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tony and DC say the announcements supposed to come out this weekend past are slow but we ARE still in the window on or before the 4th
some mention of being extended to the 9th but neither Tony nor DC believe that will happen
Football analogy – the ball has crossed the goal line and the play is in review awaiting the announcement of the SCORE!
history: Iraq still having security issues that are

Millionday Sunday Night News  Part 2

Millionday News 6/29/14  Part 2

    Welcome To Sunday Night News Time With Millionday!

    [awesomedtl] any possible relation to iraq revaluing?

    [millionday] not that we see in ink

    [awesomedtl] k ty just wondering

    [shiek] New notes for Kuwaiti’s exchange some other notes? Hmmmmm

    [millionday] i think the secure bills are a reflection of some of the issues they have all had in the region  —   i will say very interesting  smile  brb with more

     [MGM] Same denoms as Iraq prewar. . . Interesting!

    [jtank] high dollar value

    Pablo] That’s encouraging.

    [hstrymknwmn] MGM that is interesting

    [graylnjo] I read somewhere you should photocopy the serial numbers on your dinar. Any reason for this?

    [wmawhite] graylnjo ………do you photo copy the USD you have or any Euro or Pesos?

    [millionday] graylnjo they said at the time so that no one tries to switch them out on you and for your records if you should need them for regulations when that came up about five years ago

    [millionday] wmawhite smile

    [wmawhite] Smiling

    [millionday] do you mean all the very large stacks ?  lol

    [graylnjo] MD ty I figgered it was BS

    [wmawhite] lol

    [Baxter1243] That article above states Kuwait has 1.5 billion dinars in circulation…that sure doesnt sound like much money if Iraq is in the trillions…. if it is 1.5 billion…. and right now its even 3 US Dollars… thats only 4.5 billion US Dollars…. what am I missing here?

    [millionday] Baxter1243 they have not removed the zeros yet

    [millionday] smile

    [millionday] here we go with report about who is showing up Tuesday

    [millionday] Shaima Rashid confirmed that all the political blocs to attend a parliament session on Tuesday, except for mass national while data showed the three main axes first announcement biggest bloc by the National Alliance and the second union national forces and the third of the Kurdistan Alliance, accompanied by the crystallization of ideas among these clusters to determine candidate to fill the positions of its sh

    [wmawhite] Baxter1243 ..Remember, there are over 34 million folks in Iraq…….In Kuwait during the tourists season maybe 50.

    [millionday] share of the three presidencies.

    [millionday] note — this means Tuesday

    [millionday] , and after the announcement of most of the blocks to attend the hearing tomorrow, but the source said the “morning” that the bloc led by Iyad Allawi, the National will not attend the meeting due to his protest against the conditions experienced by the country.

As confirmed blocks of the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Union national forces and small blocks Other attend the opening session of parliament. , and on alliances joined the bloc united for reform led by Osama Najafi on Sunday to block union national forces officially,

 according to confirmed member bloc Raad Aldhlki for “Center Brief Media Network Iraqi “explaining that” the bloc will be today or tomorrow to agree on a single candidate for the presidency of the Council of Representatives, and we are waiting for the National Coalition candidate for prime minister and candidate of the Kurds for the presidency. “

    [millionday] note — Allawi will not attend because of the condition of the country? wow that is a way to bring change

    [millionday] In regard to the nominations for the three presidencies A member of the Kurdistan Alliance, Hassan Jihad’s “Center Brief for the Media Network Iraqi “that” the alliance will present the governor of Kirkuk star Karim additional candidates for the presidency as well as Barham Saleh, Fuad Masum.

” The Kurdistan Alliance confirmed its readiness to provide a single candidate for the presidency in the event of the political blocs agreed on a presidential candidate, the parliament and the prime minister. within the detection of members of the National Alliance in the words of the “morning,” said the alliance in the process of resolving naming the prime minister in the coming hours.

