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Rates Published From The CBI Monday, January 1, 2018 Baghdad, Iraq

Here are the rates that are published from the CBI today, 12:07 AM Monday, January 1, 2018  (GMT+3) Time in Baghdad, Iraq. Everyone in Dinarland is wondering what those rates are. Here it is!

US dollar    USD    1184.000Euro    EUR    1408.368Pound sterling    GBP    1588.218Canadian dollar    CAD    936.635Swiss franc    S.FR    1197.411Swedish krona    SEK

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 31 2017

Compiled 12:33 am EDT 31 Dec. 2017 by Judy ByingtonJudy Note: Previous info published on filings in Nevada Federal Court has been found to be highly questionable and therefore was not included in this compilation.A. Dec. 30 2017 8:00 pm EST, Yosef: HAS Church Bank Call w/ Yosef Tonight at 9 PM EST 12-30-17 Human Angel Services Call Q&A: www.humanangelservices.comSat. Dec. 30 9:00 pm EST Online:


12-31-2017  Newshound Guru Mnt Goat   Tic Toc, Tic Toc we are on a clock!  We must believe this RV is coming soon. There is just way too much evidence in all areas to think otherwise.  FACT…We know that the UN security council voted on Dec 8th to “fully’ release Iraq from Chapter VII. This means they can do whatever they want with their currency (within certain boundaries of the IMF, including


BGG  There is a lot of news about this major private bank offering major ATM services.  This is very interesting. There are lots of people talking about that there are lower denominations, this that and the other thing.  We don’t know that.  We have no facts to back that up.  We have no proof.  We’d like to see some proof. I know it as fact that there was an article that kind of alluded to lower


[JESTER] HELLO AND HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE…[Dinar Chaser] JESTER Heard Iraq is signing up, or has signed up, to sell oil to China for Juan, rather than USD. Wonder if that will help the oil for dinar contract to come to fruition? They could also trade the Juan for gold to add their reserves. Sounds good all the way around.[JESTER] Dinar Chaser WELL YEAH…. WHY NOT…. GOOD IDEA…THE OIL


BobS: 12/30/2017  “Mesopotamia” declares 4553 exchange transaction advances retirees Rafidain Bank, announced the disbursement of more than 4553 treatment advances of retirees amounting to three million dinars, noting that the text will be received by retired sms to phone number where notified of the approval of the grant of the advance message.The Information Office of the Bank said in a


PappaJ:  IN THE WORDS OF FOG HORN LEG HORN ====== I SAY ,I SAY BOY JUST RELEASE THAT THING, YA FALLIN BEHIND!!!! LOL2Berds:  2017 countdown and we are down toWe see Abadi on big screens.We are waiting for Frank 26 video that has all of us sitting on the edge of our seats.(9pm est time tonight)  What did Abadi say – Will Frank tell us?We are still waiting for two articles. We have been promised

The Trade Bank Of Iraq: “We Achieved Early Successes”, 31 DEC

Naomi:  Happy New Year Kona,Trade Bank of Iraq:  Various banking services:Trade bank of Iraq achieved early successes, like signing Framework Agreements with (26) international institutions to ensure exports. As well as it was one of the first Iraqi banks who received credit lines from reputable international banks, in spite of the absence of a credit rating to the State of Iraq, where the