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Any reference to rates is strictly for examples.   8/1/14 1:30 PDT: added more info on contract rate history for China in maroon







Highlights of Tony’s conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.  

Tony:  Lot of people upset and in the streets Fri., Sat and Sunday.  We have pictures.  Think each day is worse and worse.  Big concern.  Chaos going on.

Telling them they are going to make changes.  They told them last week.  This is that week.  So far this morning we don’t see anything.  Nothing different and not


8-31-2015   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   …we see that Dr. S [Shabibi] is wanting his name cleared from the false accusations made against him by the previous administration…the Iraqi government continues to lean on and play ball with the US which I am sure does not bode well with the Iranians who were already riled up at being rebuffed last week by PM Abadi and the religious clerics…Seems


TNT Call notes 31-August-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, August 31, 2015.  Let’s go right to the news and then let some people talk.  If you have been on the last couple of weeks, except for 404 (who happens to be the first caller), please put your hand down because we would like others to have the chance to ask questions.  The same way you  put your hand down is how you put


Morning News Comments 08/31/2015Central extend the period of the bond sale to finance and sell more than $ 212 million in auction [tlm724] “The bank said it” will sell the bonds in Iraqi dinars at a price of 1095 dinars per dollar and payable by the Ministry Finance in the February 28, 2017 to be paid in dollars maturity.[tlm724] interesting ! buy the bonds in dinar BUT get paid back in US

Pastors Ed & Kat International Prayer Call Mon. Night 7pm ET

International Prayer Call Monday Night 7pm ET

641 715 3660    406878#
641 715 3659    406878#    recorded version

Some are so dug into this all emotions are directed to it, families are falling down lives are being ruined. You can lead them to the water but you cant make them drink it. If this is all your life and all your hope is on this nothing else you are in trouble. If you are saying this is all I have it don’t happen I don’t know what I will do. You are in trouble. Deferred hope is very dangerous.

Get up out of that ditch and come into overflow of blessings, when you get it, has some have, living in overflow of blessings daily is wild awesome and very exciting. Some scholars get it some don’t, But it is the best, its so simple most miss it. Some think its too simple, but it works. Join us wont you Shalom Shalom Its being connected to the Giver anointed flow.
God Bless
Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for all your help

Monday News Summaries by Aggiedad at KTFA 8-31-15

aggiedad77 » August 31st, 2015,

Monday News Summaries and Commentaries

Jubouri threatens to cancel the membership of deputies

This has been a long time in coming…..Speaker Jubouri looks like he is finally going to get radical with members of Parliament who continually are missing from Parliament sessions……you don’t come to meetings….you pay the piper… the form of dismissal from Parliament……I love this…..get those people to the plate or send them home hungry and with a fine.

Securities affected by the stresses of movement because of the economic downturn and pays tribute to the support of government and the private sector

The Iraqi Securities Exchange continues to be stressed over the fall in oil prices and the whole economic issue that plagues Iraq at the moment….on the other hand they send praise to the government for their open support of the private sector businesses…they see the efforts with the money freed up for loans to small and medium businesses as a proactive step to stimulate the economy and bring positive results to the market as well.

Zebari discuss with the US delegation plans to support the economy and the capacity of the Ministry of Finance

Finance Minister Zebari continues to openly lean upon the USAID organization to find ways to bolster their economy…..I can’t help but think this is a deliberate attempt to thumb their noses at Iran as well… the Iranians do not like to see Iraq working so closely with the US and other western countries.

Economist calls for the development of an emergency plan to stabilize the Iraqi dinar

One Iraqi economist is calling for some kind of emergency plan development by the central government to stabilize the dinar…..someone educate this man so he understands that it is the CBI who is in charge of their work and they are the ones who have the responsibility for the stability of the currency.

Abadi constitute special committees to open the Central Bank of files .. and the issue of the dismissal of the former province Shabibi!

PM Abadi is working to close the vise grip around any and all corruption that has occurred over the previous 8 years of the Maliki reign…..this would include any wrong doing in the CBI…..but it would also include the setting of the record straight about false allegations that were made against Dr. S and his staff…..Abadi is as serious as a heart attack on shutting down corruption at all levels and locations……but he is also as serious to clear any who have been falsely accused… hoping this committee work will have a short fuse on it so that we can see Dr. S stepping back up to the plate again.

Chihod: Vice-President of the Republic will not return to parliament, but the withdrawal of the bench

Let’s see, this is Monday, one of the week days that ends in “day”…….so it will be declared today that the VP’s….or former VP’s whatever they are called this week, will not be getting seats in Parliament…..only if it serves in the “general” interest of the country will any of them be allowed back in Parliament…..can anyone identify a general interest to Iraq that would permit and warrant Maliki stepping back into Parliament…..I didn’t think so.

Urgent three presidencies will meet this evening

President Masum is meeting with PM Abadi and Speaker Jubouri this evening…..and part of their discussion will be about reforms…..will it be to discuss current reforms or those that have yet to be announced…..or both…..where are the fireflies this would be a good meeting to buzz in on I would think.

National Business Council sends to the House of Representatives four paragraphs to be included in the investment law prepared for the vote

NBC….no not the news crew….National Business Council has sent a memo to Parliament….we have four paragraphs that we feel should be included in the Investment Law before you vote on it…..take a read at what we propose…..if you have these bases covered then all the better……but we don’t want anything to fall through the crack…..protect the investors who want to funnel money and projects to Iraq….they can become a great stimulus for the economy but just make sure they get a fair and square deal.

