Thoughts From Arthur: Emailed to Recaps Sunday Morning

Arthur: The reality of this investment is and always has been that by its very nature there are no definitive dates or rates to be found …so all we can do is our very best due diligence in looking at all the veritable information we can see with our own eyes.

Filter what little veracious and reliable intel we can glean along with the almost indecipherable, intentionally ambiguous articles and make some educated guesses based on empirical evidence over time.

Based on that, we can all agree that this is the most exciting time we have ever seen in this investment.

End of year excitement is always abundant since that is usually the time when countries implement their annual budgets, but this year is by far filled with the most palpable and positive expectation any of us have ever seen to date.

First of all this is the first EOY (End of Year)  we have ever witnessed devoid of the notorious Nouri al-Maliki…this new PM Abadi is proving to be an historically great and eminent leader.

How many world leaders actually successfully do what they say they are gonna do on a consistent basis?

And how many parliaments or congresses actually assent and collaborate with a leader the way we are witnessing in the case of Iraq?

None that I have ever seen ….which makes for all the appropriate conditions one would think a country aspiring to international greatness could possibly want or need to achieve its stated goals as a global donor nation.

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