    [millionday] WHOOOPOW — LOVE IT  –it looks as if it may even be a success

    [wmawhite] millionday …..Allawi…spoiled child that lives in the UK..some leader.

    [millionday] cross everything

    [DinarGroupie] Millionday I think Allawi won’t attend because he knows he is not a contender for the PM position. And if not showing up is his way to “help” the country with the new Parliament meeting, I am glad he won’t get it.

    [millionday] wmawhite i agree — how ridicules

    [jimplants] wmawhite amen to that

    [dovi] wmawhite he could always govern from

    [awesomedtl] this is the article I read earlier about allawi so this is ok if he doesnt show!??

    [millionday] awesomedtl oh yes it is ok and wont make a difference in a democratic gov — that is his position and his job —

    [awesomedtl] ohhh ok sweet !!!

    [millionday] DinarGroupie exactly

    [shiek] Allawi is overdue to retire from politics

    [wmawhite] Many Iraqis called Allawi……..Saddam without a mustache.

    [DinarGroupie] Millionday I think awesomedtl means will this hurt the chances of replacing Maliki?

    [millionday] must have known he didnt have a chance by the looks of his temper tantrum

    [graylnjo] If it wasn’t for MD and Mr, White I would be totally lost

    millionday] DinarGroupie no it wont — the choices are already made — they have met and will present

    [millionday] smile  –it is very exciting to see the parliament elder placed and also the parliament in such a disarray in the country —

    [DinarGroupie] And they have enough reps without Allawi’s bloc to do it?

    [millionday] yes they have enough

    [wmawhite] DinarGroupie ……..he has a very minor following.

    [millionday] half +1 is all they need

    [millionday] ok let me make sure i got it all — sheeeew

    [DinarGroupie] I think Allawi only has 21 himself

    [bblue] Is the SOL still insisting on Maliki as their candidate?

    [millionday] the national alliance gets to choose

    [ric] so tomorrow each block is presenting their champion so to speak millionday?

    millionday] on Tuesday  —  our Tuesday  —  their monday late

    hstrymknwmn] Won’t we start seeing results tom evening?

    [millionday] we may if they print — i will try to find in here late

    [millionday] i am sure i wont be alone — probably all of us will be here — BGG mr white and chattels so if it can be found one of us or you will find it

    [millionday] ok brb with more

    [wmawhite] millionday ..all of the Middles East media will be in Parliament………we ought to get results rather quickly.

    [fishheads] wmawhite but will we get the truth or a version of it. lol

    [hstrymknwmn] And everything else is closed…. EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW RESULTS

    [DinarGroupie] wmawhite that means transparency too, with all the reporters there at that session!

    [wmawhite] fishheads ……….invitations were put out the all of the media to be present……………….we will get what they see.

    [Pablo] That brings something to mind wmawhite. Poppy and BGG have made the point that Iraq wants to make a big splash in the currency reform before the world, wouldn’t bringing the world’s media help to do that?

    [cookie] DinarGroupie Agreed!

    [millionday] i have something to bring you from another member

    [millionday] it is again about the erbil stock exchange but has more info

    [millionday] and i have to say sczin11— your research has been wonderful — we thank you for all you do for us my friend

    [smiller67] millionday Amen

    [millionday] brb with it — this is from another member and is great news

    [millionday] here we go

    [millionday] The Arab Federation of Exchanges (AFE) has approved the request of the Erbil Stock Exchange (ESE) to join the AFE. Following the participation of ESE in AFE’s annual meeting in Dubai on June 4th, ESE requested they take steps forward in confirming their membership in AFE.

The Chairman of ESE Abdulla Ahmad Abdul Rahim told BasNews that following AFE’s annual meeting, they looked through ESE’s CV and chose to accept their request based on their qualifications.

    [millionday] “Being a member of AFE will open doors for the members of ESE that they can benefit from the exchange through training, workshops, and market studies,” said Abdulrahim.

