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Thoughts From Exogen and Stage3Alpha Members Sunday Evening


wilbur grodan August 31, 2014 at 5:05pm


Shabibi may have mentioned ‘three day weekend’ per numerous online mentions

Gives advanced global access to markets as ours are closed MONDAY

TOKYO is back from lunch and LONDON premarket is open (more advance access)

Markets are dialed in to perfection for this to be THE final weekend

The last report on IRAQI political process may have merit…It appears the sides have reconciled (inclusiveness)

NOBODY is more motivated than IRAQ to see this monetary reform

Markets supporting this as the pivotal time

omegaman August 31, 2014 at 7:02pm from three separate sources we hear that the day for the trigger to be pulled is Monday/tues. that is when funds are released for the Historic Bond funding; shortly thereafter, i would not dare say when, but less than a week from thence, shall we see PBX. note: as always, take as rumor until proven otherwise…hope this stays where it is and doesn’t take a lil trip across cyberspace…

a mitchell August 31, 2014 Im even more excited. I got a message from another dinar holder in nyc that saw a private exchange happening w a briefcase full of dinar. They quizzed the banker when the transaction was completed. He would not discuss details but confirmed they have a machine to verify dinar and he would most likely be helping them by the middle of the next week.

Vinman:  (RE: Picture Clues) For those who missed it here is a summary to now: Algorithms for reset implemented. Cannot be stopped. Numbers are changing on screens.

LaGarde has accomplished her mission. Rates projected to show live on Forex- we will be in banks in 24-48 hrs. Notifications sent to banks- confirmed.

TRNs are live and can now be seen. Trillions moving and flowing worldwide starting today….confirmed! We are sitting on pins and needles.

Get ready for gold and silver to plunge before they sky rocket. We are finally at the finish line. What a marathon it has been.


EXOGEN August 31, 2014 at 7:17pm


EXOGEN: She Hilali told the “eye Iraq News” that “the meeting will witness the consensus in with before the House of Representatives to end the file of the general budget,”

EXOGENrevealed an MP for the coalition of state law Ibtisam al-Hilali, Saturday, that the next session of Parliament will be decisive and final adoption of the budget to the public in 2014.

James > EXOGEN What’s a Budget ?? Ans : A shopping list with a  RATE !!

As a famous group of musicians once said …”Let It Be”


BREAKING NEWS: Law: The next meeting will witness the end the dilemma of the general budget: BR

Posted by BaNDiTo.RoX on August 30, 2014 at 7:00pm

BAGHDAD / … revealed an MP for the coalition of state law Ibtisam al-Hilali, Saturday, that the next session of Parliament will be decisive and final adoption of the budget to the public in 2014. 

She Hilali told the “eye Iraq News” that “the meeting will witness the consensus in with before the House of Representatives to end the file of the general budget,” indicating that “the budget greatly affect the economic reality of the country and that the stall in assent serves as a drift of the country toward the abyss.”

She added that “the previous sessions saw the learning of the file public budget,” asserting that “the House of Representatives agreed on a unified position within the parliament to deliver the budget bill once and for all and pay attention to the security problems facing the country in the days to the present.”

The file format node biggest budget during the previous parliamentary sessions allowing the responsibility of the House of Representatives to speed up the agreement to resolve this issue because it led to the aggravation of the economic crisis in the country during the months Alhalah.onthy / 6

Conflict detection files between PUK and change movement .

Conflict detection files between PUK and change movement . Twilight news media strongly worded argument prevails for days between the PUK and change movement where each party has to publish files about alleged financial and administrative corruption. altThe documents revealed the conflict started when some pages of documentation on social networking websites, the Minister of finance in the Government of the territory ribas, a change set two people close to him in […]

European stocks rise on easing hopes, E.Z. data ahead; Dax up 0.48% – – European stocks were higher on Friday, as disappointing German retail sales fuelled further speculation over the possibility of fresh easing measures by the European Central Bank.

During European morning trade, the DJ Euro Stoxx 50 climbed 0.67%, France’s CAC 40 advanced 0.57%, while Germany’s DAX gained 0.48%.

Official data showed that German retail sales declined 1.4% in July, disappointing expectations for a 0.1% rise, after a 1.0% gain in June, whose figure was revised from a previously estimated 1.3% advance.

The report came a day after data showed that the number of unemployed people in Germany rose by 2,000 last month, confounding expectations for a decline of 5,000.

Investors were eyeing upcoming reports on consumer price inflation and unemployment from the euro zone for further indications on the bloc’s economy.

Financial stocks were broadly lower, as French lenders BNP Paribas (PARIS:BNPP) and Societe Generale (PARIS:SOGN) gained 0.93% and 0.95%, while Germany’s Deutsche Bank (XETRA:DBKGn) rose 0.37%.

Among peripheral lenders however, Italy’s Unicredit (MILAN:CRDI) and Intesa Sanpaolo (MILAN:ISP) jumped 1.15% and 1.41% respectively, while Spanish banks BBVA (MADRID:BBVA) and Banco Santander (MADRID:SAN) advanced 0.36% and 0.78%.

Elsewhere, Hermes International (PARIS:HRMS) saw shares climb 0.92% after the French luxury retailer repeated its forecasts and reported a 6.3% increase in first-half earnings.

In London, commodity-heavy FTSE 100 rose 0.34%, led by Astrazeneca (LONDON:AZN), up 2.27%, after as UBS said the pharmaceutical company’s treatment for colorectal cancer has moved to the next stage of testing.

