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Notice to Recaps Secondary Email List Subscribers – Friday Evening

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News, Encouragement, Rumors, and Humor Friday Afternoon


Frank26:  We are looking at meetings with UST……. Both sides. The arrival of this delegation is EXCITING !   43 GAVE ME 13303 SO AS TO INVEST IN IRAQ. 43 ALSO GAVE IT TO THE UST TO USE WHEN READY/?

I Like things in THREES.  UST is my newest favorite …………. THREES !!!

WS …….. They have completed Your desires …… LOL ……. Rate is next.


KTFA,  Frank

Abadi discusses the draft federal budget law with a delegation from the U.S. Treasury Department
02/27/2014 14:28:00
Read More Link on Right

BAGHDAD / Nina / discussed the president of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haider Abadi with a delegation from the U.S. Treasury Department Landau Bakool bill the federal budget for the year 2014. According to a statement of the Finance Committee representative, “It was during the meeting today to review the technical support and expertise provided by the U.S. Treasury Department in Iraq and support the financial and banking sector and elevate it to the level of developed countries. “/ Finished 6[/quote]


dtolle » February 28th, 2014,    Make joy your next experience

Certainly life has its pains and disappointments, but you don’t have to totally invest yourself in them. Life has its setbacks and injustices, but you don’t have to identify yourself by them.

You can acknowledge and deal with the negativity without letting it get to you. You can live in a world that is sometimes harsh and cruel without choosing to see yourself as a victim.

Sure, there are lots of difficulties that come along. Yet there are even more positive possibilities to live for.

Instead of letting the difficulties get you down, let them inspire you. Let them inspire you to focus more intently on the good, valuable and beautiful aspects of life.

No life is free of pain, inconvenience, frustration or challenge. However, there is no law that says you have to let those negative things completely overwhelm your awareness.

Take the difficulties in stride, and then be sure to move quickly on to the joys. No matter what has happened, remember that joy can always be your next experience.

— Ralph Marston    Wishing All a Safe, Warm and Blessed Day



[xyz] Inside a Wall Street ‘secret society’ party



MH Countryboy:  I hope this helps when it comes to learn from the Rich how to stay that way.

Each are the best in their investment fields each you can learn ALOT from for your future.

Emulate them and learn from them. I’m sure trying to. I hope by posting this it makes you think not just about the RV but after the RV, how you plan to hold onto and invest. It is something you waited and fought for. You want to hold onto it. Educate yourselves as to how.        The Creature from Jekyll Island          Confessions of an Economic Hit Man         Who moved my cheese           The richest man in Babylon         Dale Carnegie    How to win friends and influence other        Napolean Hill  – Think and grow rich           Warren Buffet     the making of an American capitalist          Donald Trump  –    How to get rich          Robert Kiyosaki   –  rich dad poor dad



Great idea after RV…include these cards when you Pay It Forward!

Hello Dear TNT Family (and especially those of you with kind hearts who want to help others after the RV!),

I wanted to share an idea with all of you that is relatively inexpensive (under $25.) and will do a lot to bring happiness to others and lift their spirits when you show them a kindness (after we get our money).  This is mainly for those people whom you don’t know, the homeless people on the corner, the families whose groceries you plan to pay for at Walmart, the elderly couple whose restaurant check you pick up at the diner, etc. Instead of just giving them a twenty or fifty or even a hundred dollar bill and then walking away, let them know that someone truly cares about them and give them hope that things will be getting better very soon! 

After all, the more happiness and joy we can bring to others, the more Light is added to the world and the better it gets for everyone!

This is what I did, and encourage you to do, too, if you like the idea.  I had some double-sided business cards made up with the following words printed on them….

on the front, it says,  “Somebody Cares About You!”

and on the back it says,

Accept this gift as a reminder that You are a  Precious, Beloved Child of Child

Good things are coming to our world very soon!  Love, Light and Blessings to you!

 The printing company I used is called “Colorful Images”  and they have business cards in hundreds of designs that are very pretty and colorful and all you have to do is add your name and contact information; obviously in this case, I added the message above instead of my contact information.  You can get 250 cards for under $25. or less and they are really beautiful!  I have used this company before and their designs are lovely and vibrant, and of good quality.  Here is the link to the card I used (a very pretty design!), with the above message printed on them….you get 6 lines, with 30 characters per line and 25 characters on the front so have fun creating any message that you wish!

