The Ghost Writer: “Plan Well & Execute Even Better”

Post Emailed To Dinar Recaps

The Ghost writer wrote:

I have been silent for a while now, watching as many do not heed the advice which has been disseminated – too many are falling for scoundrel ideas and confidence tricks of the greedy. I think it is time to set some of the fanciful ideas straight.

There is one clearance bank and at present there are no other banks in the USA with the monetary capability to exchange the millions of dinars other than this bank. It has been designated to do the exchange and always it was and is to be Wells Fargo. 

So if you are hearing about a cap on dinars, dong and zim you’re in the wrong bank! The bank you are in or going to go into has not been contracted by the UST to do the exchange.

These banks who are not contracted to do the exchange therefore suffer from liquidity problems hence the caps. Those banks have to make their margin out of you.

Those who are filling your heads with particular rates are doing so for one simple reason – they have a story and by-line to follow – those banks not contracted can only pay out what is on their screens – yes, and they really want your currency so a little subterfuge is in order to garner a share in the marketplace.

Those who have hoodwinked you about caps and various rates will cause many of the unwise and foolish to rush headlong into the nearest bank and to exchange at very low rates. The banks are sure going to rub their hands in glee as they work the margin in their favour.

The bankers will capitalize on the many brainwashed folks out there who have been fed the same story so many times that they begin to embody it and believe it.

As the time now passes and we shall shortly reflect on these words we will see that already this venture is actually already over.

 The GCR,PP,FP and all the rest of the projects to help humanity are now a reality and fast turning from myth to tangible and quantifiable funds, like an unstoppable tide it is surging forward and breaching the seawall of the PTB putting them to asunder. They have lost their power and can cause no more mayhem of insidious delays.

So there are no more delays, no more posturing, no more twists in the path. We are in the position of waiting now, waiting for a certain timer to finish its countdown and the act to trigger. 

All the tests have been done, all the machines have been checked and all the relevant personnel are in place and in lockdown. They are standing by for what must be one of the most momentous events in our personal history.

There really is no more to say or to write. Other than these parting words – Stick to the original plans you made, follow through. Don’t get suckered into groups that are skimming the cream and sucking the marrow out of the plan. 

There have been and in some respects there continue to be many arrests and it is with certainty that I say that the security issues have been perfected so you will be quite safe if you stick to what you know and not be swayed by those who wish influence over you.

Good Luck to you, the new millionaires of our world. Plan well and execute even better, out with the old and in with the new, for a better tomorrow, for us all.

Feel free to repost!   By the Ghost writer