Abadi puts the finishing touches to his cabinet

Abadi puts the finishing touches to his cabinet

6/9/2014 0:00

Amidst conflicting reports
BAGHDAD morning
abounded in the last two days the news contrasting of political blocs and the negotiating committees for the formation of the next government, especially after it issued a clear threat from the Office of the Prime Minister-designate, Dr. Haider Abadi reject the assignment if imposed upon him the names by suspicions of corruption are not given the admissibility and wide,

and he will Bmkashifh people do, which returned and repeated yesterday, a source close to al-Abbadi, after taking some lumps lift the ceiling of demands to put obstacles in front of the government and thwart the steps announced.

was held Abadi, a meeting with the negotiating committee of the National Alliance to discuss the lineup of the next government amid reports for completeness cabinet reshuffle.

With A member of the delegation negotiator for one of the political blocs on the distribution of quotas sovereign ministries between the political forces in the lineup the next government.

MP said the coalition of state law in the WIN Coalition Hisham al-Suhail said «the government formation has been completed and remained the finishing touches to its announcement».

said «there is almost an agreement on Minister with the exception of some of the names have yet to talk ».

It is said that the political forces engaged in intensive dialogues and daily to speed up the formation of the next government, according to the constitutional period specified, which expires next Wednesday, September 10th month.

attempts to impede the government’s announcement of his part, revealed a source close to Prime Minister-designate Haider Abadi all that there is evidence and documents condemns figures of political blocs trying to impede the formation of the government through pressure and raise the level of the roof of demands to the limits of unreasonable and far from logic to achieve their own interests «. ,

the source said in a press statement yesterday: »personalities of blocks involved dialogues and negotiations tried everything have put the complexities and problems of its goal to stop wheel negotiations, which we passed where all frames narrow that some have tried to put the objectives and intentions ».

source pointed out that «Abadi will be forced to reveal all threaded through the detection of these figures and documents in his possession to inform them of the Iraqi people being affected by these behaviors and loses blood Zakia pure because of terrorism Outlaw ». ,

and pointed out that »of trying to thwart the formation of the government is the same as supporting terrorism and standing in front of the wheel of progress in negotiations to form a government of national consensus that we are trying from which to build national unity and the elimination of terrorism, criminal».

Kurdish demands and confirmed the presidency of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region that negotiations delegation Kurdistan with the National Alliance did not reach a solution, expressing his belief that the next government does not differ much from the previous it did not change its policy toward the region.

said a spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Parliament Tariq essence in a press statement that «the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil is not solved during the period of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and these files is one of the priorities of the work of the delegation of Kurdistan to the agreement to resolve with the National Alliance and with other parties in order to put the government program,

and then the formation of the government anticipated, because the lack of a program agreed between the political blocs makes it difficult to form a government and the distribution of ministries » .

continued Spokesman «According to the information, the negotiations did not reach a solution between the side of Kurdistan and the other parties, especially with the National Alliance, so it was expected today to answer the demands Alcardstadtah by the National Alliance,

but personally I expect that things were not easy to form a government, and may not there is a big difference between the next government and the previous government, and we do not feel that there is a new intentions and signs for the entry of new policies and change in political attitudes ».

to the detection of a member of the Kurdistan Alliance, Ahmed al-Haj Rashid told the «morning» for the negotiations to form a government, suspended for failure to reach an agreement between the Kurdish component and component Shiite, because the National Alliance did not meet the demands of the Kurds, who are demanding four ministries, including the sovereign,

adding that the Ministry of Finance is not acceptable to the Kurds, who are demanding the Foreign Ministry in lieu thereof and that this led to the failure to reach an agreement and negotiations were suspended for some time ».

Rashid added that the next government consists of 27 ministries except the positions of deputy prime minister, and free from the ministries of state.

For his part, suggested that the National Alliance in the negotiations yesterday, the first alliance on Iraqi forces to return to the proportion of representation obtained by the Sunni component in the formation of the government in 2010, when it achieved in the election results as similar to that achieved in the elections Alokhirh.oukal member of the Coalition for honest ordeal »Center Brief Iraqi Media Network »:

The« National Alliance did not formally agree on the proportion of the 40 percent to represent the alliance Iraqi forces, and suggested yesterday the first they have to get a percentage of representation itself obtained in 2010,

a 25 percent «also clarified the ordeal that« alliance powers agreed in principle to the proposal of the National Alliance, and we await the conclusion of consultations within the alliance forces to respond formally to the proposal and move to form a government according to the proportion of approaching reality »

He continued ordeal that« the request alliance Iraqi forces receiving 40 percent of the positions are not commensurate with the results elections achieved by ».obar alliance Iraqi forces on receiving 40 percent of the post in the government of Prime Minister-designate Haider Abadi amid rejection from the National Alliance on mind hurt by the latter in the composition of the government.

demands outside the limits of the powers and said a member of a coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod Friday : Some of the demands that are still political blocs to negotiate them, are outside the limits of validity of the Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi, insists blocks on obtaining the approval of Abadi for their implementation.

added Chihod’s »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network», that «there are demands made ​​in the papers Coalition Kurdistan (PUK) and the Alliance of Iraqi forces, not the validity of the prime minister-designate, but the validity of the Council of Ministers, and the Supreme Judicial Council,

and the House of Representatives need to legislations »also clarified that« the insistence of the Kurdistan Alliance and Iraqi forces on the sign-Abadi, the implementation of the demands made ​​will go Abadi in breach Legal », pointing out that« the demands asked Abadi signature on the implementation of the amnesty law,

and the abolition of the accountability and justice ». For his part, MP for the coalition of citizen Amer winner, the National Alliance, will not grant the rights to a particular component expands at the expense of the rights of others in the formation of the government anticipated efforts.’s »

Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» that «National Alliance, did not agree to the demands of the alliance Iraqi forces by receiving 40 percent of the ministries, especially the Alliance waiver on the 5 percent to alliance Iraqi forces, for the purpose of creating balances and the formation of the next government «.

added that «the coalition believes that the alliance of the Iraqi forces, will have seven ministries, including the deputy prime minister and the Republic, as the National Alliance to resolve this paragraph, through the abdication of some entitlements in favor of the coalition forces» .

oanht National Alliance bloc cooperation with Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi, the preparation of the government program for the next four years, which will include for the first time specific periods of time to solve the problems in Iraq, and the allocation of funds every problem that you need them.


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