 For those homeless people who are always on the corner, I plan on getting a bunch of $25. McDonald’s gift cards (or whatever fast food place is close to that area) and I am then going to make up little bags (using those small snack-size zip-lock bags) which include one of these cards, a $25. McDonald’s gift card, and an energy bar.  If I am in a restaurant and wish to pay for someone’s dinner, I will ask the server to kindly give one of these cards to the recipients, letting them also know their bill has been taken care of; the same thing for paying for someone’s groceries, or paying for the fast food order of the car behind you, etc…….it just makes giving a lot easier and also sends a nice message!  I plan on always having a stack of these cards with me in a business card case, from now on.

I would love to hear back from some of you on creative ways you are going to give, as well.  Plus I would love to hear some of the messages you might like to have on your own cards, too.

You know the “Tsunami of Love” which is coming?  Let’s kick it off by having a “Tsunami of Giving” which will release countless feelings of appreciation into the world’s vibration, creating an upward spiral of joy in the world.

Thanks for your time and let’s keep visualizing (and feeling!) the happiness we will soon be receiving, as well as the happiness we will be giving!    Love and Light to all of you,



[preacher53] Which is worse; ignorance or apathy? I don’t know and I don’t care

[preacher53] Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go

[preacher53] They told me I was gullible and I believed them

[preacher53] A little boy asked his father, “Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?” Father replied, “I don’t know son, I’m still paying.”

[preacher53] I don’t suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.

[BigDog-OH] preacher53 A pastor, known for his lengthy sermons, noticed a man get up and leave during the middle of his message. The man returned just before the conclusion of the service. Afterwards the pastor asked the man where he had gone. “I went to get a haircut,” was the reply.  “But,” said the pastor, “why didn’t you do that before the service?” “Because,” the gentleman said, “I didn’t need one then.”

Kurdistan is the warnings of the deteriorating economy,

Kurdistan is the warnings of the deteriorating economy, “election propaganda” and warns of the Liberal prejudice to the Central Bank reserves Promised Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance, on Friday, to cut the salaries of the staff of the Kurdistan region is a “political decision” nothing to do with him not to approve the current year’s […]

Iraqi Dinar Guru 2-28-14 Chats…

Iraqi Dinar Guru 2-28-14 Chats… 2-28-2014 Iraqi Dinar Guru Hub i have said several times that history shows iraq has had a strong international currency for hundreds of years and will do so again…if you have been watching the articles…then you will see they are up against the time line to bring the dinar back…iraq, […]

Market economy requires the implementation of

A market economy requires the implementation of direct contracts Baghdad, Mustafa al-Hashemi liberate the country from the shackles of Chapter VII showed the need to strengthen the economy and facilitating the procedures of contracting directly with foreign companies after it was economic sanctions prevent direct contracting only by an international mediator that shares down infrastructure […]

United Nations stresses importance of monitoring elections

United Nations stresses the importance of monitoring the upcoming elections in Iraq BAGHDAD – Zaidan al-Rubaie: The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Vladimir Miladinov, on Thursday, the importance of the adoption of surveillance networks of local and international in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Iraq. statement said the election commission said Miladinov […]

Kurdistan: Maliki’s statement unfortunate and salaries

Kurdistan: Maliki’s statement unfortunate and salaries is not a handout to a description of the Kurdistan Alliance, on Friday, a statement by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to agree upon receipt of the salaries of the staff of the Kurdistan region for the month of February as “unfortunate”, and as pointed out that salaries legal entitlement […]

Maliki accuses Saudi Arabia without the support

Maliki accuses Saudi Arabia without the support organization named ‘Daash’ Accused Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in a television interview Thursday, Saudi Arabia, without naming it the support of the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” in his country “on sectarian grounds.”Maliki said in an interview with the “Iraqi” government “Some countries do not […]

Maliki: political partners have offered two-year extension

Maliki: political partners have offered two-year extension to return for postponement of elections Revealed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, that the political partners offered him an extension to him as prime minister for two additional years compared to the postponement of the upcoming parliamentary elections, saying his refusal to offer. Maliki said in an […]