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Thursday Night Dinarland Chatter


Awake-in-3D:  April 30, 2015 at 5:37pm OK – This is the deal….

How many here “realize” that this whole ride is over? Yes, I get that we are “not at the bank” but… the process has started, the mechanics are turning.  

The evidence is everywhere.  

The historic bonds are redeeming.  

The PPP’s are notifying.  

The East has come out of the closet and called the West out onto the carpet.

 All global financial “experts” are openly acknowledging that the markets are rigged.

 Bankers and such have been “suiciding” themselves for 18 months.  

China has arrested hundreds of corrupt officials and bankers.


Just let the process finish.  The beginning of the end has begun (days ago!). We are there!  

R.V./GCR  Today is CRUNCH DAY No country outside the USA accepts fiat dollars    

R.V./GCR Today is crunch day no country will take fed reserve money on any trade platform as of today

geeky gal  > R.V. / GCR I have had trouble making an out of country internet purchase for 2 days…may be a crunch happening for sure.

Awake-in-3D  > R.V. / GCR  Wouldn’t that mean that the tens of thousands of USA business and tourist travellers outside of the USA at this very moment cannot exchange their $ for the local currency of where they are right now, today???  

What about their American Express, Diners Club, Visa, and MasterCard transactions at this very moment? Are they being declined?

I am not antagonizing… but if you’re going to post those statements, please provide how this is being administrated?  I WANT TO BELIEVE!     🙂

> Awake-in-3D It’s been that way in some countries for awhile………..they only want to accept credit or debit transactions…….they do not want or some will not accept the dollar bill. Hey, go to the grocery store how much is your precious dollar worth?

Vinman  > Awake-in-3D This is for trade.  And just a note…all credit card purchases are completed in local currency. Amex would covert at time of billing to dollars if they were billing you.

Awake-in-3D > Vinman Shhhhhh…. I understand that (travelled 40+ countries to date)… just trying to get a little more out of PT.   😉

BTW – you’re quiet these days… any particular reason?

Vinman:  > Awake-in-3D Oh…my mistake 🙂 LOL Mums the word.  My work is done here…it’s nice to see others grab the ball and run with it.  Plus…we are there 🙂

Rick > Awake-in-3D Its true Awake the Dollar being rejected more places than ever and Russia and China Alternative to SWIFT is UP and RUNNING….

R.V./GCR  > Awake-in-3D New currencies out approx. next Tuesday



Already Blessed:  

Minute 7 weds. D C , i am Pretty Excited I am Verry EXCITED and have been for a while now and Continues to get BETTER & BETTER

  Some people are suggesting that we will have to wait 10 days after the RV before we can exchange….That doesn’t make sense to me. Is there someone who can address this question with insight????

Lester: Dinar4d peeps are just saying that because that was the case in the Kuwait RI, very different situation

  Five interesting stories….this could be most of us. They Won the Lottery, Then What?

Littleman:  A lot of people dream of being wealthy, but what is sudden wealth?


pastorpatch » “In watching this whole thing go down over the last few years it reminds me of a long labor …… It seems like we get close then the contractions stop for a while then another contraction then it goes away for a while …… Eventually it will pop and we all will say how
beautiful it is.”

CBonham:  I’ve been thinking the RI is now crowning.




[hogs4life] 4/30/2015 Frank26 [via FrostyTheSnowman]

Maliki is superhot right now…because he can be dangerous towards the closeness of this MR [Monetary Reform].

The MR is so close…it’s so fragile to these bullies. It’s important that they must deal with him.

Abadi and Shabibi asked for $$$ and weapons to help with Maliki.

We’ve got it covered…I can’t tell you how…but the media will in the next 30 days or so.

As you see one disappear…you will see the one that fears him…appear.

We’ll see Dr. Shabibi soon!

