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Aloha,We are hearing Grandfather and the Chinese Elders have finally approved the “break glass” GCR/RV strategy and are moving forward now with their release this week, with zero regard for restricting public awareness.Wow is right. There’s no more secretes with the scope of money or new currency, nor it’s gold backing.Secretary Mnuchin spoke of trillions of dollars flooding into our country


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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 28 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 28 2017Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 28 Feb. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” Feb. 27 2017 5:18 pm EST Intel Situation Report: “Break Glass” – Intel SITREP – 15:00 EST – Monday – February 27, 20171. The Chinese Elders have finally

Iraq calls for Switzerland launched a billion dollars frozen and then open an embassy in Baghdad

Iraq calls for Switzerland launched a billion dollars frozen and then open an embassy in Baghdad

Tuesday 28 February 2017

Iraq demanded the release of Switzerland billion dollars of Iraqi funds frozen in the banks, and to open an embassy in Baghdad.
A statement by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry received "Eye Iraq News", that "Foreign Minister Ibrahim Aciqr Jaafari met Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhaltr on the sidelines of the Human Rights Council meetings that are held its business in the Swiss city of Geneva, and discussed with him bilateral relations between Baghdad and Byrne, and ways to consolidation within the framework of enhancing joint cooperation between the two countries. "

Jaafari said according to the statement that "Iraq is fighting a war against Daesh terrorist gangs that its members come from more than 100 countries; so Iraq is fighting in self-defense, and on behalf of the world, calling for the need to provide more support and support; for the purpose of accelerating the eradication of terrorism, which threatens the world Entire".

He added that
"Iraq is a rich multi-riches country, and has the ingredients advancement, but it is going through exceptional circumstances is the financial crisis as a result of lower oil prices, the cost of the war against terrorism, and looks forward to the contribution of friendly countries in the post-liberation of Mosul, and the reconstruction of the infrastructure."

Jaafari called on the Swiss side to "activate the agreements signed between the two countries in 1977 economic agreement, Switzerland and the opening of an embassy in Baghdad,"
and urged "the launch of Iraqi funds estimated at one billion dollars frozen in Swiss banks."
He stressed that "Iraq insists on openness and consolidation of relations, and benefit from the experiences of others, and looks forward to strengthening cooperation in the training of Iraqi diplomats, and to facilitate the granting of visas between Baghdad and Byrne, directed invitation to his counterpart to visit Iraq in the framework of strengthening relations between the two countries, praising the positions of Switzerland along with Iraq and support. "

For his part, Swiss Foreign Minister "assure our solidarity with Iraq, and we stand with you, and I congratulate the victories achieved and the courage of Iraqis in their war against terrorism, and that what is important is how the reconstruction of Iraq, and to help achieve security and stability."

He also stressed that his country "would send humanitarian aid through the United Nations, and we have experts working in the United Nations organizations in Iraq, offering congratulations to win Iraq’s membership in the Human Rights Council: We congratulate you occupy membership of the Human Rights Council, and Vice-President of the Council."

He called Swiss Foreign Minister to " the importance of developing a new business plan, economic development, cooperation and investment between the two countries, noting that the Iraqi delegation that visited Switzerland earlier this year discuss the security cooperation, counter – terrorism, and to increase the security and intelligence coordination which will contribute to facilitate the granting of visas Between the two countries".

Kurdpress News Aganecy – Kurds offer land for independence in struggle to reshape Iraq

Kurdpress News Aganecy – Kurds offer land for independence in struggle to reshape Iraq

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News Code: 15382 | Date: 2017/02/26 | Time: 10 : 43

As Iraqi forces continue their advance towards key Isis-defended districts in west Mosul, attention is turning to what northern Iraq will look like once the jihadi group is routed. Ministers from the Kurdistan regional government (KRG) believe that one option might be offering to Baghdad land their peshmerga forces have recaptured from Isis in return for self-rule, the pinnacle of Kurdish ambition for decades.Speaking from his office in the Iraqi Kurdistan capital of Erbil, foreign minister Falah Mustafa said that, although the Mosul alliance of Iraqi and peshmerga troops was on course to quash Isis in Iraq’s second city, the time had arrived for Kurdistan to move forward by itself.

“It’s important that the right to self-determination is put on the table – we need to put an end to this unhealthy relationship [with Baghdad]. We are neither fully integrated into Iraq, nor are we fully independent and sovereign.

“We need to sit down to discuss the future of Erbil and Baghdad, including independence. Now is the time to discuss a new formula for this relationship. What we have has failed.”

Bolstering Kurdistan’s newfound impetus for self-rule is the conviction that the Trump administration might be willing to support Kurdish dreams of independence. Already President Masoud Barzani of the Kurdistan region has “seriously discussed” independence with Mike Pence, the US vice-president.

Mustafa said: “The preliminary contacts we have had prior, during and after the US election are encouraging. We believe we have a good opportunity to further develop our ties. Soon there will be [more] contact with our leadership and the US leadership. It’s all encouraging. We are optimistic.”

His initiative comes amid calls for Sinjar, inhabited by Kurdish-speaking Yazidis, and the Nineveh Plains, a largely Christian area, to both eventually become autonomous regions along the lines of the KRG.

