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Davutoglu Deputy: Freezing the peace process does not mean we abandon the Kurds

Shafaq News / Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Aalchen Aqaddogan stressed that the fact that the march of inner peace (to end terrorism and to find a radical solution to the Kurdish issue)

is frozen, does not mean that the government will not embrace the Kurds, and will not provide services to them and reluctant to invest (in areas that constitute the majority in them ), it does not mean they will decline form reforms.

Anatolian news agency quoted Aqaddogan as saying that the government does not discriminate among citizens, regardless of their ethnic or sectarian affiliations, and they will continue to serve all citizens.

Aqaddogan pointed out that ” PKK” organization and its operations, have crippled the peace process, and that it should put an end to the activities of terrorist violence, in order to resume the march, stressing in this context the importance of operations carried out by Turkish forces in facing the organization.

Aqaddogan warned, those who may seek to fraud, influence on the will of the voters in the polling stations, or to vote instead of others, (in reference to the pressures and practices of “PKK” supporters about the voters in the areas inhabited by Kurds), stressing that such punishment actions will be severe, and the guilty will be held accountable under the law.

On the other hand, Aqaddogan pointed out that some of the bodies affiliated to the Kurds in Syria (means Democratic Union Party) PYD, is cooperating with the Syrian regime President ,Bashar al-Assad, who was injustice with Kurds, wondering: “Is there any system in human history that hurt Kurds more than Al-Asad and his son “stressing that those suffering from Stockholm syndrome (a term given to the psychological state that affects a person when sympathize or cooperate with the enemy or who hurt him(.

It is noteworthy that Turkey will witness early elections Sunday, in light of the failure of the parties to form a coalition government after the elections that took place in 7th of last June.


Enorrste: “Is Maliki Losing His Grip?”

Enorrste Post Emailed to Recaps

​ Enorrste:   I found this short article to be nothing short of amazing.  Earlier in the week we had an article in which it was said that the Dawa Party (Maliki’s State of Law) was urging Abadi to step down because he was so ineffective. 
Now we see that just the opposite is being claimed here.  Is this a clue that Maliki is losing his grip on the Dawa Party?

Shura Council of the Dawa party announced its support for the reforms Abadi and stresses the development of
Since 10/30/2015 18:55 pm (Baghdad time)   BAGHDAD – scales News
Announced Shura Islamic Dawa Party Council, on Friday, his support for the reforms of Prime Minister Vahidi Abadi, which came in response conscious to the appeal of the Supreme religious authority and in response to popular demands,

while stressing the importance of rationalizing and development of reforms in the framework of the Constitution and so as to push the wheel of the political process forward.   

Information Office of the Islamic Dawa Party, said in a statement received / scales News /, “The Shura Council of the Islamic Dawa Party, met today and discussed the developments of politics, economic and security in the country, and draw appropriate positions around,
and stressed his support for the reforms undertaken by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which came in response conscious appeal to the Supreme religious authority and in response to popular demands. “
The statement stressed “the importance of rationalizing and development of reforms in the framework of the Constitution and so as to push the wheel of the political process forward,”
 adding that “pride in addressing the heroic and the supervisor of the armed and security of our troops and popular crowd in the right battles against falsehood, in the face of Daash terrorist is in the passengers, praising the” victories wonderful that recently achieved in Baiji breakers and other processes. “
As I take the Shura Council, “a number of resolutions and in line with the developments and events in the Iraqi arena and partisan matter, and select the appropriate mechanisms for its implementation” .anthy 29/28 LINK

Salary ladder lacks approval

chattels: Indeed the the salary ” ladder ” appears to lack the full approval of religious authority.

I cannot tell from the news reports exactly how the salary reductions are proposed to work. Are the ” cuts across the board ” or do they vary such that there is possible constitutional issues ?

“The forces under the command of the island operations and the desert had found during its operations in the sweep hand-Baghdadi East on the wheel belonging to terrorists Daash within sum of $ 17 thousand and 650 pounds [a coin Daash].”…

Milk is good

Frank26:  Parliamentary Finance: Send a government postponed because of budget meetings with the World Bank to cover the deficit”

KTAF FAMILY ………. Milk is good ……… So is Timing. What did we explain in Thursday DESSERT? That Clinton only bought cigars in 8 years yet at the end Jack made him look good with our budget and deficit via his math in KW. At this juncture of TIME ………. We balance our budget and Iraq clears it’s deficit.

Therefore ……… 3 and 4 are ………… STAMPEDING.   KTFA   Frank

Finance Committee seeing red

Aggiedad77:  I do declare these Finance Committee people have their minds set on nothing but negativity…..  they must dream in the red….they probably wear red socks and underwear….I know TMI…….they probably drive red cars…..all they can ever do is point to the negative side of things…..get a new life….take a look at all the good that is going on and make lemonade from all the lemons you keep buying.

Khalifa: Iraq is the Castle of Arabs: Keep its stability and Support the armed forces

Shafaq News / Defense Minister , Khaled al-Obeidi called on Arab countries to support the achievement of security and stability in Iraq, and support the armed forces, which is fighting a war against ISIS terrorist organization.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense on Saturday , al-Obeidi visited on the evening of Friday, Field Marshal General , Shaikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Commander in Chief of Bahrain Defense Force.

The statement quoted Khalifa as saying that “Iraq is the castle of Arabs and that its defense is everyone’s responsibility as it is the first line of defense for the region.”

For his part, according to the statement, “the Defense Minister emphasized Iraq’s desire to strengthen cooperation with its Arab brothers, stressing the need for the Arab countries to play important roles for the establishment of security and stability throughout Iraq and provide all kinds of support for the Iraqi people and the armed forces and enable them to face the terrorist gangs.”