This thing is ready to “go live”

Blinkster:   It really appears like a carefully planned and executed thing, doesn’t it? I’ve been telling my wife for weeks that when this thing is ready to “go live” that IMO we will see M dealt with, most likely DIRECTLY BEFORE the IR due to security-themed issues. Now we have these loans, etc, reports of M in the hospital (and another that seems to contradict it) and M wearing his best Monty Hall suit, S requesting protection, etc; and it all just seems to carefully connect the dots sequentially. Did anyone of us ever figure on being born into such an exciting time and generation? Wow.

Cabinet Approves 23 new Oil Wells

The Iraqi Council of Ministers has approved the expenditure needed to drill 23 oil wells in the West Qurna area.

The drilling had been recommended by the Economic Ministerial Committe, and is to be carried out by the South Oil Company (SOC) and the Russian company Lukoil.


Private Foreign Investment ‘Vital for Iraq’s Growth’

Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Bahaa Al Araji (pictured), told a high level international conference in Baghdad on Wednesday that his country recognised the vital importance of foreign investment and Iraq was full of opportunity.

Dr Bahaa said the Government was ready to extend all facilities and offer incentives for businesses to come to Iraq. Large provision had been made in the latest national budget for this.

Speaking at the conference, organised jointly by the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC), the National Investment Commission (NIC) and the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, Dr Bahaa said he was particularly keen to encourage UK firms to come to Iraq.

“We know these firms will do business in the right way. They would be very welcome to help us reconstruct our country,” he added.

The Chairman of the National Investment Commission, Dr Sami Al Araji, continued on the same theme, telling the audience of senior UK and international business leaders that Iraq was reforming itself for outside investment.

“We want to change from a central economy to an international economy. We want to be open to other countries and make all facilities available to encourage them to invest. If we want to work with the outside world then we must deal with business in the international way,” said Dr Al Araji.

He said the country had more than 900 projects that could be offered up for international investment and participation.

Iraq’s Minister for Oil, Dr Adil Abdul Mahdi, also spoke of the urgent need for foreign investment.

“To achieve our ambitions to serve the country better and maximise production of oil, we need to improve our infrastructure for oil and gas. We are actually losing more now than we historically produced in total,” said Mr Mahdi.

“Maybe soon we will hit four million barrels a day – we are not far from it. This means we need more infrastructure, especially storage – that’s storage in the fields and at the ports, and also more pipelines,” he added.

Dr Mahdi said gas was also a big issue. Iraq was losing billions of dollars because gas was not being harnessed and this was “not acceptable.”

Shell Iraq is now working to help develop Iraq’s fledgling gas industry and has recently opened the Basrah Gas Company.

Shell Iraq’s Country Chairman, Hans Nijkamp, said the government must continue to make more effort to expand and develop gas production. Tapping into natural gas would help modulate demand and in time Iraq could begin to export the product as far afield as Europe.

Mr Nijamp continued, saying the potential for both the gas and oil industries in Iraq was still “as big as ever.” There were a “few glitches” at the moment, not least the low oil price, but this was a reality they all had to come to terms with.

The Deputy Country Manager of BP, Zaid Elyaseri, told the conference that the company’s Rumaila field in Iraq had already generated $30 billion for the government and was currently adding $20 million a day to the Iraqi exchequer.

Mr Elyaseri said that BP had committed to a long term relationship to both the government and the country itself. The company wanted to ensure Iraq “gets where it wants to be.”

The UK’s Ambassador to Iraq, Frank Baker OBE, said Britain looked on Iraq as the cultural and financial centre for the region, with the potential to become the economic force in the Middle East, and all that after three decades of conflict, sanctions and lack of investment.

Mr Baker said Iraq now had its most inclusive Government in decades, with politicians on all sides working together.

“We in the UK stand ready to help – helping on the security front, with the humanitarian crisis, and also helping with economic reform and we are well placed to do so, having taken some tight decisions to put our own economy back on track.”

Delegates to the conference were welcomed by the Executive Chairman of the IBBC, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne.

She said partnership must be the most powerful message to come out of the conference.


