrections officer
Doug_W says():no no not that one 😛 this one s52
AnimatedRock says():also in the process of building a house, so there’s that
Doug_W says():busy guy
Doug_W says():are U in teh Army?
AnimatedRock says():Yes, National Guard
Doug_W says():MOS ?
AnimatedRock says():91E – Allied Trades Specialist
AnimatedRock says():Welder and Machinist
Doug_W says():I was a 91 C then D
AnimatedRock says():Nice! I’ve worked with the Gen Mechs before
Doug_W says():glorified Combat Medic
AnimatedRock says():Yep, I just took CLS last month, that was a FUN class
AnimatedRock says():they don’t even teach IV any more
Doug_W says():my dad gave me 2 pieces of advice (he was an O6)
Doug_W says():always go to ANY training classes its promotion points and never vounonteer 4 anything else
AnimatedRock says():Haha, there is so much truth to that
Doug_W says():ohh and don’t complain unless U have a viable solution to the issue
AnimatedRock says():That’s my signature line to my troops, unless you have the solution, don’t present the problem
Doug_W says():I made E5 in 19 months and that was B4 Vietnam
AnimatedRock says():Holy cow, I made 5 in 5 years, just picked up my 6 at 7 years
Doug_W says():yup I was proud of that
AnimatedRock says():That is a good achievement, you should be proud of it
AnimatedRock says():Well, nice conversation, gotta get back to it, lunch is over!
Doug_W says():then when I went to nam I was the only guy over there with my specialized training and security clearance
AnimatedRock says():You were a popular guy then!
Doug_W says():the o-3 and 4’s keep telling me how to do my job so I complained to the 4 star at the pentigon I reported to and 3 days later I was an O-5
AnimatedRock says():Wow, I wish field promotions worked like that these days! That’s incredible
Doug_W says():yes
Doug_W says():I was teh black sheep in HS and the parade town hero after lol
Doug_W says():if I went into teh Legion or VFW I could not spend a penny
AnimatedRock says():Haha! Nothing wrong with that though
Doug_W says():but that was then
AnimatedRock says():I appreciate your service my man, that was not an easy time to be in the military
Doug_W says():today when I wear my puropkle heart had with my stars pinned to it no one even knowws what a bronze of silver star is sadly
Doug_W says():I just did my job is all 
AnimatedRock says():Nope, they don’t. That’s what we all tell people. It’s just what we do. You take the risks because it’s your job
AnimatedRock says():I love it. Wouldn’t trade it for anything
Doug_W says():the faces of guys I saved is all the reward I need
AnimatedRock says():Yes sir! BBL
Doug_W says():be well
Mrs BGG says to Doug_W():Thank you for serving 🙂
Doug_W says():yvw Mrs
jxxl says():Good morning: Isee trubling news : The Iraqi’s are now speaking of Spliting up the Country : This time they are all serious : They are not even liberated Yet : Here we Go again:: Dont mean to be a Downer But it is what it is :: More Delay’s and More”Delays ,What a disapointment “”
watchman42 says():Relax the Kurds aren’t going anywhere. They are just acting like a 5 year old threatening to run away from home. They alway come running back when it gets dark outside
jxxl says():Being Postive is good to a Point .. But in this case, I wish us all,, Good luck, We could use some.. KURDs: the US is backing there miltliary all the way.However if would all agree to keep a FEDeral Iraqi and they go and have there own State hoods ,, so to speak ,, that would be a Good move.