Sangaree: the formation of specialized committees to bring the views of the National Guard Law

Everyone has an opinion…..some say the National Guard Law has the approval and backing of the political blocs but here we see someone claiming in their opinion the political blocs do not support things as they are written….I’ll be looking at Tuesday to see if they do any action on this law at all.

Legal expert: the return of Nuri al-Maliki to parliament does not mean innocence

Let me make this simple in an analogy……if the wolf were to ask nicely do you think the farmer would allow him admittance to the hen house, just because he asks nicely….NOOOOOO…..the farmer recognizes his ulterior motives and slams the door in his face……this is what Parliament needs to do to Maliki…..stand up to him…..stand up just as PM Abadi stood up to the Iranians and declare you are not wanted here…..besides there is this little detail of guilt associated with the fall of Mosul and a number of other crimes that Maliki is being looked at that could muddy the water.

Commission on oil and energy parliamentary: Shahristani committed a crime against the Iraqi people

Here is another Maliki thug that I have long felt was lining his own pockets as he made “deals” with the international oil companies who were trying to come into Iraq…..Shahristani is one not to be trusted….he smells of corruption.

Vice chest: parliamentary directed to dismiss al-Mahmoud during the next few days

Stop talking and just get rid of this guy…..he’s been around through all the Maliki years and even before that…..just how clean can he be……and there appear to be a number of legitimate charges against him that will bring him before a court at some point….get him out of the way so he is not able to stack any judges one way or the other that would be a cause for concern later….take away his powers.

Parliamentary Finance discussed the draft law combating money laundering and terrorism financing

Yes the clock continues to tick against Iraq and they need this Anti-Money Laundering Law passed toot fast……get this done….the second reading should be a no brainer…..then on to a vote…..don’t take this up to the 11th hour to make this happen.

Taking a break for now… errands to run….will catch up with everyone later.

Aloha    Randy

Iraqi Dinar Currency Would Not Face Downfall in Future: DG CBI, 31 AUGUST

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The British newspaper Bloomberg published on Wednesday that Iraqi Central Bank’s foreign currency reserves showed downfall in the first six month, January to July 2015, with a decrease of 59 billion U.S dollars. It is also said that Iraqi dinar currency is considered as one of the risky currencies in the Middle East region. The Director General of Iraqi Central Bank


KTFA:Dnari131:  The bonds are like a hungry man being fed a tablespoon of okra that hasn’t seen food in ages. Quite fascinating to see Iraq play with bonds that will make no difference to their bottom line imo..they’ve got much bigger problemsAggiedad77:  Good Morning Family……just from this page we see that Dr. S is wanting his name cleared from the false accusations made against him by the

BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments 8-31-15

Morning News Comments 08/31/2015

Central extend the period of the bond sale to finance and sell more than $ 212 million in auction 

[tlm724] “The bank said it” will sell the bonds in Iraqi dinars at a price of 1095 dinars per dollar and payable by the Ministry Finance in the February 28, 2017 to be paid in dollars maturity.

[tlm724] interesting ! buy the bonds in dinar BUT get paid back in US dollars !!!!!!!!!! now that something to chew on, why pay in dollars ? Are the dinars gonna be worth much more by the time these bonds mature in 2017 ???????? just askin Wink


In the parliamentary economy reveals the most prominent member of the investment law amendments, including the International Arbitration 

[tlm724] before the amendment of the Investment Law was invested when you get him the problem with the Commission a complaint to the Iraqi courts only and this was worried about him the investor

[tlm724] that means with this new amendment the investor can seek legal recourse outside of Iraq and with the amount of investment that will come with the passage of this law that is very important !

[tlm724] the addition of several paragraphs of the investment law in order to strengthen the economy and investment in Iraq and the country no longer be dependent on imports of oil only

[tlm724] The second draft amendment to the investment law will be presented to the final vote in the coming period, and would be a great achievement of the legislative side of the Iraqi economy,” 

stressing that “the introduction of a number of radical law changes, which will be an important factor in creating excellent investment environment and meet the aspiration of all parties. “

[Shredd] “…which will be an important factor in creating excellent investment environment and meet the aspiration of all parties.”

That is for sure. When the investment laws are passed, that will truly open opportunities for investors who have been waiting for protections. 

The banking side has come a long way regarding balances and conversion protections, and now with these laws passed, will position Iraq for some much needed stimulus. Investment = lending = borrowing = commerce = jobs = revenue = taxes

That’s a win/win!


Kikhany: Project simplification of procedures step towards modernizing management, reform and attract domestic and foreign investment

[tlm724] “the government’s measures to simplify project is a step towards modernizing management, reform and attract domestic and foreign investment.”

[tlm724] opening new horizons *hallelujah*


Finance discussed the draft law combating money laundering and terrorism financing 

[tlm724] The meeting discussed the host chief prosecutor at the Supreme Judicial Council and officials of money laundering in the Supreme Judicial Council and the Central Bank and the National Intelligence Service and the Office of Financial Supervision file to discuss the draft anti-money laundering law and the financing of terrorism.


Legal expert: Iraqi constitution and the reforms needed to address its problems

[tlm724] they do need to tweak their constitution a bit like get rid of the article that gives MP’s immunity !

[tlm724] that would be a great start. There is alot going on with Maliki and his seat in parliament as well as Najafi and Allawi. I believe this is in the hands of the judiciary now so we’ll have to see how that plays out !