US defense bill to directly arm Kurdish Peshmerga

WASHINGTON DC – The US House Armed Services Committee passed a watered down defense bill on Thursday, removing a clause asking for recognition of Kurdish Peshmergas and Sunni tribal forces as “country,” but maintaining that some of the military aid should go directly to the two forces fighting ISIS.

The committee voted 60-2 to send the draft bill for full House consideration in May after 18 hours of debate. On Monday, it released the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Markup for Fiscal Year 2016, a draft bill authorizing $715 million in aid to forces fighting the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq.

Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry’s “proposal reinforces the mission against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR). His proposal reauthorizes the Office of Security Cooperation in Iraq,” the bill read.

“The Chairman also supports authorizing the President’s request of $715 million for security assistance to Iraqi forces combating ISIL. However, Chairman Thornberry requires that 25 percent of the funds be provided directly to the Kurdish Peshmerga and Sunni forces,” it added.

The bill stipulates that US support will depend on the Iraqi government’s actions in reintegrating minorities in Iraq and on building political reconciliations. If those conditions are not met, the monetary allocations for Kurdish and Sunni forces will go up to 60 percent.

“The remaining 75 percent would be withheld until the Secretaries of State and Defense determine that the Government of Iraq is meeting certain conditions for political reconciliation. Should they not be able to make that assessment, 60 percent of the remaining funds would be released directly to the Kurds and Sunnis,” the bill stipulates.

On Wednesday, the US State Department vowed to work on the language of the bill in order to reflect the policy of the Obama administration, which opposes direct weapons or defense aid to the Kurds or Sunnis. It insists all aid should go through the central government in Baghdad.

The amended bill also has removed wording that conditioned US help to the Iraqi government on Baghdad distancing itself from Shiite militia groups fighting ISIS alongside the Iraqi Army.



paperbag said

03:14 PM Apr 30, 2015

This morning I went to my WF bank somewhere in sunny North Florida to reactivate my dormant checking account that I left inactive so that I didn’t have to maintain the $1500 per month minimum balance and to check with my future personal banker that I met with a year ago to see if she still had her dinar, which she did. She asked me if the dinar was real

EU humanitarian chief sounds warning on Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq — The head of the European Union’s humanitarian aid department has warned that the situation in Iraq is rapidly deteriorating while the world is preoccupied with crises elsewhere.

Jean-Louis de Brouwer told The Associated Press that the number of displaced people in Iraq has quadrupled in the last year and shows no signs of decreasing, adding: “The worst is still to come.”

There are 2.7 million people internally displaced in Iraq, where government forces are struggling to wrest back vast areas of the north and west seized by the Islamic State group last year.

In recent weeks another 100,000 have been displaced by fighting in and around Ramadi, in the western Anbar province.

De Brouwer said “there is not just donor fatigue but donor exhaustion.”


Comments On “Conflict & Commonality” Part 3

Speedspirit   APRIL 29, 2015 AT 12:33 PM  Safety Fishnet – I agree with your assessment of the situation. We are spiritual beings experimenting with free will is all. 

We as individuals need to start living what is known as our life’s calling. You know your own life’s purpose by identifying the one thing you would do if you were the last human on earth and what you would do with all your time.

 The more individuals who live this way are in essence increasing the positive creative forces of the Universe. This is the counter balance to all the corruption and actions of lost souls. 

Once people see a better path they will choose to follow a positive example for it is a positive energy that nourishes the soul. How many members here are taking positive actions in this direction?

 How many members here are guilty of waiting for someone else to save them? 

How many are brave enough to carve a path? We are obviously a unique bunch, a very small minority that recognize the situation but that same intelligence must be used to save ourselves, in my opinion.

Speedspirit Continues:  Last year I attempted to sell my home in the suburbs to move 1 hr out into the country on 40 acres.

Sold my home in 9 days. The husband of the house I wanted signed the contract for us to buy but the wife would not sign. I took it real hard at first wondering why the stars were not lining up to help me accomplish putting things right with the Universe.

