Update on Okie’s Daughter-In-Law by Dinarmama7 at OOM&F Mon. PM

[.~dinarmama7] Good evening all – here is an update

First of all Okie wants everyone to know how much he appreciates all the love and prayers. However, he needs for people to stop calling.

From the time he goes to the hospital in the morning until he gets home, the phone calls continue to come in and his answering machine is full of messages when he gets back.

It holds 100 messages. It is exhausting to listen to all the messages, and he cannot return the calls.

He is in a position he cannot shut the phone off as he may be getting an emergency call that he does not want. Last night, the phone continued to ring until after midnight.
He loves everyone very much and appreciates the prayers and love, but it is wearing him down. He needs to be able to rest when he comes home.

Let’s let him do that.

He reads Recaps and sees your comments, and we are forwarding prayers to him, so he is seeing those as well. He is very appreciative and thankful for them.

Remember there is no distance in prayer and that is how we can all help the most right now.

For the update, the MRI was inconclusive this morning. They will do another one tomorrow. They will try to get her to breathe on her own tomorrow.

She is still unresponsive. As you all know if you have had any surgery or accidents, the third day is the hardest physically, and today is her third day.

Please continue to lift her up in prayer and the entire family. Her husband is staying there with her and is the only one allowed into ICU at this point. He is exhausted as he stays by his wife’s side. There is extended family there, but of course they cannot go into the room at this point.

We stand, firm in faith, believing for complete and total restoration.

It will be a long haul for her to have gone through this much trauma to her precious body.

Peace, strength and comfort for the entire family. And sweet rest when they are able to lay down.

Supernatural rest and restoration for all.

As there is change, there will be more updates.

It is not a desire to have redundant posts.

Again, thank you everyone. God bless you all.

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