Kurdish lawmaker: the crisis caused by the competition between the province and democratic change

Kurdish lawmaker: the crisis caused by the competition between the province and democratic change

MP independent Kurdish Adel Nouri, Saturday, on the crisis of the Kurdistan region to solve lies in thinking the supreme interests not personal interests, pointing out that the crisis be resolved within two days if the parties agreed to leave the conflicts between them in the region.

Nouri said L / balance News /, that "the crisis of the Kurdistan region is Ntjah competition existing tension between the MDC and the KDP, which generated negative results, and the crisis is resolved to leave personal interests immediate and thinking Supreme reconciliation to the region.

" He Nouri said "any party or leadership want to climb into the high tower away from the fact there will be a convergence of views", adding that "the issue needs to sit at the negotiating table, without thinking of mostly knockout and not to cling to the view, and private interest.

"Nuri and pointed out that "the Kurdistan region needs a real pause in order to build a state of institutions at the level of the federal region of Kurdistan, the Iraqi state, and everyone stands behind the government, which must be a citizen government, whether federal or region, then we will reach positive results without the sessions and months and sessions numbered 56 and 57, and must be declared principle pardoned be bygones and forgive all abusers and adversaries.

"Nuri said that "the existence of goodwill in forgiveness and pardon will be the best in the federal case in general and the region in particular, the state of Iraq.

"He said the "Iraqi people in general and the Kurdish special need such a mindset for everyone to come out a victor and a win at ourselves in the construction of federal states and the province of the Kurdish people befitting Ptdahiat Iraqi people of Kurdistan to the FAO,".

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