I knew one should always ask “for this or something better” from God so I accepted the situation. My post at that time were seen by  some of you folks as angry. Yeah I was fighting anger.

But now I have found a new property on 48 acres that my family will start a permaculture farm on.

I am doing the best I can to be brave, be logical and set an example for my children, friends and community. Most who know the story tell me they wish they could do the same, but they choose not to.

Maybe after they see what I will attempt to do they will. I can only hope. Everything else in our life I will try to keep the same just live 1 hr away on land that can be farmed. Thats the best I can do to make a difference.

Safety Fishnet (@SafetyFishnet)   APRIL 30, 2015 AT 7:39 AM  streetspirit, congratulations to you for your persistence & bravery, it seems to work for you.

Moreover, thank you for expanding on my questions and your honest self-reflection, you’re definitely spot on!!

While reading J.C’s material and engaging in this forum is highly enlightening, we should “walk the walk” to make our experience in this universe worthwhile and in line with what we are learning & discussing here.

Self-sufficiency even at modest levels coupled with the company of like-minded individuals will definitely do you wonders, I hope to emulate something similar to what you achieved, but challenges remain ahead for me too.

I have to pick a new career & occupation or relocate to somewhere abroad, a less **ittier place than the extremely **itty Turkey, which I unfortunately populate.

I’m desperate to fulfill these, because even I’m partially awake to the essence of my creation, I can’t afford to go back to sleep.

irrelevant111  APRIL 29, 2015 AT 12:33 AM  Dottie,  The bombs that fell over Japan saved many American lives due to ignorance which is most certainly a failing in all countries.  How many of your ancestors gave their lives so you have the freedom to speak?  I lost many…  Off my podium, wish you well as we live n learn…  Best

Dottie Derewicz  APRIL 29, 2015 AT 8:45 PM that all that matters.. You didn’t have to save American lives..the war was over at the point that how many thousands Japanese civilians women and children were fried. I have done study on this….

Take General Dwight David Eisenhower on this. He, himself said that they did not have to bomb..the war was over..his very words.

I will post his very words on this. How many lost their lives for no reason? Like in Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan? You simply just don’t know the is that simple.

There are few wars that we fought that were considered moral and right. My uncle was on Iwo Jima.

He told me about that one. He was there. He said he was a sitting duck and if he hadn’t gotten Tuberculosis he would have been dead.. for what.. a base. You can not justify what the US has done to me. I have studied for two years now.

Dottie Derewicz   APRIL 29, 2015 AT 8:52 PM  Sorry , Irrelevant with all due respect you are just wrong on your facts. I studied this because I had bought all the war propaganda..

here are the very words from General Dwight David Eisenhower..

You can believe what you want, but the truth will win out in the end. Yes, I have lived and I have learned.

I have learned the truth on the wars waged in this country. It doesn’t mean I don’t love my nation. It is because I love my nation that I search for truth. I never want to have to be accountable for little children dying for no moral reason and not to defend our country under attack and I say that..when we are directly under attack we must defend..

Peace through the only way!! It isn’t just about the white man as MLK said. When we are wrong we are wrong..wave the flag all you want sir, but with this one we were oh, so, wrong.

It always comes down to..make someone feel guilty, by saying look how many died for your freedom..most wars are not fought for our freedom. It is fought for power and money..

The military industrial complex..look that one up.. and read this article please. It is very profound as well.

Dottie Derewicz   APRIL 29, 2015 AT 9:10 PM  I apologize to JC for getting a bit off topic, but find the speech that MLK gave to be relevant to the multilateral subject. As you explained about the changes coming. The idea of less wars really rings loud in my ears.

 I have studied for some some time the many, many wars that the US has been involved in over the years. There is a number it is huge. We have over 800 military bases around the MLK spoke about.. being the policeman. I would love to see this change.

Let’s stop being involved in wars in every nation on the planet and especially the Middle East. Bring our men and women home and rebuild this nation. That is my hope.

 luismagno2010  APRIL 29, 2015 AT 6:29 AM  @nanook  I was responding to JC’s comment on your comment. “Minority rights” is establishment wording and JC’s. It is not my wording.