“By the end of the year the stock exchange will open if no problems present themselves. Buying and selling will be based on the shares of the companies and so far many prestigious companies have registered their names. It is also expected that most of the companies in the Kurdistan Region will be ready to participate in this exchange,” added Abdulrahim.

    millionday] note — most will be ready to take part in this exchange

    [millionday] here comes the rest

    [millionday] BEST PART >>>> “Buying will be done in Iraqi Dinar and we don’t think the opening of the exchange will have an impact on increasing the value of Dollar or Dinar,” said Abdulrahim.

He also pointed out that AFE membership would increase to 18 when ESE is officially confirmed. AFE was established in June 1978 to be the guiding body for the Arab stock exchanges, under the recommendation of the Arab Central Banks Conference, held under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in Jordan.



    [millionday] SMILE

    star877] Ok thats in August. What about new platform Tuesday. Will that affect the dinar? Iyo[millionday] lstar877 they are talking about their form of payment in erbil stock market so it does not mean anything about the isx at this point

    [DinarGroupie] Is the Erbil Stock Market still waiting until August to go live? So this particular news means reality rate by at least August?

    [millionday] DinarGroupie they have stated that they go live in August  smile

    [DinarGroupie] So if it remains on schedule, probable reality rate by August?

    [millionday] it will have to have a calculated fair trade price for the dinar by international economics 101 so this is very exciting to say the least

    millionday] now the OMX platform was stated to be launched by tomorrow so we shall see what we have on it

    lstar877] Ok so no reality rate in july? We wait til August?

    [sczin11] lstar877 hopefully JUNE…. Smile

    [millionday] no this is saying that when the other stock market — esx — launches in August they will also be using the IQD as form of tender

    [DinarGroupie] Istar877 not necessarily. Based on the ISX going international, maybe July 1st

    [lstar877] Ok so anytime now thank you!

    [jtank] membership will increase to 18–countries

    [millionday] yes that are members of the ARAB FEDERATION OF EXCHANGES

    [millionday] let me look and see if iraq is listed  brb

    alphaone2] millionday do you think this will really go down on Tuesday without a delay again.

    [millionday] dont you love good news ?

    [millionday] a. Stock Exchanges • Saudi Stock Exchange ( Tadawul ) • Kuwait Stock Exchange • The Egyptian Exchange • Casablanca Stock Exchange • Bahrain Bourse • Beirut Stock Exchange • Qatar Exchange • Tunis stock Exchange • Dubai Financial Market • Amman Stock Exchange • Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange • Muscat Securities Market • Libyan Stock Market • Iraq Stock Exchange • Palestinian Securities Exchange • Damascus Stock Exchange

    [millionday] WHOOOPOW

    [awesomedtl] awesome whhooopow

    [awesomedtl] this is for the 1st!!!! right??

    [hstrymknwmn] Whooooopow for sure!!!!!

    [millionday] alphaone2 it seems to be with all work being stopped in Baghdad except for the parliament vote and meeting so very exciting — i hope so

    [hstrymknwmn] Millionday do you know if that is new?

    [cookie] whooopow

    [Rockin’RV] Let’s pray the political arena is successful!

    [millionday] this is the Arab Federation of Exchanges (AFE)

    [DinarGroupie] I forgot, they are celebrating Ramadan now!

    [millionday] let me look at it some more brb

    [hstrymknwmn] Right have they been listed before?

    swan2013] ··· bserver/ and http://www.dinarupdates. ··· om/blog/

    [millionday] thank you all for coming and remember we may not have roundtable tomorrow dependent on how long they take at garage

Millionday Sunday Night News  Part 1

Millionday News 6/29/14  Part 1

    Welcome To Sunday Night News Time With Millionday!