Mining companies added to gains, as Glencore Xstrata (LONDON:GLEN) advanced 0.89% and Bhp Billiton (LONDON:BLT) jumped 0.99%, while Rio Tinto (LONDON:RIO) and Vedanta Resources (LONDON:VED) rallied 1.09% and 1.37% respectively.

In the financial sector, stocks were also broadly higher. Shares in Barclays (LONDON:BARC) rose 0.62% and the Royal Bank of Scotland (LONDON:RBS) climbed 0.72%, while HSBC Holdings (LONDON:HSBA) gained 0.75% and Lloyds Banking (LONDON:LLOY) advanced 0.90%.

Meanwhile, Tesco (LONDON:TSCO) led losses on the index with shares plunging 7.63%, after the retailer lowered its full-year profit forecast to a range of 2.4 billion to 2.5 billion and cut its interim dividend by 75%.

In the U.S., equity markets pointed to a higher open. The Dow 30 futures pointed to a 0.20% rise, SP 500 futures signaled a 0.20% gain, while the Nasdaq 100 futures indicated a 0.20% increase.

Later in the day, the U.S. was to release a report on personal spending and revised data from the University of Michigan on consumer sentiment. offers an extensive set of professional tools for the financial markets.
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Tidbits Shared By Stryker & Gamaray

Post Emailed To Dinar Recaps

Hello Folks. We are seeing a major change in Iraq and it is all developing right in front of our eyes. From Iraqi forces breaking through the ISIS lines and regaining a town to the Iraqi politicians working around the clock in formation of a NEW Iraqi Government changes are here.

Gamaray and I wanted to bring you good people some great news today as we ourselves celebrate our Labor Day weekend here in the states.

Folks, the backbone of any country are it’s working people, the same working people that pay and pave the way so governments that we elect can unite in helping others that can’t help themselves.

So on this Labor Day Weekend, folks celebrate your own efforts because you are the ones that enable freedom all over the world.

  Stand proud this weekend knowing you have made a difference as it’s your efforts here and across the world that helps the Iraqis there. It’s your work that pays for the weapons that will and can defeat these barbarians call Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.

Today’s Iraqi military advancement over ISIS saw Iraqi Sunnis celebrating in the streets, knowing that they were next in line and what would have been known as nothing short of a mass exodus of innocent people.

Now our friends from Australia are teaming up with the United States and others to fight these savages known as ISIS, ISIL and where it all started from, al-Qaeda.

Here is where Iraq is today…

Politicians Share Power:

This assures the Sunnis that they will have an equal share in power and an equal share in the formation of the NEW Government.

Quote: A political source from the National Alliance revealed that the National Alliance agreed, late yesterday evening, to equal its share of the ministries with the Sunni lists.”

Remember, unite Iraq and we will finally see the true value of the Iraqi dinar because Dr. Turki said he will not hesitate to implement the program when the political situation is right for Iraq.

Hakim Works Hard for The People of Iraq

We have never seen leaders act in such a way as to bring Iraq together as they are right now, Hakim once again is leading the pack.

Quote: Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, said on Sunday that the committees of national and Kurdish alliances will meet Sunday afternoon for a ministerial statement acceptable to all parties.

Said Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, in a joint news conference with the head of the delegation of the Kurdish negotiator Hoshyar Zebari.

Quote: “We expressed our support for the government Abadi, and we will work hard through consultations tireless conducted through the day to reach conclusive results, final and the signing of a ministerial statement All reassure Iraqis alike.”

New GOI Time Frame:

Quote: “this week will see the announcement the government formation after the arrival of the talks between the National Alliance and the Kurdish blocs to advanced stages.”

Quote: “The squad that will be announced will be a surprise for all in terms of the selection and quality of the characters that will provide a lot of Iraq and calling on the media to stand by the next government, service and support for Iraq.”

September 11th is the formation deadline itself according to the Iraqi constitution but if they can announce it this week they will have one more week to vote confidence in Abadi and all his cabinet members.

Folks, there are so many great articles out today that I would encourage you to go to the Stryker Daily News Forum and read a few, it will make you feel good about them and your choices on this holiday weekend.

Take Care and God Bless,   Stryker and Gamaray


Wilbur Grodan:The last report on IRAQI political process may have merit.

It appears the sides have reconciled (inclusiveness)NOBODY is more motivated than IRAQ to see this monetary reformMarkets supporting this as the pivotal time
Shabibi may have mentioned ‘three day weekend’ per numerous online mentions.
Gives advanced global access to markets as ours are closed MONDAY 

Abbadi announced a government program compatibility .

Abbadi announced a government program compatibility . Twilight news/Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, in charge of political parties winning parliamentary agreement on the programme of the future Government. altThe statement comes a day after the Alliance of Sunni forces the suspension of negotiations to form a Government, said that her return is subject to satisfy the claim. Written by Tony on his social network “Facebook” that negotiations with all the political blocs and […]

Trading begins tomorrow morning processing people in amerli ration card items

Trading begins tomorrow morning processing people in amerli ration card items Baghdad/Obelisk: Ministry of Commerce announced Sunday that it would start tomorrow morning in amerli area processing in Salahuddin province to the ration card items. The Ministry said in a statement “the Obelisk” obtained a copy, “the Commerce Ministry will start processing the amerli area liberated by the ration card items beginning tomorrow morning.” The Prosecutor said the State of law coalition […]