 I used that wording as a starting point in an attempt to close the conceptual gap to New Paradigm thinking on the issue of “minority rights”. The concept of “minority rights” is a mental abomination and a mental aberration imposed on the hapless American people from “on high”.

Dottie Derewicz   APRIL 29, 2015 AT 9:12 PM I agree are so right..hit the nail on the head, thank you.

daniel grig (@gelingrig)   APRIL 29, 2015 AT 7:17 AM  irrelevant111, All wars are behind the interests of private banking.  Countries and people are victims. But the elite works behind a symbol of a country such as America, Russia and China.

If the U.S. out have many hotbeds of war, it is not that the country called USA, if single to decided to go to war, but that have manipulated the votes, for the lie of corrupt politicians, which are private banking puppets.

The United States is no longer a free country, it is a corporation headquartered in Washington, DC (district of Colombia) is a micro-estado in another State and belonging to the Vatican.

America has two constitutions, but few know this painful truth.

What makes the elite then is face even through patriotism.

Part of patriotism is “brainwashing” that many American soldiers have died and killed others, thousands of miles distance from his country, like Afghanistan, Iraq etc thinking that they are Patriots and defend America, unaware that defended the interests of private banking. We are all brothers planetary.

Dottie Derewicz APRIL 29, 2015 AT 9:14 PM I thank you for telling the truth. If you dare say this to many in America you get attacked saying you aren’t a patriot and don’t love your country. Quite the contrary.. it means you love your country enough to tell the truth.

luismagno2010  APRIL 29, 2015 AT 8:24 AM  JC, I do believe that this is your best off-topic essay ever. The Achilles heel of your improving vision is the failure to extend your multilevel thinking to a multidimensional reality.  ~ from Ludwig der Grosse aka Luis Magno

JC Collins   APRIL 29, 2015 AT 12:21 PM Luis, thanks, I think. The esoteric is never far from my mind. So in good spirit I’ll give you a tidbit of something that aligns with your comment.

Humans are multidimensional reality, and the Earth is a multidimensional lens. Everything has multidimensional components whether we perceive it correctly or not.

A multilateral restructuring of Mans systems is a “projection” of the multidimensional characteristics of both mind and matter, of which the Earth is the projecting lens.

Tommydelicious   APRIL 29, 2015 AT 10:28 PM   from JC: “Luis, thanks, I think. The esoteric is never far from my mind. So in good spirit I’ll give you a tidbit of something that aligns with your comment.

Humans are multidimensional reality, and the Earth is a multidimensional lens. Everything has multidimensional components whether we perceive it correctly or not.

A multilateral restructuring of Mans systems is a “projection” of the multidimensional characteristics of both mind and matter, of which the Earth is the projecting lens.”

Now there’s a topic which underlies a lot of the comments that have been posted here. I know you, JC, understand what Krishnamurti spoke of when he said that we are all “reading the book of life”, and through a multidimensional lens no less! I appreciate all the comments that have come in here, and am engaged in reading the book of life through these projections.  Thanks to all.

irrelevant111   APRIL 29, 2015 AT 2:58 PM Patriotism is Nativism. Part of any culture. History supports loyalty to any country. Always know, WW2 freed many a man at huge cost from Americans, British, Australian n many others. The fault of war is self evident. The sacrifice of common man in the trenches is the honor one should bestow. Hope for calm waters down the road.  Nothing more…

Dottie Derewicz   APRIL 29, 2015 AT 9:19 PM  Sacrifice for what put money in someones pocket. Many of these men and women died for just that reason..start doing some research my friend.

Daneackerman   APRIL 30, 2015 AT 9:17 AM  Unfortunately Dottie with this point of view disrespect the men and women who have put boots on ground or in trenches but didn’t know they were fighting for corporate advancement. They thought they were fighting the good fight which was to give us the right to do just what we are doing now sharing our own personal perceptions of the lives we have lived.