    [millionday] here we go

    [millionday] al-Tamimi Tgb continue the formal institutions of government and economic organizations, non-governmental efforts and capabilities in support of the crowd tactical National sustain the momentum of victories achieved by our armed forces, the heroine in the defeated terrorism,

as announced EFCC for follow-up mechanisms of action of border crossings and facilitate the task of the entry of goods, pointing out Login nearly 600 trucks a day from the port Zurbatiyah only.

    [millionday] note — they are announcing they have taken over the ports and can be proud in their military achievements

     [millionday] has announced general manager of TBI Hamdiya dry for a resolution passed at the extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors of the bank to transfer amounts of advertising and aid amounting to 800 million dinars allocated for the purpose of buying food for the army and in the form of meals.

supporting the army said in a telephone call to the “morning” that the bank has taken measures supportive of the home front by postponing repayment of loans to small businesses for the purposes of tourism projects as well as for some borrowers who have obligations with the state departments

    [millionday] note — the banks feel secure in what they have seen for security — great news

    [millionday] . They pointed out that the employees of the bank branches of the 22 initiated to conduct campaigns blood donation in support of military operations ongoing in some provinces.

follow-up outlets to announce that the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and follow up the work of border crossings and to overcome any obstacles that may accompany the entry of materials that enhance the exhibits local markets.

said Alaa al-Nuri in a telephone interview from the port Zurbatiyah Frontier “morning” that the specialized committees of the Federation and the Chamber Trade in the province, which is located border port within its borders following the mechanisms of action adopted and new measures that facilitate the entry of goods smoothly high.

    [millionday] note — whoooo hoooo — they have been told that the borders and ports are back in their control and will be successful in moving goods

    [millionday] foodstuffs , adding that port Zurbatiyah border runs smoothly high and the clock under the supervision of specialized committees where conducts inspections in accordance with the regulations and is inserted materials examined without any trouble to their suppliers, as noted, the entry of large numbers of trucks per day, ranging between 450-600 trucks loaded with various essential goods, noting that 60 percent of them foodstuffs.

confirmed the existence of the committees of the Union relay the reality of supply of foodstuffs in all the provinces and how to walk demand especially With the holy month of Ramadan, pointing out that the committee reports confirm the balance of supply and demand and prices maintain their levels, indicating that the balance prevents

    [millionday] the occurrence of any defect in prices in the future. unions said Nouri to that the reality of supply in the domestic market, large and there is no shortage of materials food, as does fear of shortages in the future, adding that the union and professional associations of economic work to provide the necessary support to the Iraqi armed forces, each according to its competence.

said that efforts are continuing to support the domestic front, military and economic in order to miss an opportunity to predators, the security of the country, and that Support large for the stability of economic security through the provision of all the requirements of the daily life of citizens.

    [millionday] so this is fantastic news — they are able to bring in through ports all their needs and that will also allow the exporting to be able to be done as well

    [millionday] they are able to bring in economically what the service men need and have secured the ports

    [millionday] any ??  not much to really ask with that except – whoopow smile  brb with more

    [millionday] this was sent by a member to me and is very good for many reasons

    [millionday] one is that the transfer of funds out of iraq require an internationally recognized currency so that the price of the currency of the exchange compares fairly to the price of the dinar in buying abilities

    [millionday] Maysan opened Trade Bank of Iraq on Sunday, a new branch in the province of Maysan, under a plan prepared for the opening of six new branches during the current year in the provinces that need banking services.

The director of the Commercial Bank in Maysan Muhammad Ali for “tomorrow’s Press”, “The opening of a branch of the Commercial Bank in the province will contribute to facilitate financial transactions and revitalize the banking sector there.”

He explained that “the bank seeks to expand financial dealings in various regions of Iraq and a way that would improve the economic reality and investment where,” pointing out that “the opening of the new branch in the province is part of a financial plan prepared by the bank for the distribution of six branches between the provinces that need services Transfer “.

    [millionday] this is directly for the investment sector and also for exchange and wire services or as we call it — modern banking brb with more on it  great news !!