Obeidi pointed out that “the Iraqis were always the protectors of the Arab homelands and have paid rivers of blood in defense of Arab security, it’s our duty to stand with our brothers in their ordeal that represents an element of balance and moderation in the region.”

The statement concluded that “Khalifa bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Commander in Chief of the Bahrain Defense Force has promised that Iraq’s message reach all the brothers in the Gulf, stressing the readiness of Bahrain to provide the required support for Iraq, particularly in the humanitarian fields.”


EU: foreign terrorists came from more than half the world’s countries to Iraq

Shafaq News/ The Republic of Iraq represented by the National security advisory and the ministry of foreign affairs  in cooperation  with the  European Union hosted the third meeting of senior counter-terrorism experts from the Euro-Mediterranean region between 27-28 October to discuss the question of foreign terrorist fighters.

The event was co-chaired by Dr. Safaa Al-Shaikh, Deputy National Security Adviser for Iraq, and Gilles de Kerchove, European Union Counter-Terrorism Coordinator.

Participants acknowledged the scale of the threat foreign terrorist fighters present to the people of Iraq, to the region and to Europe. They also recognized that this was now a global phenomenon: latest UN figures show that foreign terrorist fighters are drawn from over half of the world’s countries and the numbers are rising exponentially. Participants shared their assessment of the threat of foreign fighters and discussed best practices and challenges in the areas of strategic communications, information sharing and the criminal justice response.

In order to tackle the threat this presents to global security, participants highlighted the importance to reinforce their cooperation in the following areas:- Strategic communications and the design of effective narratives to counter the propaganda promoted by terrorist groups such as DAESH .

– improved information sharing between relevant law enforcement and national security bodies including information sharing through connection as distinct from collection.

– Effective implementation of UN resolutions in respect of foreign terrorist fighters, particularly UNSCR 2178, including the criminal justice response.

Speaking at the end of the meeting, Dr. Safaa Al-Shaikh, Deputy National Security Adviser for Iraq, said: “there is no doubt the foreign fighter phenomenon represents a high level of risk in Iraq, across the region, to the European Union and the World at large. It requires serious cooperation between all nations to counter this threat and to take lawful and effective measures to minimise recruitment and to safeguard vulnerable elements of society, most particularly the youth from being drawn to violence and extremism”.

Mr Gilles de Kerchove, EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator said: “Foreign fighters are a serious and urgent threat for the EU and for our partners around the Mediterranean. It is a priority for the EU to address this threat and to step up counter-terrorism cooperation with our partners in the region. It is important that we learn from each other and work together effectively. I commend the efforts of the governments of the region to address this threat.”

Participants agreed to review progress on all of these issues at a further meeting to take place in 2016. For the first time, a meeting will also take place at ministerial level in 2016.

The meeting was attended by senior officials from Algeria, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Netherlands, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States.

Representatives from the European External Action Service, EUROPOL, UNDP and United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime also joined the meeting.


Obama calls al-Abadi and announces further US efforts to support Iraqi forces

Shafaq News / US President , Barack Obama made a telephone call on Friday evening, with Iraqi Prime Minister , Haider al-Abadi during which discussed the political and security situation in Iraq.

According to a statement issued by the White House Obama confirmed, through, the continuation of US support for Iraq in its response to ISIS .

US President praised the progress made by Iraqi forces against members of ISIS organization in Baiji city, as he also welcomed the current military campaign, which seeks to isolate ISIS fighters in Ramadi, pointing out that the United States in cooperation with the Iraqi government will further support the efforts of the Iraqi forces.

The two sides stressed their full support to the efforts of the international coalition to fight ISIS, stressing their commitment to full cooperation with the international community for the elimination of ISIS.

Obama confirmed to Abadi, at the same time their commitment to the strategic partnership between the United States and Iraq, according to a White House statement.


Abdul-Mahdi: Oil developed in Iraq at the expense of other sectors and caused internal and external wars

Shafaq News / The Minister of Oil , Adel Abdul Mahdi acknowledged on Saturday that the development in the oil field in Iraq was at the expense of other sectors in the country, calling for the need to address this matter in order to avoid future crises and economic problems.

Abdul-Mahdi said in a speech during a meeting of local governments to discuss issues related to the transfer of powers to the producing provinces, which was held in Dhi Qar, that oil development in the past decades has been at the expense of other sectors of industry, agriculture, tourism and others as This development led to internal and external wars.

The Minister of Oil added that oil must be at the service of the Iraqi citizen and what we’ve seen in previous decades that oil development has led to increased unemployment, on the contrary of what is required.


Parliamentary Economy: salary scale breach of the Constitution and the government’s repatriation of funds looted

Considered the economic and investment commission parliamentary salary scale prepared by the new government law violation of the constitution, stressing the need for the government to return the looted money.

The committee member said proof Almamori today, “The pay scale is the law, and the government should abide by the Constitution,” noting that “the parliament authorized the government to not exceed the limits of the law and the constitution, and the law of the salary scale breach of the Constitution, and the Minister of Finance not to apply it until the reshuffle it; in order to have legitimacy. ”

He added that “the salary scale was hoped that there will be a clear study Alorza to him by the Council, but put the law in this time is not right, despite what Iraq is going through a financial crisis.”

“The government is supposed to go to the repatriation of funds looted, and the investigation of lagging projects that can collect through which a lot of money.”

He stressed the need for the government to send a bill to the House of Representatives; to re-drafted properly, and discussed by the relevant committees.