State law sets 23 bills to target their blocks in the Iraqi parliament

State law sets 23 bills to target their blocks in the Iraqi parliament

The State of Law bloc announced what it described as the objectives of legislating laws in the Iraqi parliament, putting 23 draft laws within this framework.

Said deputies bloc at a news conference in the parliament, "We would like to take the Iraqi public opinion that the State of Law bloc has adopted a program of work of the bloc during the current legislative session includes specific targets and to achieve the aspirations of the citizens and consists of this program in two phases within a specific time frame:

first stage: the stage of legislation laws:
1. The draft law to address slums:
2. Parwq secretion of land and orchards law:
3. project merging ministries Law:
4. draft Law on health insurance:
5. project oil and gas Law and natural resources:
6. draft social insurance Act , as amended:
7 – Advisory Offices Law e :
8. Project Communications and Informatics Crimes Law:
9. Project of the Federal Court Act:
10. draft amendment of the Companies Act:
11. Draft FAO authority of the law:
12. Project of the Iraqi Maritime Authority Law:
13. Project Census Law:
14. draft amendment to the law of retirement Consolidated:
15. draft law criminalizing countries supporting terrorism:
16- bill of infrastructure:
17. draft Federal Council of Construction Law:
18. project capital Baghdad Law:
19. draft Union Law Council:
20. the draft national Commission for Nakheel Law:
21. Military Promotions Bill:
22. Draft Amendment to the Electoral Law:
Draft Amendment to the Law of Treaties and Conventions:

He added that the second stage will be the stage of follow-up laws and implementation of projects, including:

1 – follow-up implementation of the project of water Basra, which treats salinity and the delivery of potable water to citizens.

2 – Follow-up of the implementation of sewerage projects such as the large Diwaniya project and the Zubayr streams in the province of Basra (allocated amounts within the budget of 2018).

3 – the road of death link between the provinces of Maysan and Dhi Qar (allocated amounts within the budget in 2018) as well as follow-up implementation of the way FAO.

4- Construction of wastewater treatment plants in the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.…-%D9%84%D9%83/