    [millionday] now let me explain something that has been discussed before i have been asked who is the bank for the isx ?  they have two in the country at this time that are very well known for that roll — citigroup and also JP Morgan

    [millionday] this is an old article that came out upon JP Morgans entry to Iraq —

    [millionday] great find my friend

    [millionday] here we go  —  J. P. Morgan Chase has been selected to operate a bank the United States is creating in Iraq to manage billions of dollars to finance imports and exports. J. P. Morgan will lead a group that includes 13 banks representing 13 countries to run the bank for three years, said Peter McPherson, the top United States economic adviser in Iraq.

Operating the bank, the Trade Bank of Iraq, will give banks access to the financial system of Iraq, which has huge oil reserves; foreign bank companies have not operated in the country since a policy of nationalization in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

 Yesterday’s announcement came on the day a car bomb killed a top Iraqi cleric and at least 82 others, underscoring the danger of having a presence in the country.

 The trade bank will serve as an intermediary for Iraqi government agencies’ purchases of equipment and supplies from companies based outside the country, Mr. McPherson told reporters in Washington in a conference call from Baghdad.

    [millionday] if you look up custodian banks — you will find listed jp morgan and also citigroup as well known throughout the globe

    [millionday] note — that was when the plan was made and is not yesterday that the attacks took place

    [millionday] so know how huge that is for us that the Trade banks are now spreading for the purpose of wiring and exchange capabilities and also they are probably going to be the custodian bank but we have to wait for that ink — they are very versed in it and also very well known

    [millionday] so — we have to always start with WHOOOPOW I GUESS  smile

    [millionday] here we go  smile

    [millionday] The National Alliance officially announced as the biggest bloc, and has the right to name a prime minister in the new government. The head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari in a press conference and I followed (newspaper rectitude) announced today that the “National Alliance is committed to the recommendations of the reference speed up the formation of the new government.

“The prime minister will be exclusively from the National Alliance, noting that” the coalition will attend the parliament session scheduled for next Tuesday. Jaafari has called for political blocs to attend a session of parliament in order to label the three presidencies.

    [millionday] end of report —

    [millionday] so as we see the Tuesday date has not been changed as of yet and that my friends is great news    the custodian bank is the bank for the isx or the stock market

    millionday: it is not a way to not have a reality rate or to have — that is the job of CBI

    awesomedtl i read that Allawi was going to show up and he is probably excited because he thinks he will be chosen — as they do in all countries — if he is chosen then that is who it will be — we have no way of knowing until the choice is made

    millionday: there sure are a lot of reports stating that many want him out so i will be shocked but it will be who it is so we have to wait and see because trust they are not letting a peep out about it

    millionday: awesomedtl must be garbage?

    millionday: which ?

    awesomedtl: the other article that I read on other site I believe YOU

    millionday: there is a lot of news out there and all everyone can do is bring what they find so we will have to see what comes and always know that researchers are trying their best to help and some are doing it for hours a day so — who it will be will be soon enough it looks like

    millionday: smile

    awesomedtl: thank you I know you dedicate a lot of time to us thank you Im smiling

    millionday: i know one thing — we have huge and very good researchers here — bgg — chattels — mr white — so many others too i dont want to forget anyone but we are blessed  smile — brb with more

    [smiller67] millionday and sczin11 too

    [millionday] here we go

    [millionday] smiller67 absolutely

    [crank7] sczin11 has been awesome

    [millionday] Definition of ‘Custodian’ A financial institution that holds customers’ securities for safekeeping so as to minimize the risk of their theft or loss. A custodian holds securities and other assets in electronic or physical form.

Since they are responsible for the safety of assets and securities that may be worth hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, custodians generally tend to be large and reputable firms

    [millionday] that is all custodian banks do for the stock market/stake holders /investors — they keep the books and store it

    [jtank] They have to have it

    [millionday] smile  ok brb with more

    [millionday] A leading figure in the Islamic Supreme Council, on Saturday that the National Alliance Sesame candidate for prime minister in a matter of hours. Fadi al-Shammari said in a statement seen by (newspaper rectitude) “The National Alliance Sesame candidate for prime minister in a matter of hours.”

