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Zim updates IMF arrears clearance plan , 29 DEC

Zim updates IMF arrears clearance planDecember 29, 2016 | The HeraldInternational Monetary FundGolden Sibanda Senior Business Reporter—THE International Monetary Fund says Zimbabwe has updated its arrears clearance plan to international financers with the new strategy no longer centred on simultaneous clearing of its debts to the fund and other key lenders.The IMF said the southern African


Hi Everyone, I bring you much news today. I know I just wrote a news letter a couple days ago. But the news is literally pouring in from Iraq and moving so fast now. It is as if they are on a mission to meet a deadline of early January of something like that.It is all exactly what we want and should expect at this time and shows us that Iraq definitely is about to move forward with their “


DPChamp:  DOW closed at 19,833.68; -111.36; NASDAQ -48.89 S&P -18.96Blessed2baBlessing:   FYI…I just called the Citibank foreign currency hotline. When I told them I would like to have information about selling my dinar they responded “Yes, mam! We do now buy and sell the Iraqi dinar”TurtleIsland1:  Zimbabwe’s government to introduce bond notes equivalent to the US dollar in attempt to tackle


Bluwolf: 12-28-16 Good evening to all. I know of people who got there SKR’S luguify (liquefy?)in Spain as off three weeks back. I know of churches who have done the same.I know of all the alerts on all mainland agencies in tune to the GCR, PP, RV and their Eagle 1 securities for this exchange.I know of all major banks who said they never will sell or exchange, now they are selling in blocks of


12-28-2016   Newshound Guru Islandg1211    TODAY’S ARTICLES ARE EXACTLY ON POINT OF THE ORIGINAL PLAN FOR IRAQ, A PLAN WHICH INCLUDES GETTING THEIR CURRENCY OFF THE SANCTIONED RATE AND BACK ON FOREX.  Finally, the 2017 Budget was passed by the GOI. (Not sure if it was signed by the president and printed in the Gazette to become law.)  Citibank and other banks have just started selling and buying


Meathead:  FYI, Brent Crude opened up at $56.08 and out of the gate went to $56.43. It’s now hovering $56.30. PompeyPete:  $56.39 Brent LIVE PRICE!Frank26:   Like a spider leg slowly probing what’s in front of it before taking it to the mouth ………. The Dow and Oil Prices cautiously approach levels of interest for You and me KTFA FAMILY.For example ……….. A Flag by A (Abadi) in the dead

Hospice” GCR/RV Update Wednesday 12.28.16

Hospice” GCR/RV Update Wednesday 12.28.16 The remaining public cabal minions are all in hospice care right now. Hard to watch actually. Israel’s BiBi Netanyahu is the toughest cookie around, but even he’s bed ridden and sucking wind on an oxygen ventilator. We’ve been watching these cabal children die slowly, for so long now, that we just assume they’ll find a way to keep fighting humanity’s


“If Ever There Were The Perfect Time” – Veritas Report – 12.28.16 at 1:57 AM EST.
You may well have figured out that I am not able to give details. It is absolutely frustrating.I am going to say this tonight, though.IF EVER THERE WERE THE PERFECT TIME…..IF EVER THERE WERE ALL FINAL DETAILS AND PROCESSES COMPLETED…..IF EVER THERE WAS PERMISSION FROM TOP DOWN WITHOUT FAIL…..IF EVER ALL THE

Iran, Iraq Eye Visa-Free Travel

Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq Hassan Danaeifar said Tehran and Baghdad have been considering a step to lift visa requirements for travelers from the two neighboring countries.

Speaking to Tasnim News Agency, Danaeifar highlighted the latest measures to abolish the visa regime between Iran and Iraq, saying that it would lead to more travels between the two sides.

“We have submitted our request for the removal of visa requirements to the Iraqi government,” he said, adding that the Iranian embassy is waiting for the Iraqi side to respond to the request.

The diplomat went on to say that Iraqi officials are open to the idea of lifting visa restrictions for nationals from the two countries.

Each year, millions of Iranian and Iraqi pilgrims cross the border to visit holy sites in the other country.

(Source: Tasnim, under Creative Commons licence)