Although understanding this point of view it doesn’t take into account them that truly believed they were fighting the good fight we should work diligently to remember this and factor it into our reasoning.
Tommydelicious   APRIL 29, 2015 AT 10:34 PM   I agree irrelevant111. Having read accounts of Taliban terrorism in the homeland of Afghanistan against their own people, I cannot blame American soldiers nor the empire itself for moving to make a change there. I personally know a few men who fought in Iraq, and they did indeed fight against some truly evil forces.

Yes, hope for calmer waters down the road, meanwhile, keep the mind open and the thoughts clear. Emotional attachments to lyrical ideals creates confrontation. And where confrontation exists in individuals, it will exist in societies.  Stay lucid.

Dottie Derewicz  APRIL 29, 2015 AT 11:57 PM   I just attempt to bring forth the truth. If you are open to the truth, but some never will be. Of course there is terrorism in Afghanistan. How many years did the US stay in Afghanistan fighting a war they couldn’t win if that is truly what their intentions were. 

Why was the US there? Why do we get involved in every confrontation in the world when we are broke.. 

It seems no one gets that.Bring the troops home and bring the money home and stop paying the military industrial complex to clean up in every country we demolish.

beachdude2   APRIL 30, 2015 AT 2:17 AM  Irrelevant111, Yes but after the economic collapse of Germany’s economy after WWI, who brought up much of Germany’s manufacturing infrastructure for pennies on the dollar and brought the Nazi’s to power?

Wall Street Banks like Brown Brothers Harriman, Chase and Union Bank, plus big American Companies like Dow, Alcoa, Ford, GM & ITT, thats who.

Who has never lost a war in the last 1000 years? The Bankers because they fund both sides. The Patriots you refer to are just pawns on the chess board and just fodder for the slaughter.

Professor Anthony Sutton has a whole series of books and YTube videos on this and other dual war funding:   Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany: The Best Enemies Money Can Buy 1 of 5 — Prof. Antony C. Sutton

jas0712   APRIL 29, 2015 AT 5:46 PM  Thanks JC, long time reader, 1st time replier. Just wanted to say thank you and you have opened many eyes with your posts, observations of our global economy and speculations as to the direction we are heading Globally. It’s good to put things in perspective and I look forward to reading your insights in the future.

Dripfood   APRIL 29, 2015 AT 7:50 PM  It is indeed an interesting discussion what system of governance form along the movements of multilateralism and consolidation.

I guess demockracy will surely be promoted as the best system of choice, since it is so easily covertly hijacked by those who seek power over many, while giving an impression of free choice for the populace.

But we might see something interesting form just yet.

The internet has caused the elimination of many middlemen in retail and it might be used to render the political middlemen useless over time. Why not vote for visions and decisions directly, without the easily corruptible mediation of political representatives?  As our friend Axx always says: Time will tell.

irrelevant111  APRIL 30, 2015 AT 2:41 AM  Thanks to all. Opinions are like ****holes. We all have one.

Smile n grin as we journey on…  Sincerely,   Axx

Dottie Derewicz   APRIL 30, 2015 AT 11:25 AM  Actually Irrelevant.. it goes this way.. excuses are like a–holes.. not opinions. Most of the entries on here were not opinions, but fact, many never want to deal with the truth. Maybe it is just easier to live in the fantasy world.  

We can smile once America most especially becomes the nation with a soul. It can happen. .not really sure at this point that it will come through the new multilateral system or not.. 

no matter what system it takes my prayer is that we will remove the military bases around the world.. take out the military industrial complex and rebuild not just the industrial component of our nation, but become a kinder nation.

Dottie Derewicz   APRIL 30, 2015 AT 11:28 AM   I do have a question. JC you mentioned checks and balances.. how will the checks and balance work with the US, Canada and Mexico as we are not integrated as of yet?

Dottie Derewicz   APRIL 30, 2015 AT 1:57 PM  ASEAN beating out China in manufacturing