Shammari said that “the Supreme Council to attend the first session of parliament for the election of the three presidencies in one basket.”

    [millionday] The Iraqi National Alliance announced earlier on Saturday, it is called the largest parliamentary bloc, which will nominate its candidate for prime minister, as he emphasized attending the parliament session scheduled next Tuesday.

 It is scheduled to hold a new House of Representatives next Tuesday after its first contract that called for the Presidency of the Republic, as the session will be chaired by MP Mehdi al-Hafez as older.

    [millionday] Mp Mehdi-al-Hafez is the elder to chair  so huge day tuesday will be  smile

    fishheads] I read an article that the Kurds wouldnt attend if they did that what is your Opinion

    [fishheads] basket pres

    [millionday] i have seen that they will not take part in the gov if maliki stays — we will see who is placed — it will be a mess imo if they dont

    [millionday] here we go  this is very interesting

    [millionday] The Governor of Central Bank of Kuwait, Dr. Mohammed Hashel start trading the sixth version of the categories of new banknotes Kuwait on Sunday.

Said Hashel, said putting banknotes of the sixth version of the new Kuwaiti dinar trading does not affect the validity of the banknotes of the fifth edition of the dinar currently in circulation and strongly maintained discharge as legal tender until the issuance of a decision by dragging them from circulation later.

    [millionday] so that is just a part of the report but Kuwait is releasing a new currency tomorrow

    [millionday] just thought i would throw it in the mix smile

    millionday] Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Sunday, disable the official working state institutions in the capital Baghdad on Tuesday, with the exception of formations necessary. Secretariat said in a brief statement, “The Council of Ministers decided, disable official working in state institutions in Baghdad on Tuesday, with the exception of formations necessary” .

mention that on Tuesday approved the first of the month of July, is the date of the first session of the new House of Representatives, where most of the political blocs have confirmed their intention to attend this meeting

    [topgun] Isn’t it Monday 3:30 AM in Kuwait? So, the currency was released yesterday? Right or Wrong?

    [millionday] it would be banking hours

    [graylnjo] Any special reason Kuwait would be doing that at this time

    [millionday] topgun in a little while

    [topgun] Thanks… Should be later this morning   Kuwait time

    [millionday] graylnjo yes — because the region has taken counterfeiting to a new level and the fraud has become an issue so they are releasing new secure bills for the purpose of avoidance of counterfeiting abilities

    [millionday] kind of interesting the denoms

    millionday] here is the denoms for Kuwait >>>>

    [millionday] He pointed out that Hashel categories of Kuwaiti banknotes for the new version are the current categories themselves (fifth edition) without adding any new categories and classes are (quarter of a dinar and a half dinars and the dinars and five dinars and ten dinars and twenty dinars). ‘

Hashel explained in previous statements that the volume of money in circulation in the market with a 1.5 billion Kuwaiti dinars, adding that the new offering aims to replace this number of new currencies within a year.

    [millionday] so they are fading out the old  smile

    [millionday] brb with more iraqi news  —  PROGRESS  

  [millionday] The Spokesperson of the General Commander of the Armed Forces, Qasim Atta, stated that the security forces killed 142 ISIL terrorists and destroyed many vehicles in the last 24 hours. Atta stated in a press conference “The Air Force conducted 102 air strikes and killed 142 ISIL terrorists in addition to damaging 51 of their vehicles.”

Comments may be made at the end of Part 2  Thank You


6-30-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru Randy Koonce    Question 4 will the fighting stop the RV…It has nothing to do with RV…the money was only an issue if the US had troops that the militants could use the money to buy weapons against them…  So in summary we are looking for the announcement of the GOI by the 1st of July and then the RV should show up within a day… That is the way we are