For the KRG itself, one potential pawn in its campaign to cut loose from Baghdad is the huge swathe of land peshmerga forces have liberated from the advance of Isis . Iraqi towns recaptured by Kurdish forces include Bashiqa, and scores of villages and thousands of square miles of territory including much of Kirkuk province, northern Diyala and Sinjar. In total, the Kurds have increased the land mass under their control by up to 40%.

Peshmerga military sources point out that such territory was won at the cost of Kurdish lives. One officer said that, in one assault alone on the former Isis stronghold of Bashiqa, 31 peshmerga fighters were killed. As of last week, 1,682 had died and 9,787 were injured during its gruelling 30-month war against Isis, an intensive campaign that has exacted a punishing toll on the region’s fragile economy.

Karim Sinjari, the minister of the interior and acting minister of peshmerga affairs, said: “The war costs a lot. The martyr families have to be taken care of, the wounded need to be treated.”

Another issue will be claiming the spoils of the victory in Mosul itself. Although the peshmerga have agreed not to enter the city, Kurdish forces were instrumental in securing and holding large areas of territory around the northern metropolis before allowing the Iraqi army to complete the mission.

When asked what leverage Erbil was prepared to use in independence talks, Mustafa said that “of course” land was a factor to be considered. “It is an important issue. Responsibility, territory, the oil issue, finances, the airspace – all need to be discussed. We want to start this dialogue with Baghdad peacefully, recognising that we will always have a strategic relationship,” he said.

Among most of the Kurdish north’s 5.5 million population, severing ties with Iraq cannot come soon enough, with the sense that Iraq’s central government no longer even pretends to care for Kurdish rights. “Baghdad wants us to be subordinate, subjugated. We reject that. The deal with a federal Iraq has failed,” said Mustafa.

He added that if Baghdad refused to recognise their arguments, they may stage a referendum to legitimise their campaign for self-rule. A previous unofficial referendum held in 2005 found that 99% were in favour out of the two million who turned out.

But it is the peshmerga’s military successes against Isis that ministers hope will provide timely influence in the quest for statehood. Donald Trump – who hasvowed to “crush” Isis – has been impressed with the US-backed peshmerga’s triumphs against Isis; they have been credited with halting the Islamist militants’ 2014 surge across the country. The KRG points out that such success was achieved in spite of Baghdad, rather than because of its support.

“In the two years we are fighting Daesh [Isis], all we got from Baghdad is some ammunition. They give almost nothing to the peshmerga, not their salaries, their costs, nothing,” said Sinjari. But Sinjari also warned that, once Isis has been routed from Iraq, the dynamic that saw many Sunni Muslims initially welcome the group as liberators from the Shia-dominated forces of Baghdad might not easily be vanquished.

“Daesh will not finish quickly. Their territory will be defeated, but here [pointing to his head] they will stay. We have to solve the reason why Daesh have come. If we don’t, another will come. Al-Qaida finished, then Daesh came. Daesh finished, another comes.”

Fifty-five miles west from Sinjari’s office – the frontlines in Mosul – the latest reports reveal that Iraqi security forces are continuing to advance deeper into the city with attacks mounted against jihadi defences on several fronts. However, Sinjari warned that progress might slow down as Iraqi troops encroached upon the city’s labyrinthine historic centre and the fight descended into a slog.

“In the old city you can’t use tanks or armoured vehicles, so it’ll be a fight from house to house. But Daesh have lost many of their fighters in the eastern side, thousands. Their strongest force has been killed, especially the foreign fighters.”

The minister also warned of dirty tactics, with Islamists using some of the 750,000 civilians trapped in the densely populated city as human shields.

In the eastern side of the city – cleared last month – residents are starting to trickle back, although the KRG is still hosting 1.8 million internally displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees from the region’s upheaval and are calling for urgent humanitarian support from the international community.

Sinjari, describing a recent trip to a local hospital, said: “In every bed they had four kids, three internally displaced people, and one local. You can see how much pressure the issue is having on our services.”

The Guardian
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TNT:MRiles:  A trusted friend who has been invested for about 8 yrs shared this. She is not on the TNT forum so I asked permission to share it with the TNT members.HER DAUGHTER IN LAW WHO IS A CORPORATE VP WITH B OF A WAS TOLD SAT MORNING TO BE AT CORP IN SC YESTERDAY (Sunday) FOR A 4PM MEETING FOR GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET MEETING AND INSTRUCTIONS.Please excuse the CAPS I’m not yelling (although I


2-27-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  “Commercial layer “parasitic” I run the Americans in Iraq and the balance of the bank continues to decline”   Quote:  “…the current value of the Iraqi dinar is not a real value but a value for the stability and the alternative is a monetary reserves because the government can not afford to float the currency politically.”   IMO, they wouldn’t be


Article:  “Rasheed develop a plan to open branches in the liberated areas Banks”  What caught my attention in this article was that they are in starting to talk about opening and rolling out modern & advanced services in the liberated areas. This says one thing to me. They feel the there is enough SABILITY and SECURITY in the liberated areas to move forward with normalized banking


 “Iraqi Stock Exchange is looking forward to new laws to operate locally and globally launched”  Iraqi Stock Exchange is looking forward to new laws to operate locally and globally launched! Holy $*%&! Did I just read that right? There is a reason they are talking about this right now…it would appear this is on the verge of happening.2-27-2017