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This is:  The First Of My Last 3 Emails To Be Sent To Family & Friends

Today at 2:30 PM    On Monday, June 30, 2014 2:29 PM, Tlar wrote:

Comment – Tomorrow should be a big day in the life of this investment. The parliament will meet and be sworn in and then either announce the candidates to the press for government positions or they will go through the motions and actually vote them in one by one.

This should be like the couple that gets married in a quick marriage in Vegas then later has a formal wedding. In other words they might either make an announcement to the press of the new government or go through the motions of appearing to build a government in one day.

  This is the first step in the process. The RV will quickly follow meaning in 3-7 days but more like three. The rate is still at between $3.00 – $4.00. I know some of you don’t understand but this is the way it will go.

Anything can be delayed because remember this is Iraq and it is people that are doing this. If there is a delay it will only be a few days but at this time nobody is anticipating any delay. Enough about that.

The Iraqi army is beginning to route the ISIS (article 1) out of the Sunni areas they have been occupying under Sunni authorization. Sunni’s, Turkmen and Kurds will quickly join in to remove the ISIS and have stated such as soon as Maliki is out of office and there is a new representative government announced.

The ISIS will quickly be on the run even though they just announced that they have formed an independent state inside the borders of Iraq. They are being pushed back as I write this and many are dressing up as women in their attempt to escape.

They have been nothing more than a tool in this and when the tool is of no longer use, it will be discarded. I have said the things going on in Iraq is not what it seems for a few months now.

This is an orchestrated Sunni rebellion against a dictatorial government.

The purpose of which is to unseat a powerful dictator who had no intention of ever leaving.

Articles continue to describe this government as “the owners” and that is the way the Maliki government and Maliki himself has acted since they took control of Iraq in 2010. The money, the property, the people, in fact all assets of Iraq, the owners felt belonged to them so they took what they wanted when they wanted it.

 In one Sunni town before this mess started, Maliki had his army rounded up and arrested 400 male citizens. He jailed them in his secret jails and they are still there today being tortured.

There is more than 100,000 political Sunni prisoners jailed in Iraq today. The Sunni’s are tired. Maliki has marginalized ethnic groups, the Sunni’s, the Turkmen and the Kurds.

Everything is being set right with this rebellion and things that would have never been set right as long as Maliki stayed in office. They have been righted through the gains made in the towns and provinces and made in the field. Sunni’s are in control of Sunni areas and Kurds are in control of Kurdish areas.

This was never intended to be a civil war but the Sunni’s were prepared to take it that far if Maliki gained a third term. Maliki will not be a part of the new government nor will there be a puppet regime fashioned after Putins ploy to sit out for a term (man behind the thrown) and then re-run again.

Maliki would have accepted that but no one else would.

We are so close to this being over. I will put out another email tomorrow afternoon after parliament meets. The last email I will put out will be the day of they RV.

Like I said above, the RV will follow within days of the announcement of the new government.

Turki said it himself when he stated that he would do it today if the government was settled. He also stated he would like to do it mid year.

Tomorrow is the first day of mid-year and tomorrow hopefully the government will be “settled.” Tomorrow I will most likely be sending out the 2nd of my last three emails.

Like I also said above if there is any delay it will be short as in one to two days.  Again, my last email will explain everything. Here is a couple of articles.

The last is long but it is by far the most accurate assessment of Iraq from the beginning of the war.  (I did not include this on this site for CC.  It is posted here in the forums 

Special Report: How Iraq’s Maliki defined limits of U.S. power    by Kimberley

 Tlar     Comment – the beginning of the end for ISIS. tlar

 Iraq: ISIL Militants Fleeing Salahuddin in Women Dress

 Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:11

  TEHRAN (FNA)- Militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are wearing women’s dress and hid in civilians’ cars to escape from Salahuddin province in disguise after sustaining a heavy defeat in the war with Iraq’s army and volunteer forces. “Many of the ISIL militants are fleeing Salahuddin province in family cars and in women dresses,” Head of Salahuddin Governorate Council Ahmad Al-Karim told FNA on Monday.

 He said that the ISIL militants are escaping to Al-Jazeera Hamrin Mountains, and added, “The ISIL is a terrorist group supported by some regional countries and it is just trying to create a chaotic atmosphere in the region.”

Meantime, a security source in Salahuddin province announced that the Iraqi army has struck heavy blows on the ISIL.

 On Monday, Iraq’s security forces and army killed large numbers of ISIL militants in violent clashes at Spiker military base in North of Tikrit, capital province of Salahuddin province.

“Fierce clashes erupted between the armed forces and the terrorists in Spiker base in the North of Salahuddin,” informed security source told Iraq’s Alforat news agency.

 “The fighting resulted in killing the terrorists,” he added

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